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kincaidj 09-25-2007 05:22 AM

ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
Over two weeks ago I rolled my ankle on a piece of wood at work. I have not been able to put any weight on it from the start but now the pain radiates up the sides of my calf to my knee. I have felt it a little up the sides from the beginning but now I can barely get comfortable because of the constant ache and pain from my foot all the way to my knee. If I wear my work boots and my foot is at too much of an angle, ie. sitting in a vehicle while wearing my boots, my toes go cold but it also does the same thing if I am sitting and there is any pressure on the back part of my leg behind my knee. I don't know what to ask my doctor for. They are trying to get me a CT scan but I haven't heard anything from them yet regarding an appointment.
The first week after the injury my foot felt pretty good in the morning but now I stand up and the pain starts immediately and remains. I am uncomfortable all day with this and I have to keep working. I am on sedentary duties, even though where I work that does include some standing.
Does anyone know of anything familiar happening to someone they know or if something similar has happened to theirself? Should I ask to get set up with physio or wait for the CT-scan to find out if anything shows up? I personally think it has something to do with the ligaments because of the pain up my leg to my knee and the fact that pain killers don't seem to have any effect. I am just beyond the point of frustration with this. I haven't had very many injuries in my life. I seem to recall something from my soccer years as a kid about spraining an ankle once but I couldn't even say what foot that was it was far too long ago. Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks. :confused:

kincaidj 09-25-2007 05:55 AM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
It also hurts to wear a tensor or have anything touching around my ankle or lower calf. So I haven't been wearing a tensor very often, rather just trying to limit my movement.

feelbad 09-25-2007 08:29 AM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
i didn't see anywhere here where you mentioned even having a simple x ray done on this ankle?was this appropriately treated post accident?i found out the hard way that what i had always thought or been told about broken vs sprained ankles defintiely was not true.being able to weight bear is usually more indicative of an actual fracture vs a severe sprain which i could NOT for the life of me even touch my foot to the floor without very severe pain.i just couldn't stand on it at all and it was not fractured.just a severe sprain.whenever you 'roll' your ankle,you can do some really amazing damage to it under the right circumstances.soft tissue,ligaments muscle and tendon all can become damaged or even torn.some injuries just result from the over stretching of one of those things,but they do kind of go right back in place.but that over stretch is what can cause swelling and pain and brusing too.under your current situation,i would highly reccomend at least obtaining an MRI,this would just take a good hard look at all the structures within your ankle area,above and below too.a CT would give only a limited look at the areas that need MRIwould just give you a much better overview of whats going on within the ankle.

if this was indeed a work related injury,was it reported to the appropriate people at your workplace?i see you are from canada,i am not too sure how they handle work related injuries there like they do here in the US,but any work related injury here is considered a workmans comp injury and you the injured party do not pay for ongoing care,your employer does.but at any rate,an MRI at this point really should be condsidered since it would be the only way to really 'see' inside to all the structures within your ankle.the thing is,with some types of injuries,if they are not appropriately treated right away,and sometimes even when they are,other problems and syndromes can start up which can be much more painful and harder to control once this just really need any problems identified and properly treated as soon as possible.i wish you luck with this,please keep me posted. **

kincaidj 09-25-2007 10:53 AM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
Thank you for your response! Yes, I did have an x-ray the day of the injury but the report came back without any comments - nothing to mention, no fractures, etc. My doctor does agree that none of this is indicative of a "normal" sprain. I just came back from seeing her again and got some stronger pain killers. She is going to contact WCB to find out when they can get me in for a CT-Scan. From what I am hearing from people they are suggesting an MRI would be more helpful. Unfortunately, here in Canada, MRIs are extremely hard to get with very long wait periods, regardless of injury.
I have filed a claim with WCB but the wheels have just started to get turned there. I am sure it will all come together. For now I am to have total rest and foot elevation, something I haven't actually had too much of since this happened. Now there is no excuse and besides, I cannot tolerate much of this anymore, let alone put any weight on it!
I will keep you updated. Thanks again.

feelbad 09-26-2007 08:38 AM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
yep,keep that sucker up and elevated as much as possible.i forgot how things move up there in sorry.having that very high hypersensitivity could possibly mean this has started to become more neuropathic or sympathetically generated type of pain.there are just certain conditions that can occur with certain types of injuries depnding on just what was affected during the injury or how long that pain was left untreated appropriately.hopefully this is not the issue with your ankle.what does that ankle actually look like at this point?swelling/color changes,does it feel hotter or colder than the surrounding areas?what you need right now besides an MRI which really really is vital for you,is to see an ortho surgeon just for a consult on your symptomology.they just have a much much better understanding of orthopedic injuries and possible complications from some pont,you really do need that just really need to find out what IS and is NOT normal for this particular injury.hopefully that wont take forever too.what really concerns me most is that hypersensitivity,it really should not be that bad and could indicate other least your doc is accomodating your pain,and that is really huge when trying to heal any injury.just do what they tell you to do and do not push things before you are really ready,K?good luck and let me know how things are going. **

kincaidj 09-28-2007 07:49 AM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
Coldness hasn't been an issue for a couple of days now so that is good and the painkillers she perscribed work quite well. I don't have that constant dull ache so much.
I have been feeling around my ankle a little, a little here and there or as I think I can manage it, and I noticed there is an extremely tender spot located on the upper inside/back of my ankle. The spot is almost straight up from the inside ankle bones near the arch. I can just barely touch that spot. It does feel like a bit of a swelling lump there, or at least it did last night. This morning it doesn't feel quite as bad...this is really frustrating! The pain seems to move around a lot in the back sides of the ankle, up the sides of my calf, around and under the heel and toward the big toe. Strangest part of all of this is that it has never really swollen, like a normal sprain, never shown any major bruising (only a little here and there and very light). I just feel like maybe Iam beiing a big baby sometimes, usually when the pain killers are in-effect and then at night I can't barely tolerate it....ugh...
I have to call to speak with a case worker today and see how the arrangements are coming for all of this. I have heard it can be challenging to work with WCB at times. I will try to keep my hopes up in that respect.
Thanks for being around for me. J

feelbad 09-28-2007 09:15 AM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
hey,no problem just glad to be of some help to you with something.the one thing in dealing with WC is to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.defintiely.knowing what to expect from them as far as help and what they are supposed to do for you is really huge in getting your needs met thru really do need that ortho consult.and of course at some point the MRI.i would really push for these two things to be granted as this will help you the have to chose your battles with these people sometimes then advocate for yourself to make certain you get what you you can probably tell,i went thru this before only with blown ligaments in my finger.that one seemingly tiny injury was a nightmare to deal should(if your WC is anything like here)be getting a WC caseworker to help you deal with all the paper work and all the other crap you may have to deal with.just make sure to follow up on anything they tell you you need to do from here on out,K?perhaps actually getting in to see an ortho first would be beneficial in obtaining that MRI?if the order comes directly from a surgeon its a bit better for you.if i were you,i would really be pushing the ortho consult at this point,then hopefully the MRI will just naturally follow,you know what i mean?like i said,pick your battles then stay on it.i wish you lots of luck with this and hopefully the ankle will resolve on its own at some point.i know with my ankle sprain,it seemed like it took about at least nine months to a year before i could really 'use it' like my other one.please let me know how things are going,K? take care, **

kincaidj 09-28-2007 12:22 PM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
I am getting in to see a foot specialist, someone I have seen before for completely unrelated thing. They can get me in within a week so that helps. I also told my doctor's office to go ahead and book the CTscan to whomever they can get me into the quickest. WCB simply said go ahead, just keep us in the loop. Eventually a case worker is suppose to get around to calling me but things are a little messed up with all the paperwork....figures....that should be the end of this weeks' update. Have a great weekend.J

kincaidj 10-03-2007 06:04 AM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
Thanks for your post/support. I am starting to get a little freaked out now. My big toe and second toe are starting to curl-in a bit when my foot is relaxed at night. The pain is really bad at night if I don't take the time to keep it elevated and after wearing a tensor throughout the day. I also have pain in a couple of spots around my knee and tendor at the hip. I can't even lay on the same side as my ankle injury. Things only seem to be getting worse, not better, physically anyway.
WC is trying to get things going and are sending me in for an evaluation to determine what exams/tests they think should/need to get done - CT/MRI/physio, etc. I thought I would hear from them yesterday but I think they are still waiting for some of the paperwork from my doctors'. Hopefully today things will start to happen. I really hate being off work,not being able to do things normal and not being able to get comfortable at night. blah blah blah...soon. Things will start to happen soon.
Thanks everyone for your support. J

feelbad 10-03-2007 06:22 AM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
at least things are moving along for you right now and thats a biggie in and of itself,believe me.i am wondering about that toe curling as it could suggest a possible muslce/tendon type issue.this is what took place with my fingers after my spinal cord was damaged(they started to claw?).it was as the result of nerve loss which does affect the strength in the(your case)toes.just one possibility.the upper leg pain 'could' be an issue associated with the leg itself or i am willing to bet,just becasue i went thru this myself,it may just be the result of the changes in the way you are now having to walk/compensate for the you know what i mean?while you are protecting that ankle,the normal way you would walk and therefore the way the bones kind of 'hit' the joints,can just cause its own little issues for you.the are just not posistioned into them the way they were before.this happened when my RSD in my right knee started to get bad,all of the sudden i was having knee and hip problems in the previously fine left leg.just becasue my gait changed to try and keep weight off my R knee.hopefully things will get better with the ankle and this will eventually go away for may just be feeling a bit inflammed right now.

depending on what shows up or does not show up in the MRI/CT whatever they decide,will dictate the next step for you.please keep me posted on the doc appt and what you find out on whatever scan they decide to do,K?good luck, **

kincaidj 10-08-2007 03:06 PM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
Thank you for your insights. I do agree that probably some of the pains in other areas of my leg are likely from babying my ankle.

I went for an MRI on Thursday evening but I will have to wait until Tuesday/Wednesday to find out if anything comes of it. I am also scheduled for a nerve conduction test on the 17th. During my medical exam for WC I discovered there is a spot on my ankle that I didn't feel his roller/poker thing. I found that interesting. He has some speculations but want to rule out nerve issues, recheck for fractures, ligaments, etc. He did notice that foot is colder than the other one. He did say it is possible that this could be referred pain, which can happen after a minor injury.
Whatever it is I will hopefully find out something in the next couple of days. I tried going up a few stairs, no weight but my own and a little help, and ended up with really bad stabbing pains on the inside and outside of the ankle. Ooops! sometimes it just doesn't feel like it really is a big deal and others it doesn't stop letting me know it is there. I guess it is real and I am not totally crazy...getting impatient though....oh more day...
At least I am not as bad as a friend of mine who hurt herself at work, was taken to the hospital by her boss, had x-rays, they sent her home in a sling, couple days rest....7 weeks later, arm still hurting...oh, by the way, and I don't know how they could have missed it but your arm is broken in three places - even looking at the original x-rays it was obvious to this other doctor she went to...CRAZY!!!! Just when you might start feeling sorry for yourself/frustrated you hear something like this....I am trying to help her get her paperwork sorted out because her work never filed a claim....anyways....shouldn't really be talking too much about someone elses' situation....will post back in a day or so...take care and thanks again for all your support and input! J

feelbad 10-09-2007 08:47 AM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
Its all relative isn't it?looking at what other people have to deal with really puts things in a much clearer perspective.i am glad things are moving along for you,and yes! please keep me posted.good luck, **

kincaidj 10-13-2007 10:56 AM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
Looking more and more like nerve problems. I got the results from my MRI and they came back fine. Now I wait and go for nerve conduction testing. All symptoms seem to be pointing to nerve problems and the longer I wait the worse it seems to be getting. My doctor did give me a new pain prescription aimed directly at nerves and nerve conditions. It seems to work alright. The pain is still there but feels like a dull ache now. I think we are starting to get somewhere. Well, medically we are. Otherwise things are moving at a snail's pace. It will all come together soon. I hope it does before I lose my sanity anyway! Take care. J

feelbad 10-13-2007 05:43 PM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
did you yourself read thru your MRI report or did the doc just "tell" you what was in it or not in it?what was actually stated in the summary at the very end of the report?you do need to make certain that you are also obtaining your very own copies of any and all testing results.not all specialists really know about all possible findings as far as how really important something can be(very highly dependant upon their overall level of real knowledge and experience with any given finding or condition that dictates that).i have had this happen to me a few times til i started obtaining my OWN copies then asking the right questions or doing my own just need to keep your own set of youre own medical reacords with ALL and any actual test results too.then you can read thru them yourself.incidental findings that can pop up in some reports can be big things but if your doc is not really knowledgable about them in most cases,they don;t even bother to mention them.this just happens to patients and docs who cannot possibly know 'everything' you know what i mean?i had three completely different views about my cavernoma from three seperate(who i assumed were)very highly knowledgable NSs.only the tird one really gave this thing the gravity it deserved as far as what real risks it posed to my spinal cord and also told me that it had actually bled, was in the report but i didn't realize what 'hemosiderin' was.and none of the other two NSs bothered to mention this little fact to sick is that.i bled,twice into my actual spinal cord and they didn;t think that was important enough to share with me,the patient?hello?just keep your own records from now on,you will be very glad at some point that you did this extra step for yourself,trust me on that one.good luck and please keep me posted. **

music47 10-17-2007 09:25 PM

Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
Hi **

I am glad nothing is broken. My husband has a bad ankle sprain and the doc put his leg in a boot that goes up to his knee. The doctor said an ankle sprain often hurts more than a break. I hope you have a speedy and pain-free recovery.


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