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Opinions please..

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Old 11-14-2007, 05:46 AM   #1
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Opinions please..

Well, first time ive ever posted on an online forum abouts health issues but its been getting me down for 6 years now and I just want to get it off my chest.

Well im 17 now, going on 18 in Jan. From what I can remember, ive had constant heart palpitations for the past 6 or so years now, and im mean constant, 24/7, never ceasing. It has always made me self concious, and combined with the fact im a little overweight, I HATED school, absolutely detested in and never ever enjoyed it.

As time went on things seemed to be getting worse and worse. I have constant headaches, for example even when I wake up in the morning, sometimes however they arent so bad but generally I always have one. I sweat alot for no reason, no profusely, but enough to make my underarms wet when I havent even been doing anything strenuous, even during winter this happens. I have more hair than a girl should on my body, eg. my lower stomach, not so much my chest but there are a few stray hairs there, my lower back is probably the worst, my thighs, and even my arms seem to hairier than a normal girls. I cant breathe through my nose at the best of times, I can but it is a real effort to do so and I can never seem to get enough oxygen that way, and always have to resort to mouth breathing after a minute or so. Ive had alot of problems with stomach cramps over the past few years which also interfered with school alot, every second day nearly id have one. I also have shortness of breath which ive noticed more in recent times, but the newest is feeling lightheaded / faint. For the past 5 months or so, if I stand up for too long I start to feel really faint and like I need to vomit aswell, only relieved upon sitting down which is very embarassing in social situations. In general im also very tired and can never seem to get a good nights rest.

Phew! But still more to come.

Cant remember the exact dates but around 3 or so years ago I went to see a naturopath (to see about my stomach, none of the other symptoms as I never told my parents). She really had absolutely nothing to say, can only remember her checking my heart aswell and letting us know I had a slightly abnormal heartbeat, to which she said its nothing to worry about as alot of teens have this. Was on some sort of tablets for my stomach but to my knowledge they didnt help one bit.

In the meantime id been to the doctor only a few times, one for a bad cold most likely to get antibiotics, and another for a checkup as I was joining cadets and it was a requirement. Never told her about my symptoms though, all she done was check my blood pressure and listen to my heart and didnt have anything to say about that either, apparantly was all good.

Next we went to see a naturopath in Bundaberg about 1-2 years ago, again to see what he recommended for my stomach. To say the least, he was absolutely amazing, we did not say a word about ANYTHING, he just looked at my eyes for a few minutes, then sat at his desk with his eyes closed and proceeded to rattle of hundreds of things and if it was fine or not. He even picked up that id had a traumatic experience a fews years previously, and surely enough there was, my beloved cat darcy had to be put down due to cancer, and both my grandads passed away with a matter of weeks of each other. By the end of the session I was in tears, after consoling me for a while enough to recover, he went on to making his list with what he found and the meds he recommended. I dont have the list with me right now but will state as much as I can remember :

- I was apparantly very very low on magnesium, he was shocked, so was on magnesium supplements for over a year, if they helped at all it wasnt much because im still having palpitations to this day just as bad.
- Candida of the stomach
- Lactose intolerace (which I already knew, but as I said we told him absolutely nothin)
- Wheat, yeast intolerance to some degree, and minutely to peanuts and apparantly citrus also.
- Some virus or bacteria in my sinus
- And some sort of hormone imbalance

I was sure there was more but its all I can remember right now. So this news was actually great for me because it explained all of my symtoms, I was so exstatic that I might actually feel better one day soon. But after taking all the meds he recommended, it still hasnt helped to this day, I really want to go back to see him again and probably will in the next few months, cant recommend him enough, but maybe that medicine just wasnt right for me.

After suffering all through highschool even moreso than primary, I finally gave up and left yr 12 in april of this year. I would love to get a job and finally be able to start earning my own money but I feel I cant because id be miserable working with the way I still feel, so im really at a loss of what to do.

The most recent visit to a doctors was actually only a few weeks ago, this time about the palpitations as I finally had the nerve to subtly start letting my parents know. So off we went, I told her all the stmptoms ive been having. The appointment really only lasted a few mintues.. she basically asked how my diet was (which to be honest isnt all that bad compared to some people) and told her I was lactose intolerant, so I never have milk or dairy products except the occasional cheese etc which doesnt seem to bother me. I said I also has a dislike for red meat so I rarely ate this. She looked at me like I was an anorexic and accusingly eyed my mum as if shed be starving me or something. She then said I may be iron deficient (which I honestly thought I might be) which would be causing the palpiations are tiredness etc. She didnt even bother to check my heart, blood pressure or none of the usual things, nor was worried that I couldnt breathe through my nose, and pretty much ignored this fact. All she done was made me get a blood test, a urine and stool sample, which everything pretty much came back oki ***ey except a tiny deficiency of my iron 'stores'. I queried her about the magnesium levels and she said all was fine, but I read on the net that true levels cant be known just from a blood test as only 1% of the magnesium in the body is in the blood. She prescribed me with some iron supplements, a 100mg dose each tablet which I have to take every day, have been on them for a month now with no felt improvement.

I then had to take a full allergy test, ie the substances and the pricking with a needle. I was apparantly allergic to alot of things, most severly however was cockroaches and cats, and some types of moulds. ( I knew about the cats though as I found myself starting to get slight reactions from my boy Ajae, eg, redness of the eyes if I rubbed them, which ive learnt not to do) and maybe a few sneezes, but not chronic hayfever like she seems to think. Other than that, there was mild reactions to some grasses, chicken, lobster, banana, most animal dander, pine.. , and a few others I think.

So after that we had to meet with her again with the results of the allergy test and she then recommended me for a "desensitisation" needle for the allergies, but which I dont really see the point because I dont get chronic hayfever, but the earliest I could get in was April next year.

So now im stuck in a dead end and I dont know what to do, I really dont believe that desensitisation needles are going to help me in any profound way and to be honest I dont really want to start them and going back every week and month to have them again. She didnt solve ANY of problems, and as I just said I have no idea what to do now..

Sorry for the huge essay to those who could be bothered reading through it, I just needed get it off my chest and get the opinions of a few other people, as the doctor, and now my parents (after complaining to mum every day saying she hasnt solved anything) still believe everything is fine and dandy.

Im sure ive something but you can get the general gist.

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Re: Opinions please..

I can't address everything you said, but here are a few thoughts:

If you can never breathe through your nose, and have many allergies, you probably do have chronic hayfever. There are many symptoms of allergies, and many people just get one or two--congestion in your case, apparently. Keeping kitty out of your bedroom might help a bit.

There's nothing wrong with not eating red meat or milk. As long as you're eating fish or chicken, eggs, and fruit and veggies (especially those green veggies for calcium!)

Palpitations, stomach cramps, and sweating could be related to anxiety (Or not, I have no way of knowing) When I was a teen, whenever I got upset, I would be disgustingly sweaty within minutes.

Some women are hairer than others. I have a few hairs on my upper chest and a few on my chin, which no one notices because I pluck.

About that naturopath--I know some great ones, but could you please look up "cold reading" and "psychic." I'm just really dubious of someone who diagnoses you without examining you or asking you questions.

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Re: Opinions please..

IF you have many allergies, they can manifest themself in more ways than just hayfever. Fatigue, listlessness, loss of appetite, trouble breathing can all be signs of allergies. alot of people thing that allergies just cause sneezing...

You might want also to check into your sleep. Do you have sleep apnea? That could be part of the fatigue. I don't want to offend you, but are you overweight? Every extra pound you carry can affect your health also. It affects your breathing, your physical ability, and it can affect your sleep, also. Do you snore when you sleep? This may be sleep apnea...

There is a good book out called "The Yeast Intolerance Diet." You might check it out. What this doctor advocates is that every body has alot of things that they are intolerant to. There is yeast in almost everything that we eat/drink, from coffee and tea to bread....check it out in your local library...

Good luck....

Old 11-18-2007, 04:43 AM   #4
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Ektar HB User
Re: Opinions please..

I just think its neglectful for a doctor to pretty much ignore the fact that I walked in worried about my health, told them I have 24/7 palpitations with the feeling it is slightly off beat, feeling faint and shortness of breath.

Those are my main concerns at the moment.

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Re: Opinions please..

Alot of this can be a thyroid problem. I think you should have it checked thouroughly- not just a screening.

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