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  • What is wrong with me??

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    Unhappy What is wrong with me??


    I'm an 18 year old girl in michigan... and ive got problems.

    This is going to be long, so bear with me! Im not exactly sure where to start.. So i guess ill put what we've tried first.. then symptoms..

    I've been having a boatload of symptoms (which i will list later on) I read them off to my friend.. he said that I was just crazy... that im a hypochondriac...

    I eventually went to a doctor after a few years... We did a bazillion tests.. blood... cat scan.. urine... etc.. everything came back negative.. I dont have high blood pressure.. it's low if anything.. I have amazing Cholestorol...

    The only thing not normal was I had a little bit low hormone of "progestrone" or something like that..

    My health insurance runs out on my bday (nov 9) so im really afraid I will be stuck like this forever...

    I dont have a job... because of these symptoms combined with crappy economy of michigan..

    Ok so here's what ive been experiencing... (in no particular order)

    ~Excessively wet mouth.. ( When I went to the dentist to get my teeth cappped, we couldnt finish... as my mouth produces too much water. Even when my mouth feels DRY theres still a lot of water.. unless its UBER dry when I wake up at night.. then it really is dry)

    ~I get sores on my tongue occasionally.. uummm.. It looks kind of like an inflammed taste bud.. it hurts a lot..

    ~I have like.. Restless leg syndrome.. only on my WHOLE body.. it's crazy... It doesnt happen all the time.. or even every day.. but some times i just HAVE to move...

    ~Everyday, however, My entire body is ITCHY. I cant really sit still without itching my head, arms, legs, sides, neck, etc. It itches EVERYwhere.. randomly.. and if I don't itch it becomes unbearable.. more recently, the area underneith my nose and my nose itself has become ungodly itchy.. It itches constantly.. even when im itching it.. even after ive itched it... sometimes it gets to the point where it's raw and hurts.. My doctor had no ideas other than "it may be allergies" allergies my butt!

    ~I pick at my skin around my nails.. its not Nail-BITING.. but i pick at my nails and the skin around it.. I have to keep them incredibly short.. I dont think my nails have ever been past my fingertips... or even close for that matter.. Basically.. if I see any white part, it's gone... I can't help it... I do it excessively even MORE when im nervous... etc.

    ~Sometimes my fingers just ACHE terribly.. It's usually only one... SOMETIMES 2.. and it's just a random finger.. TO get it to stop hurting I have to bite it... or whatever.. I guess because of the pain "Gate theory" is why it relieves it. Also I have the aching thing go on with random parts of my body.. I remember one time it was my right thigh.. Another time it was the side of my foot......

    ~I've only had 4 periods since November 2004.. The ones I did have were ungodly heavy... To the point I had to change pads every hour.. i thought I was going to die of blood loss, the most recent one. (March 14-17 '07) I was up all night and wanted to go to the hospital.. (but of course, my dad wouldnt go) My doctor said that having no periods wasnt hurting anything.. And if i WANTED them i could go on birth control. Nooo thanks! In a recent CAT scan, they discovered I have ovarian cysts (normal ones) so that may be why.... I never had regular periods... I had them every month for a while in 7th-8th grade.. .but I didnt have then for a year in 9th grade.. then started again.. it was crazy.

    ~I have insane Chest pain sometimes... It hasnt happened REALLY recently.. but when it does, it SUCKS.. I have to hold my chest.. and hold my breathe... as it hurts REALLY bad to breath.. it usually only lasts less than a minute.. but it really bad.

    ~Sometimes (more recently.. it happend yesterday also, in fact..) I have insane rib pain.. It feels REALLY similar to the insane chest pain.. but it just starts randomly hurting.. and it gets progressively worse... I feel like crying.. It almost feels like someone took a hammer to my rib... But it too, goes away within a minute or so..

    ~Sometimes my wrists ache.. like my finger, thigh, and foot.. but i suspect that it may be a mild form of carpal tunnel... As I am on the computer practicly all day.

    ~My pinkie fingers dont bend right.. Actually I think they are SUPPOSED to not bed right.. I discovered this when trying to play Guitar Hero.. It's kinda like an really STIFF off light switch.. its either up or down.. there is no middle.. that's how my pinkie bends.. (and consequently, I cant play guitar hero, lol)

    ~My pinkie toenails fall off... They just.. grow... and the bottom seperates from the skin.. theres new nail starting to grow underneith.. It's still attatched to the skin near the top... but it bothers me.. so i just rip it the rest of the way off... (theres no blood ever)

    ~My thumb.. occasionally aches.. like my fingers, but it's more.. it feels almost like its disconnected from my hand (but of course it isnt) again, only relief is to bite.

    ~I have blurry vision sometimes.. I have glasses.. (to see things far away) but sometimes randomly a portion of the side of my eye becomes blurry and i have to rub and rub it to get it to not be blurry.. (I dont have cateracts) Sometimes my left eye at the top left twitches insanely... to the point where it's hard to see out of.. its annoying and hurts.. hasnt happened lately though... I DID tell my eye doctor about this.. he didnt have anything to say.

    ~When I was a kid, I had strange skin problems.. My skin had.. red bumps.. it wasn't acne or chicken pox... but it was very odd.. I went to dermatologists.. and they had no answer also... As i got older, it went away.. and was completely gone by the time i was 6.

    ~At night sometimes.. i feel twitchey.. or even during the day rarely... but mostly at night.. I'll just.. twitch.... I remember one time I twitched so violently (it was only one twitch, so like 1 second) but it shook my whole bed.. and because I'm an avid watcher of the paranormal stuff, I thought that it may be something paranormal that shook my bed!!

    ~I occasionally 'forget to breathe' in certain situations.. Like if someone is sleeping nearby.. or If I'm near someone important.. and I struggle to deep breathe after i notice it.. because im trying ot be quiet...

    ~I clench my teeth a lot... its NOT grinding just.. clench... and its mostly just in the back.. It may be associated with nervousness.... as last year in my InDesign class, I felt very agoraphobic and I had the need to get out of there - fast.. my relief was to clench my teeth and suck on a halls breezer... while also clenching my fists... and flexing my toes..

    ~I sweat... a lot.. exeptionally.. I may have hypohydrosis.. but it's worse in the summertime (obviously because it's hot) but i still sweat in the dead of winter.. when its sub zero temperatures out.. It's also worse when i go places outside of my home... the main places i have insane sweating is under my arms and in the groin area.. It used to be that i fix this, i would wear a pad when I went somewhere.. so it didnt look like i peed myself.. but now, its to the point where i need to wear one at home too.. even when im just sitting.. and when I GO places.. especailly if its an all-day event, I need to wear 2 pads (at the same time) and i'd better change them at least once through the day too. It never used to have any odor or color.. but more recently (as it has gotten worse) it does have a yellowish sometimes brownish tint and smells of urine occasionally.. I had a CAT scan done of my pelvis to see if anything was pressing on my bladder -- and there wasn't. I know i've had this problem since at least 3rd grade... But it was VERY rarely then.. It started acting up in 8th grade... and I really objected to sitting in those black plastic chairs as you could see a wet butt line when i stood up...Then in 9th and 10th grade it held off again.. in 11th grade it got a bit worse... and 12th grade... horrid.. (I graduated in may 06) then in first year of college... is when it went downhill even more... and i had to start wearing 2 pads just to go to school for 5 hours..

    ~My hands get sweaty and clammy when im around other people.. even my few close friends.

    ~My armpits also get really sweaty... even more so in the summer/when friends are over/go places.. My... erm.. bras have permanent yellowing/darkening on the underarm part. I use deoderant everyday.. and have even tried switching seveal kinds.. I HAVE tried CertrainDri... and even got presription strength sweating stuff.. but nothing works...

    ~I have sensitivity to light.. I hate lights on in general.. I walk around the house and turn lights off all the time.. It's compulsive i guess.. (but of course, I dont turn off lights that im certian people are using.. wouldnt want to make em mad)

    ~Also because of this i THink i have something sort of like night blindness... I hate driving at night.. when there are cars coming twords me, I cant see the road hardly at all... and i freak out.. So If i HAVE to drive at night, i take back roads....

    ~I have sensitive hearing too.. During physics we had this thing that tested our frequencies of hearing... we put our hands up when we could start to hear the sound... and put our hands down when we couldnt hear it anymore (he progressively put it out of human hearing range)... I had my hand up much longer than anyone else.. erm.. I can also "hear" electronics.. My dad and brother cant hear it.. but i can tell if a TV is on.... without being in the room... I can tell when something charging isnt plugged in all the way because of the high pitched buzzing it makes.. When a TV has no signal and the screen is blank, i can tell it's on.. It's especially annoying with my TV in particular because it makes high pitches noises that hurt unless i either pound on the TV (its a new TV) or put my head in such a spot where i guess the sound waves dont "radiate"

    ~A few months ago I got.. Cyst like things on my stomache... and groin-area.. I thought they were big pimples at first.. but then they got REALLY big like 3cm wide 2cm tall and 1cm deep... but they went away and i didnt have anymore... So i didnt worry.. Someone on the 'net suggested it may be an STI... however I am a virgin... I have never been naked around anyone before.[. and ive never been in a relationship of any kind.. so i think thats a bit impossible.

    ~My hair falls out.. like a lot.. I have really long hair.. like 32" last time i measured.. and my bathtub gets filled with hair every day even after cleaning... My brush has enough hair in it to make someone a beard! (I even did once XD) yet I dont seem to have any thin parts on my head.. maybe it's normal??????? In 7th grade when I got really stressed out, I used to pull my hair OUT and I DID have a bald spot on my head.. fortunately it was where my bands were so noone could really tell..

    ~I get really bad headaches/migranes sometimes.. They happend more frequently when i was a kid... Id get them so bad that i would puke... even at school.. They stopped getting so bad that i would puke in middle school... but i would be in a lot of pain.. Then in high school i didnt get them HORRIBLY bad very often at all.

    ~I tend to zone out a lot.. I'll just... stare off into space.. usually When im doing something not important.. When im doing important things I stay on task 100%.. in school I always finished every assignment.. I never even had a missing one. (I only had late ones rarely if i forgot the paper at home) Sometimes when I zone out (but only recently.. in the past 3 years or so) If i zone out looking at like for instance.. a power cable.. the power cable appears to be MOVING... not a LOT but just a bit.. That really scared me... could it be.. hallucinations???

    ~I am incredibly emotional.. I have even jokes about feeling "emo", lol.. I will cry about random things.. like when i got my period the 2nd time (7th grade) (the first time i hid it from everyone) I NEEDED.. you know feminine hygiene.. and i bawled then... er... and i bawled most times after that when i needed them.. up until my mom developed a code word for them.. so now when i need them i put "rabbit chow" on the grocery list, lol. I also cried alot when planning college.. I was scared...

    ~I think i have pretty bad anxiety/paranoia problems.. Im scared of everything.. im axious of everything.. I suspect... EVERYTHING... Im not to the extreme.. like those people who check house locks 5 times a night to make sure they are locked.. but.. I will check that I have my wallet with me obsessively when I go places... and whenever there is an event going on, I make sure that absolutely nothing can go wrong.. and if something does go wrong, that i dont get hurt.. I am terrified of situations and things that hurt me.. for ex: driving.... I hate driving.. and im super afraid of getting into an accident.. yet i drive anyway because I HAVE to... I have knives.. and swords.. .my friend has a sword collection.. he likes to point them at me (they arent sharp) but i flip out and scramble away... I never went on the monkey bars at playground or anyhting.. as i KNEW i would fall.. or hit my head.. or something.. I cannot talk to people... unless I have a purpose... As a consiquence I only have 2 friends in real life... Whom just use me for things.. But i think they care about me just a little bit at least.. but like i never talk to anyone without a purpose.. or if they talk to me first (and noone generally does) and its not that i dont LIKE talking.. on the 'net I will never shut up...

    I LIKE public speaking.. I LIKED giving oral artist reports... and when i told my teachers this, they were in shock.. the reports give me a reason to talk to people...

    ...yet i am afraid of them @[email protected]

    ~Sometimes i walk or sit or whatever in strange positions.. Like i will walk with my arm in an L shape at my side.. with my wrist limp.. and i wont notice it.. Once I even caught myself in my bed with my arm in the air.. for no reason.. sort of... catatonic-stupor like.. im not schizo though, lol (Schizoid maybe.. but not schizo)

    ~I had a strange coughing thing going on.. I would cough constantly for months on ends.. summer or winter.. it was random.. itd start for a few monthsl.. go away for a few months.. come back for a few months.. I have some medicine to try next time it happens.. Zyrtech i think... So i dont know whats going oin there.. but i did NOT cough at night.. but constantly during the day.. it was not a juicy cough.. i had no cold symptoms.. it was a dry cough... and i felt the need i HAD to cough.. and i did or else id.. choke or whatever..

    ~I have horrible luck.. (I know this cant be fixed XD) like so horrible that its incredibly ironic.. for ex: 2 weeks ago i was driving.. and my car stalled and died.. less than a week later.. i was driving the GOOD car.. and it stalled and died.. the same exact part.. stuff like this happens all the time.. it sucks.

    ~I have no libido.. at all.. I have classified myself as being asexual.. I dont get horny ever. I never had been. I find porn gross.. and boring.. It's stupid.. Sex is... erm.. disterbing also.. and should be (in my opinion) only for making baby purposes..

    my life, IRL is basically nonexistant.. my 2 friends come over sometimes.. I have one art class... IM like.. really overweight so noone really LIKES me relationship wise.. noone ever approaches me.. I never go anywhere.. I sit here at my computer.... eat.. sleep.. and occasionally get groceries or pick my brother up from quiz bowl... There are no groups around here.. or clubs... (as i said the economy here is bad.. unemployment is like 15% i think)

    I try to be very optimistic.. but with all the crap that happens in life, I cant..

    I know this was long and probably boring but ive run out of options..

    my doctor has sent me away because she doesnt know anything else to do..

    if you need more details of anything, just say so.. ill keep checking this topic..

    Ive listed symptoms that even arent so bothersome.. in case theres some big.. linkage between all this stuff :P

    so thanks, big time.. if anyone knows.


    Note: there are also some more symptoms after Lutheran's post

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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    Wow , thats a lot of symptoms. I assume you have had a lot of tests already , but if not a full physical and blood workup will give you a lot of answers. Maybe even go to an endocrinologist to check out your blood work and hormone issue. You definitely could use some stress management as a lot of your issues seem stress related. Also did you get checked out for allergys as a lot of your symptoms sound allergy related. I truly hope you find some answers as you are too young to be feeling this bad. Trust me when you get older you will have plenty of time for feeling bad , try and think positive and good luck to you.

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    Wink Re: What is wrong with me??

    Thanks for your reply

    I have had blood work done.... A lot of it done! Before now, I had never ever had a needle stuck in me before. Er.. Im not scared of them anymore.. I actually started crying the first time I went in. But it really doesnt hurt that much!

    The tests say that all my hormones are fine.. Except that progesterone or whatever was a /little/ low.

    I took a class last year.. "stress management" lol.. It was a load of balogna. The teacher seemed more stressed than us. The majority of my stress, I think comes from lack of Money... I am worried about not finishing colllege because I dont have any money.. Worried that I cannot find a job anywhere.. worried that my symptoms would get worse in a job type scenario and I'd have to quit.. or be fired because they think my personal hygeine is bad.

    Another thing i forgot to list up there is I have sleeping problems.. Most of the time I'm up till 4-5 am... before I can sleep.

    However, it is the one problem my doctor DID fix.. She put me on Seroquil.. which puts me out in 45minutes, lol. (even if i just woke up 5 hours before!)

    The problem with that is i wake up feeling tired still.. and i'll sleep anywheres from 12-17 hours.

    Another thing I neglected to mention (I /WAS/ writing this at 3am...) Was that I did go see a pscyhologist a few years back.. My personality.. is sooo different from most teenagers.. combined with all this.. that I thought I may be crazy!

    She was virtually no help at all. When my mom died in 2005 she said "how is your mom doing? I heard she was in the hospital." When she died at home, here. I was a bit upset at that..

    But she put me on Seroquil too.. which helpd me sleep back then (10th grade) but also on Abilify... and lamictal.. She thought I may be bipolar...

    But ive discovered now that.. My moods swing a lot because a lot of bad things happen!!!

    One day ill be happy because the sun is out and im feelin good.... Ill be singing at the top of my lungs and just be happy.. but something like my car will stall in the middle of the road or something.. and ill feel traumatized for the next few days.. and i wont even feel like putting on music. and i guess another thing i neglected to mention was.. I think I do have emotion problems..

    Most of the time i feel very stoic... Neither happy nor sad or anything.. Which is why I think i am not depressed.. I feel sad and happy WHEN I DO FEEL THINGS... because of good and bad things that happen.. Not for no reason.

    My friend with the swords often feels sad because of no reason.. I agree that that IS depression.. but in my case it is not.

    My doctor tried putting me on depression medicine.. and I said no.. because all the medicine in the world cant fix THINGS that happen.. (Like human stupidity)

    Also... (geez i keep remembering random things) I am smart.. you know.. knowledge wise.. But as far as numbers and math, I believe i may be /really/ retarded.. I dont know my times tables..... I have to use my fingers to figure out 3 x 4. When it comes to other numbers.. like in the 6-7-8s range.. like 6x7, 7x8.. I dont even bother using my fingers.. because usually i mess up and get a wrong answer..

    ..Ive even tried playing Brain Age to help.. but it's not. I have a 4.0 in college... .... except in Beginning algebra.. I got a 2.5.. I just cant do math.. I cant do numbers.. I once tried to do Su***u but I simply COULD NOT..

    I tell people.. That i dont know my times tables.. and counting numbers is hard... (one of the games in brain age shows a house and you must add how many people go in the house.. and subtract how may exit the house, quickly) I cant even do that!!! I have to stop and think for a while.. I cant do it quickly.. even for addition.. It makes me feel really stupid..

    Everything else in school is a complete breeze for me. I was in Quiz Bowl and when it came to a math problem, I didnt even pick up my pencil. I know I couldnt do it at all.. :\

    Lutheran - I will take some allergy medicine we have here.. right now and see how i feel the rest of the day.. I never really tried that...

    ...which leads me also to another problem XD.. I can't swallow pills.. My dad thinks that I just dont WANT to.. but it's that i /cant/ IF i try, i end up choking and puking.. It's almost like my throat isnt big enough.. I can swallow, however, softer things.. like steak.. in big chunks. one time, I had some pills I couldnt crush up and they didnt come in liquid.. so... I put them inside of macaroni and swallowed the macaroni.. I could swallow that cuz its soft.. and doesnt make me gag..

    I have insane gag reflexes.. >_<

    Also - Lately I have also been having memory problems.. Not like. .i forget to put my pants on or anything XD but little things..

    Like.. I forgot to take that allergy medicine... till now.. BUT.. I kept this page open, so i would remember.. and i knew that I would forget.. so thats why I did it..

    It used to be i would remember things... and i COULDNT Forget them.. I could tell you, you know.. some obscure thing someone said at supper 4 weeks ago..

    I could tell you the same exact sentence you said to me about.. for ex.. the mail 4 days ago. quote it EXACTLY.. now i cant remember simple things... Like taking this medicine.. Or doing laundry... or even TAKING my sleeping medicine...

    One night at 11pm i had the strange desire to leave the house and go somewhere.. So i thought i'd take bottles back to walmart... So i got 1/2 way there and.. I left the bottles at home. I had to turn around and get them... I forgot the WHOLE REASON I came... >_<

    Other times im in the bathroom doing whatever.. and i'll leave the light on.. Ill come back later only to discover it is still on.. Before I would NEVER do that... as i do have compulsive light-turning-offness.

    However, It is not as bad as my friend in florida. She came to visit once... and left the water running in the sink. I would never do that as I could HEAR that its still on...

    None of it is life threatening.. My paranoia makes SURE that I dont forget anything that may be life threatening..

    but it is stressfull to me.. It too, makes me feel stupid... And it also contributes to why I think that something in my head is wrong.. Im sooo sure of it.. I did get a CAT scan of my head and they said there wasnt anything physically wrong..

    I often watch Mystery Diagnosis on Discovery Health and I write down diseases that sound like I might have... Of course, I dont actually have any of them... but..

    It seems for now, I am mystery: diagnosis now, lol. Perhaps someday ill end up on there >_>


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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    I agree with Lutheran122 - your symptoms sound like they are related to hormones out of balance. Specifically, your thyroid hormones.

    Your thyroid balances virtually everything in your body and if it is not functioning properly it can have everything off balance.

    Like he says please consider going to an endocrinologist to be tested for thyroid condition. It's easily treated with a tiny hormone daily to replace what your body may not be producing.

    If you've had blood work for your thyroid and they worked with what are now considered outdated ranges you would have showed normal when you actually weren't.

    I also recommend that you go over on the Thyroid Board and read and do some posting over there. Lots of very knowledgable lay people on that board. BTW "ALL" and I do mean all of your symptoms can be thyroid.

    It takes a really good doctor to get you diagnosed. Many are working with out dated ranges. It is also very very possible to be showing "normal" but not actually be "normal". My sister's blood work came back "normal" for a year and half. They finally gave up and put her on a thyroid hormone and she turned around over night. She had severe symptoms.

    Good luck!

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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    you need your thyroid tested......a full thyroid panel, not just your TSH
    you need to get your free T3 and free T4 tested
    the TSH is misleading and most doctors don't know enough to order the right tests......push them if you have to.

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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    That's interesting...

    An episode of mystery diagnosis i saw had someone with thyroid problems... and i put that on the list of stuff i wanted tested... did come back normal.

    Ill have to see if i can get the results back in paper and see if they tested for 3 and 4


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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    I think you have somewhat figured out your problem - you mentioned your social life is non existent.
    It really sounds like you may be suffering from depression. All of these symptoms are real to you yes, but because you feel you have nothing else to do you are constantly thinking everything you feel is something wrong. Does that make sense? Like you are waiting for something to be wrong.
    Actually, all of your "symptoms" I believe I have felt at one time or another.
    Please, I'm not saying there is nothing wrong, there very well could be, but possibly this is something else you could see into. Maybe talk with a counselor or your doctor about this.
    Best of luck!

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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    I don't know, could be anything but see if symptoms of Pellagra make any sense to you...I'm guessing based on some of your symptoms, such as the variety of symptoms affecting the skin; mucous membranes (moist linings of the mouth, organs, etc.); central nervous system (including the brain and nerves); and the gastrointestinal system.

    The classic collection of symptoms includes redness and swelling of the mouth and tongue, diarrhea, skin rash, and abnormal mental functioning, including memory loss(you mentioned this). While early patients may simply have a light skin rash, over time the skin becomes increasingly thickened, pigmented, and may slough off in places. Areas of the skin may become prone to bacterial infection. The mouth and tongue, and sometimes the vagina, become increasingly thick, swollen, and red. Abdominal pain and bloating occur, with nausea and vomiting, and bloody diarrhea to follow. Initial mental changes appear as inability to sleep (insomnia), fatigue, and a sense of disconnectedness (apathy). These mental changes progress to memory loss, confusion, depression, and hallucinations (in which the individual sees sights or hears sounds that do not really exist).

    It may not be pellagra but it's anyone's guess at this point. If you are on any meds, those also could be causing symptoms too, not everyone can tolerate all drugs without problems. Seems like you are a mess alright let's hope you get to the bottom of it; at this point it's anyone's guess what this is....

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    Talking Re: What is wrong with me??

    In Pellagra - Tryptophan is an essential amino acid found in meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. If your diet contains these foods, your need for niacin from other sources will be reduced.

    Meat and/or poultry i eat practicly everyday, so i dont think that could be it...

    I had been going to see a counceler since 2004... She says that i am not depressed.. I also dont FEEL depressed for no reason at all.

    I DO however, feel depressed because of stuff that happens: ex: My car stalls, I cant get a job, Human Stupidity, money issues, etc.

    All the medicine in the world can not make my car not stall.. get me a job.. make everyone have common sense, and win me a million dollars, lol.

    If i had... a million $ im pretty sure that i would not feel depressed anymore, lol.. as money can take care of pretty much everything 'cept human stupidity.. and even then, I could just hole myself up away from the human stupidity so it'd be practicly nonexistant..

    My social life is nonexistant because around here.. most people are rednecks, druggies, or religious freaks.. I have no desire to have a relationship of any sort with any of those.. There are no compy/video game geeks like me, really.

    On the internet, I can find plenty of friends... Cuz i can go to.. you know.. RPG forums.. and not.... "Cocaine rocks" forums, lol

    however, if there WERE in fact gamers around here, Id be too anxious more than likely to meet them.. I dont approach anyone ever.. The only way i make new friends is if they approach me....

    Perhaps a little bit of why i am anxious (around potentially cool people) is some of these health problems...

    I am afraid they may think that.. i smell for some reason.. or that my hair looks too greasy... or that im too fat (well i know im too fat, but thats beside the point)

    I watched a show the other day called "I eat 33,000 calories a day"... They showed pictures of 4 people.. wearing underwear.. The smallest one on the show.. had a body that looked very similar to mine. Her weight was like 364lbs or something.. I KNOW i weigh NO WHERE near that.. maybe im all fluff or something, I duno.... But i dont EAT a lot... I have supper.. and i sometimes have "night lunch" (My sleeping hours are messed so lunch is at night) and perhaps a snack or 2 inbetween.. I dont eat chocolate hardly ever.. it hurts my teeth.. (yet my dentist says theres nothing wrong with them) I dont like sugary foods that much..

    So thats why i also think whatevers wrong may be affecting my weight too. I see no logical explanation as to why I am this BIG...*shrug*

    any more ideas/theories/ramblings are appreciated ^^


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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    Well, it could still be niacin or some other nutrient deficiency as it is not always what you eat but also if you digest it well (this is why milk is good, unless you are lactose intolerant) or if you have a well-rounded variety of food and vitamins since everything works together. Exercise is also very important. If you are fat, either it's that you take in too many calories(from any source, not just junk) and do not use them, or you might have metabolic problems but I assume those have already been ruled out.

    Perhaps if you could lose some of the weight (no diets just common sense in portions, exercise) maybe the sweating would get better although the other stuff I don't think is related to weight....but then again, fat itself does put a huge amount of stress on our bodies, the bones, the cardiovascular, etc. Even 20 extra pounds can make the difference in ones energy and feeling of well-being. It's possible that your physical issues could be stress-related. The body can be under stress just like the mind. You might have both going on here.

    As far as the people issues, your town sounds pretty bad, eek but what can you do about that....other than move but that would take money and new job somewhere and that isn't always possible I know. Yes, life situations definitely cause the depressed feelings most psychiatrists ignore in favor of treating the clinical depression which they have pills for. If it's life circumstance, they can't do much to help.

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    casatonia 1
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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    I do too pick the skin off my fingers-its actually classed as self harm...I do it because of depression and i have PTSD.
    Most of your symptoms sound like any form of depression.Get yourself checked for depression just like Caringmom said if they say nothing is wrong go to a second doctor...
    Stay Strong

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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    I think you have severe anxiety problems. I myself have the same, which is illness-driven. One of the biggest things I saw in your post that stuck out was the fact that your mom died. I'm really sorry to hear. Have these symptoms worsened after she passed? Don't be afraid of anti-depressants or anxiety medications. They saved my life. Counseling is so annoying sometimes because it all depends on who you get. But I think its worth a shot. Most of your symptoms seem very annoying and I know how that is. I think you need to stop focusing on your body and start to relax..Tests are what proves things sometimes and you need to be content with that. I am 20 years old and had problems with anxiety both now, and when I was a sophomore in High School, both caused my illnesses. Because my illnesses were real, I began to not be able to differentiate between real sicknesses and things just in my head. However, right now, the reason I'm on this site is because I am going through an illness which landed me in the hospital for four days. I've been home from college for 3 weeks now still suffering from what they diagnosed me with as, Mono-hepatitus + strep throat. It was very scary in the hospital and I thought to myself, If I could just have anxiety symptoms and not actual real illness, I would take it.

    Be thankful that your tests are all negative. Start to do something more with your life and concentrate on positive things. You have your whole life ahead of you. Get going!

    I wish you well. And I know how hard it is.
    Hang in there <3

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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    Another word of advice..Get off this site. People will make you more paranoid with things that you probably don't have. I'm not at all dismissing your symptoms. I can't stand when people say they're not real. They are in fact, very real. But obsessing over them will not make them go away. Take all this energy that you have and put it towards a hobby.

    good luck <3

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    Re: What is wrong with me??

    Hi Cait. I agree about having your thyroid tested. Ask for the Free T3, Free T4 (besides the T3 and T4) and thyroid antibodies to be tested. They are not usually done by many doctors but are necessary for a comprehensive view. Sometimes people who have positive antibodies have normal other results, but treatment is warranted.

    If you need help interpreting your results, post them on the thyroid board at this site. The people there are very helpful.

    Good luck!

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