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NinjaBoi 09-14-2007 08:10 PM

Rush of heat to my neck and shoulders?
Recently i keep getting rushes of heat that starts around my upper back and shoulders, rising to my neck. Its quite intense and lasts about 10/20 seconds at the most at the moment. Im 40 years old and have a underactive thyroid. Could this be an early menopause? or something else? Im very confused. Seeing a doctor next week anyway, so will mention it.

feelbad 09-15-2007 08:59 AM

Re: Rush of heat to my neck and shoulders?
this could be from a ferw different things,it definitely would take some testing to sort out.i just wanted to ask you if this "heat' flush actually starts in the neck and goes down or if you are sure that it starts in the shoulders and goes up?do you feel this in the back of your head or base of your skull?while,like i said,this could be from a few different things,this heat flush(but mine actually started in the back of my head and went down into my c spine)was really the only symptom i had of a brain headache,just this heat flush thing but it only seemed to happen at night when i went to lie down for bed.i also had some 'odd' feelings in my head too,but the heat flushes were my biggest symptom.this is probably not what you have since it does appear yours goes in the opposite direction.i really don't know exactly why i had this but my thought on it was a blood flow type issue.just wanted to mention this to could have some level of a vascular issue that could be further down than where my brain issue would definitely be something to bring up with your doc.perhaps he or she could send you to a neurologist for an eval or even request an MRI with contrast be done on the brain and the c spine,which would also happen to also take in the upper thorasic too.its just the way the films work when doing the c spine.the contrast would be needed in your case as it would highlight the areas where you could have a problem much more clearly.this is what i would want done if this were me.there are just sooo many possible c spine and vascular issues that you can have going on within the brain and c spine or other parts of your spine that you just don't know about til you take a good look inside.believe me,i learned this the hard way with two seperate vascular malformations just appearing on film that i had no clue were even was actually inside of my spinal cord and the other was the brain aneurysm that popped in a few years after the other crap was just need this evaluated.a contrasted MRI would tell alot and possibly rule this out all together.that just allows you to move on to other areas.but it does need looking into.
at first i assumed my heat flushes were menapause since i am around that age,but these flushes didn't encompass my whole body,and they were here and gone very quickly,unlike menapausal ones that usually take over the body and stick around for a know what i mean?yours are very different from that,so they do need evaluation.just see your doc and don't let him or her just blow this could be the only sign of something a bit just want an answer for this.your flushes are just in one very individual area so that particular area needs some looking into,thats all.are you having any pain or other odd sensations anywhere else,particularly in the upper body areas?anything unusual or just not the norm?**

NinjaBoi 09-15-2007 10:49 AM

Re: Rush of heat to my neck and shoulders?
My heat goes upwards, from my upper back to my upper neck area... Its happened a few times now. Usually after walking upstairs. I have just been giving new pills for restless legs and wondered if that could be the cause. I am seeing a nurse for a blood test on tuesday so i will check with her as to what this could be.

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