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Leg pain and numbness - blood clot?

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Old 12-09-2007, 11:44 PM   #1
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Vixen541 HB User
Leg pain and numbness - blood clot?

Bear with me .. yesterday I was having pain in my right buttock. My knee and the bottom of my right foot also hurt. I assumed my butt hurt because I have a very uncomfortable desk chair and figured sitting on it prolongued both Friday and Saturday left it sore.

Well, all day Sunday the pain seemed to add some spots. The pain in the buttock was still there but weaker with now constant pressure/pain/numbness throughout the entire leg. The main focal points of it are in the back of my right thigh, calf and the bottom of my right foot. My foot is also tingly a bit with the pain radiating from my foot through my calf, knee and thigh. It feels tingly, numb, a constant pressure/pain.

I have not worked out in 3 weeks so it is nothing like that...

Should I be concerned of a blood clot?

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Old 12-10-2007, 05:15 AM   #2
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feelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB User
Re: Leg pain and numbness - blood clot?

there 'could' be a chance there,you just never really know what is actually going on in your own body til you take a good hard look.but honestly,this sounds more like a possible sciatic nerve issue more than a blood you have any history of blood clots before or any type of vascular issues running in your family?if not, i would think your chances of actually having that(espescially if you are a pretty healthy person overall) would be pretty slim compared to the possibility of sciatica being present.sciatica is just a much more common thing for people to actually have.i have it and so does my hubby.i am 46 and he is 49.i started having this when i was PG with my very first child,the constant pull forward on my low back just compromised the sciatic nerve.i have had problems off and on since and that was over 20 years ago.

if you do just a bit of research on how that sciatic nerve actually runs and compare that to your current pain areas,i think you will see the comparisons between where your pain actually is and just how it is really following that nerve.taking anti inflammatories is usually the best way to go here.but if this is not going away for you soon,i would most definitely get to your doc to have this evaluated.this could be from some level of actual spinal involvent such as a herniation or bulge or even bone spurs that can grow on the spine itself and irritate the heck out of nerves.

this isn't by any means the only possibility for your symptoms,but from what you actually described,this would probably be the most likely one.just see your doc if your symptoms don't go away(or at least start to feel better) within the next few days or become much more profound.i am willing to bet this is not an actual blood clot tho.unless you have very tender areas that are generating heat and are swelling to some degree,it i more than likely just nerve related.please keep me posted as to how things are going,K? **
3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
11-20-01,placement of hardware for failed fusion
9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.

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coolied HB User
Re: Leg pain and numbness - blood clot?

I agree with the above poster.......... that sounds excatly like a sciatic nerve issue........ I get them occasionally, and they ususally take a few (miserable) days to resolve...... do you get sort of a burning pain down your whole leg (or only in spots) that gets worse with rest?

Edit: sitting on a hard, uncomfortable chair could aggravate your sciatic nerve and cause this kind of pain, mine was from having too much crap in my wallet............ thus elevating my right buttock and putting pressure on something.............

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Janatee HB UserJanatee HB User
HELP my legs are getting worse!!!!!!

Hello Feelbad... I have seen many of your quotes on the board here , and just saw one about leg pain and numbness. Maybe you can help me too... Back in 97 I started to stumble when I was out walking. I didn't think much of it at the time, but then it got worse. Left leg was getting heavy, then numb feeling below the knee, and foot pins and needles. This went on for some time. I had FALLEN OUT OF THE TUB. Slipped, them slammed down hard on the outer rim. Since I was well soaped up...ooops, right to the floor. Body was in all sorts of positions. This happened in 1990. Anyway, this was the start. After many MRI's to rule out MS, I had to have a decompressive lumbar laminectomy in 2003. This helped a lot, and at first I was walking good. In time the left leg problem came back, and just got worse. I started to drag the leg, and I had a weird gait, where I would swing the leg out and walk like I had one leg shorter then the other. This past May had a super MRI head to toe with contrast (Fonar MRI) this is where you sit and watch TV the whole time... loved it... Hate the lay down coffin style type. Can't stand them.. Moving on here, I was told I needed a 4 level discectomy and corpectomy. Had that done in Aug. I was told all this was pressing on my spinal cord, and causing my leg to be this way. Doc said I really needed it done, to keep me from being in a wheelchair in the future. So I had it done. The limp/gait is gone, and after the operation I was told to walk, walk and walk. Now remember, I have not used many of my leg muscles for 8 years. I did not walk normal. After I was up and moving, (I wore the Aspen collar for 2-1/2 months) I started to really get out and walk up the street and back. Little at a time. My leg was still very heavy, numb and burning. Doc said it would take time, lots of time.. He said 2 years, and if the legs do not get better then they probably won't. The damage is done. BUT these last few weeks, my legs both now, have gotten so bad, I hang on the furniture just to walk. I do use a cane when I go out, but I think I need a cane for inside the house. My legs both now, from the knee down on the right one, and the whole leg left one, feels like the muscles have been stretched soooo bad, that they will never go back to normal. At night sometimes I have a spasm, and I jump and twitch, its awful. I'm getting really scared... Can this all be because I have not used these leg muscles in so long, this will take a good year to correct? My left hip and inner thigh groin area is a killer. I can't even lift my leg up to put my sock and shoe on...I know when the nerves are messed with, during an operation, this takes a long time to heal, and I hope there will be some regeneration of these nerves, but to cope with the pain and stiffness, I have to take a quarter or half of a percocet. That really helps. but I don't want to become dependent on them... What do you think? Have you ever heard of all this mess before??? Any words of wisdom or sharing would really help. I'm getting ready to go back and have some more test. Thanks for listening...Janatee

Old 12-21-2007, 06:07 AM   #5
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feelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB User
Re: Leg pain and numbness - blood clot?

the one thing about having actual cord contact/compression,depending on the severity of the compression it could have casued some level of permanent you have your own copies of all your MRI reports?if not,get them all and all the hospital records where you also had the sugeries done.looking thru the records,including the 'op notes' from the surgeons who did your surgeries can sometimes reveal alot about what the actual extent of your injuries were pre op and the post op MRIs can reveal what looks to be possibly affected.gait issues can come from just having cord affectation.there are tracts that run thru our spinal cords that all the signals to and from the brain run thru like bunches of cables in there?these tracts also govern body system functions including your prioperception(gait and the ability to actually reckognize our own body part in relation to space?) very strange things can occur when this particular tract is affected in the cord.i have this type of loss myself do to my spinal cord surgery that damaged three seperate tracts and a few other odds and ends inside my cord.

if you had any MRIs done post op on the area where the actual compression had been,the closest one to the actual surgery would reveal the most possible damage as the cord will tend to get rid of certain signs of real damage over time since it does not create actrual scarring type tissue like the other areas of our bodies do.its just made up of very different things,not like sub Q tissue at very real damage to my cord could be detected about two months post op(this surgery involved cutting in to it about one third of the way and actually removing a glob of blood vessels)BUT.the MRI i had done about one year post op,showed absolutely no real indication that i ever even had anything done or actually damaged,but my damage is very real and very much still here now at four years out.the cord just heals much differently than any other area of our bodies.if you obtain the closest MRI post op that you have,look for the word 'myelomalacia in it somewhere.this would be the actual granualizing of the "scar' tissue before it left.

unfortunetly since you have had both a lumbar and a c spine surgery it can sometimes be harder to tell just where youer symptoms are stmming from to a certain degree.having at least an EMG?NCS done which would show actual nerve flow impedment or no flow at all would really be the best test to check on actual nerve damage.these two tests just check nerve flow to the muscles and would indicate any possible muscle affectation.the best type of doc to see for any muscle/nerve related issues including him actually doing this type of test on you would really be a physiatrist(this is not a phyc doc)these are very well trained rehab docs or docs who work with people who have suffered spinal cord injury or other injury that affects muscle and nerve.i have an very excellent one who was actually in charge of my acute rehab when i was transferd to his hosp following my spinal cord surgery since i couldn;t walk or even use my left hand at all.he was amazing.

but gathering up all and i mean ALL of your MRIs and hospital records,make certain to ask for op notes from the surgeons specifically along with everything that is in your hosp central medical file,and all follow up appt notes from your regular doc visits and the follow up surgical visits too.this really is the very best way to obtain the 'inner' doc info and their impressions of the extent of your real damage.i have been doing this like every six months from the places/specialists who are treating me now for like four really just gives you a much better overall view of your docs impressions.i just have way too many things wrong going on inside my body now to even think i could stay on top of everything if i was not actually keeping things just really need to find out the full extent of any real dmage here,or this could be new too,ya know?hope this helps.good luck, **
3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
11-20-01,placement of hardware for failed fusion
9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.

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Lourage HB User
Re: Leg pain and numbness - blood clot?

Glad i found this topic. I too have all of a sudden got this weird sort of pain feeling in my left leg. I don't remember when it first started, but i been noticing it more and more. It's not a bad pain at all, more annoying and not knowing what it is thats worrying me. It's not in any specific spot! cept for the area behind my knee, around that area, but it's not like a feeling of being sore after working out. It felt like it was going away and like i said it isn't very painful , so i decided to work out, now i have it again. Which makes me want to think i did something to it working out, but it's not a sore muscle type of pain at all. it's been happening now for about two weeks, not getting any worse, and some days it feels better. I have a desk job and sit for hours on end on the PC. I'm in my 20's. Seems worse every morning when i wake up, and i feel it more when bending my knee or stretching it out.

A while back i got blood work done cause i have these marks on both of my thighs that start by my buttocks. My doctor had no clue what they were, so i got blood work done and everything came back fine. I was worried it was something bad with my veins or something but he said everything was fine. I brought up stretch marks but he said it couldn't be cause i'm small ( i only weigh 160) after looking online, and seeing others with the same problem they look exactly like stretch marks. I gained like 30 pounds in a few months, so that must be how they started. But now i'm worried they have something to do with my pain? and maybe they are vein related? But if they were i doubt my blood work would have come back negative. Also nobody in my family has any history of blood clots or anything serious. All my grandparents had lung cancer though.

Now i don't know what i should do about this. I always think the worst ( thought i had cancer and tumor in my brain) ended up going to the hospital and getting a CT scan and everything came back fine. Thats what always happens. So i'm not sure what i should do about this feeling in my leg. Give it a few more days, don't work out on it and if it don't get better see my doctor. I notice a bulge too in the leg that i have pain in, but i think thats cause i favor my left leg more when working out and i only notice the bulge when flexing my leg, so it must be the muscle in my thigh is bigger.

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