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BETRAYED..i think hes a complete QUACK Others may beg to differ.but ya dont know HIM

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Old 09-26-2007, 06:25 AM   #1
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sweetnessa HB User
Unhappy BETRAYED..i think hes a complete QUACK Others may beg to differ.but ya dont know HIM

TYVM IN ADVANCE FOR READING AND OR RESPONDING yesterday i found out horrible news from my neurosurgeon not the news that i wanted ...i was told that i am a candidate for BACK SURGERY that's the very last thing that i wanted to hear I'm only 28 years young 29 on Tuesday though i feel like I'm 79 a few weeks ago i went to get the results from my family physician regarding the MRI for my back relating to my herniated disc's and my family doctor told ME THAT EVERYTHING WAS OK he assured me that i was in the clear and had nothing to worry about 2 days after that appointment i thought that it was strange that the neurosurgeon wanted me to come in ... i was thinking to myself why in the world would HE ask me to come into his office to tell me the same thing my doctor told me "everything's OK" the neurosurgeon is a very important doctor and i didn't think he would waste HIS time to tell me everything was OK so yesterday i was in the office of the neurosurgeon and he let me see the results for myself on his computer of my MRI and the damage that has been done between the 5 and 6 section of my neck. whats between 5 and 6 cant figure that out so the neurosurgeon booked an appointment for my to get more testing done an EMG i believe is what he called it bottom line is i question my family doctor integrity honesty personal judgement and capability as my physician he has been my doctor my entire life Ive pretty much believed in him up until the last couple of years due to a few other incidents for example OK... another incident was back in late December 06 ...aside from the constant chronic pain from my discs mother was diagnosed with breast cancer...i just couldn't deal with everything the physical pain and i had become extremely emotional plus Christmas is a bad time of year for me due to the loss of loved 1z worst time of the year for me i hate Christmas i for the first time ever started cutting to stop all the pain....i sought the help of my family doctor told i just couldn't handle all of what i was going through he looked at me stood up walked towards the door proceeded to open it his reply to me was "WELL I GEUSS YOU HAVE FOUND A NEW COPING MECHENISIM" then walked out of the room on to mistreat and abuse his next patient made me feel so worthless unwanted and unimportant. I got antidepressants from a walk in clinic doctor. Ever since then all of 2007 i have shopped around trying like mad to find myself a new family doctor and have had no luck what so ever ....unbelievable i know but Ive tried then January 2007 i was hit by a car while crossing at a cross walk on MY green light i pushed the button and was hit by a mini van.... paid $950.00 to get a private MRI done on my left knee....didn't want to wait a year like i did for the MRI on my back...once again my family doctor assured me that everything is OK with my knee....i DO NOT believe him cause i live with severe weakness and pain in my knee everyday all day i plan on speaking to my lawyer about the MRI re my knee from my accident .....I'm frustrated and upset...i feel very let down for so many reasons I'm at my Witt's end once again don't know what in the world to do i live in the VANCOUVER area ....PORT COQUITLAM AREA to be exact i would love to confront my family doctor in a polite way though i may cry i just wanna ask him why he lied to me and promised something he couldn't false hope to a chronic pain patient is hurtful and very misleading I FEEL MY RIGHTS AS A PATIENT HAVE BEEN VIOLATED TIME AND TIME AGAIN ....IS THERE SOMEBODY OR AN ORGANIZATION OF SORT TO PLACE A COMPLAINT AGAINST HIM ?


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butrfligirl28 HB Userbutrfligirl28 HB User
Re: BETRAYED..i think hes a complete QUACK Others may beg to differ.but ya dont know

First of all, you need a new GP. Secondly, you need a second, and third opinion on your MRI results. The 5 and 6 he was referring to is the L5 and L6 vertebre in your back. He is just telling you what disc is involved. Many back surgeries, about 50% to 80%, result in "failed back". Failed back is a term used for people who had surgery to "fix their pain", and either ended up in the same pain, or worse. Surgery should be your LAST option. Get several opinions, and if the pain is very bad, see a pain management specialist before considering surgery.

Fire your regular doctor, and get another one ASAP. I can't believe you still see him after the cutting comment. Good Luck to you, and remember that once you have been operated on, there is no going back.

Old 09-27-2007, 06:19 AM   #3
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1_sad_gurl HB User
Re: BETRAYED..i think hes a complete QUACK Others may beg to differ.but ya dont know

i cant seem to be able to retrieve my pass word .....seems that i just cant remember it ...tyvm Butrfligurl28 for responding ...means the world to me : )
Thank you so much for clearing that up about the L5 and L6... yes this is what i have heard about getting this surgery done ...doesnt always work ...thats such a scary thought ripping open my back and taking out things that kinda sorta belong there...i do believe that sort of thing would be absoloute LAST resort ...very bottom of the pile ...that is why i think that my Neurosergeon would like to do more testing ....reguarding tremors, numbness. tingling and pins and needle sensations ive been having that i have been getting in my arms and legs ...the EMG test ...the other point i wanna make is that i have tried to see other GP's and have on occasion but only on a walk in basis and the gps say they do not know ME well enough to prescribe a pain reliever....nobody really wants to take new patients ...very frustrating for me and stressful to say the least ... or i go to walk in CLINICS ...different from a GP the docs at the med clinic tells me that he does NOT have the authority or proper paper work to prescribe any thing for my pain...and my family doc the one that made the rude and inappropriate comment about my mental health refuses to do anything at all for me its all been a bunch of hoops to jump through that lead no where the door keeps getting slammed in my face ..ive basicly called all the doctors whith in my area ,as many as i can 2 a month...every 2 weeks and have asked if there is a waiting list ...with all odds against me ive had no luck whats so ever ..i just dont know what the hack to do any more i do want a second, third and fourth opinion about my back know my options ....cause im sure that are alternatives to opening up my back ...btw i didnt want to see my doc after the cutting comment he made to me it was painful sickening and very hurtful ..but i feel like i really dont have a choice ..also i did see a pain specialist turned out that my ex boyfriend of 7 years is also seeing him he found out that i was goin there ...i had to stop goin cause i have a restraining order against him ..for fear of my life .see nuthing works in my favour ...tyvm for responding : )

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daddyo456 HB User
Re: BETRAYED..i think hes a complete QUACK Others may beg to differ.but ya dont know

I have found, in similar circumstances that a visit to an ER is the only way to get a doctor. When we didn't have one, they gave me a doctor's name and phone number and said to follow-up with him on the next day. I told them I didn't have a primary dr. any longer.

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feelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB User
Re: BETRAYED..i think hes a complete QUACK Others may beg to differ.but ya dont know

didn't you state in your first post that the 5-6 was actually in your NECK?not back area?this is why you were sent to the neuosurgeon.this would be the area between the c 5-6 vertebrae,they always describe a disc issue as being at the two levels only becasue it involves that disc in between IS a normal way to describe herniations.just what does your MRI report state in the summary at the very end about your most pertinent problems?if you do not have an actual copy of this MRI,you really DO need to obtain one,and also ALL of your actual medical records from your so called primry doc(you just really DO need to know how this doc has actually documented your reoccurring visits with him).what an diot.this man should not be practicing medicine it really soesn't sound like he really knows just what the heck he is actually doing(or not doing) for his patients.i don't know exactly whoor what the actual governing body of any doctors in canada would be but you could try calling the state health dept or however they are defined(territories??)they would be able to tell you just who you need to report idiot docs to.

one thing here tho that you do have to remember is that a basic primary doc will not see or interpret any real MRI/report the same way as a good knowlegable neurosurgeon would,they just don't have that level of knowledge to evaluate it it for what it really states in most cases.but i would think a prominent herniation would not be beyond his any good primary doc should just 'know' when something is way over their heads and send you to the appropriate type of specialist,this is what mine has always done for me.

the very best way to actually find a new doc is really by word of mouth.ask your friends family,coworkers who they see and how they like him or her then see if this correlates with your ins plan.hopefully somone will take you on,espescially when you explain the circumstances you are dealing with right now with the current really do need to lose this just deserve soo much better than what you are getting with this so called 'doc".once you are at a new docs and an established patient,you can always write your "old' primary a nice detailed letter about how crappy he made you feel.this would probably really help you too mentally and emotionally.just a thought for you.hopefully you can move onto a much better more caring primary.this guy just sucks not only as a doc but as a human being.i really do feel for you.please keep us all posted as to how things are going for you,K? **
3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
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