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Soni 03-23-2001 09:39 PM

I feel like a walking pharmacy
I am posting this because I just feel like talking about this I hope that this doesn't sound like a stupid posting. I have been diagonised with the following:
High Cholestrol
High Blood Pressure
Parello-Femoral Syndrome
Mild Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
I have to take the following medications:
Buspar for Depression
Prozac for Depression
Zestoretic for High Blood Pressure
Zocor for High Cholestrol
Protonix for Gastritis and Diverticili Attacks
Relafen for Osteoarthritis
Ambien becasue I can't sleep well
Imatrex pill form and Injections for my migranes
I feel like a walking pharmacy but if I don't take the medication then I almost have a nervous breakdown or my knees and hands hurt so bad I can't stand it. And if I don't take the ambien I lay there for 2 to 3 hours at night before I go to sleep and needless to say I wake up very tired. I am 41 years old I hate to think how much medication I am going to have to take when I get to be older. I am not posting this because I want you all to think I am a nut case but I just needed to talk and to say I feel like a waking pharmacy.
Thank you for listening.
Soni G

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