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maria201066 04-01-2003 01:18 AM

something stuck in throat feeling
Since xmas i have had a problem with my throat, it started with a feeling of something stuck and then went on to a feeling of tightening, like a elastic band around my throat. I also have the feeling of gagging on what ever it is. The problem sometimes appears to lesson but then flares back up. I have no soreness or pain in my throat or any others symptons of illness. It is just very uncomfortable and worrying.

ashpie 04-01-2003 03:54 AM

hi, I had the same feeling for 4 months..I either felt like a huge chunk of apple was sitting at the bottom of my throat or someone had their hand around my throat..It was from you have heartburn or indigestion?I didn't have heartburn and my doctor said that the lump in the throat is a tell tale sign of reflux or gerd..I have been on nexium 2x a day and it didn't really help then I drastically changed my diet for awhile no coffee, fried foods, pizza, fats,citrus only ate chicken and rice and soups and guess what it went away..I also felt like certain things I ate like bread and pretzels stuck in my throat and sat there..I know this feeling drives you mad but hang in there I know what it's old are you? I would ask your doc for a upper GI that will show if you have reflux(sometimes) and also If there is any thing abnormal in the throat..mine was normal

maria201066 04-01-2003 04:21 AM

Sorry didn't mention my age , i am 35. What is an upper gi? Thanks for the info so far very much appreciated. Hopefully i will get to the root of this problem. BY changing your diet did you think you may have an allergy to some types of food ?

ashpie 04-01-2003 12:26 PM

An upper gi is when you drink a barium doesn't taste that bad..anyway then they take xray's while your drinking and look for lumps or abnormalities in your throat and esophagus..I changed my diet because the docotr said that my symptoms were from reflux and to follow the "gerd" diet..have you tried any zantac or pepcid ac to see if It helps w/ that feeling..even though you don't have heartburn you can still have reflux or gerd..if you look up gerd it'sthe major symptom besides heartburn. I never had heartburn except when I was pregnant..the lump feeling got so bad I went to the emergency room..the doctor's thought I was nuts..

Mattsmummum 04-01-2003 06:34 PM

My mother-in-law had this problem last year and it turned out she had a goiter on her thyroid and she had to have it removed.

brelee75 07-09-2003 11:38 PM

hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me where exactly did yall feel it. i fell like something is stuck right behind my tongue and under my tonsils. i try to swallow but it doesnt go any where. i already take zantac for heartburn, so that is not working but it makes me gag and throw up. please help?!

SleepyD 08-30-2003 02:21 PM

I am posting this so far after you asked the question, but heres to hoping you get my response. I had the same problem with my throat. It always felt like there was a golf ball in my throat. I went for months thinking I just had a cold or had indigestions. I later found out I had an enlarged thyroid. So get your thyroid checked....its worth the try...

Alexis from NY 09-01-2003 01:05 PM

It's funny that you should mention that feeling about feeling like something is behind your tonsils - I have been having this tight throat feeling AND when I eat I feel like I have food behind my nose - or behind my tonsils I guess. I know I don't have food in there, but it is weird! Food moves slowly too, but I don't choke on food - not yet and I hope NEVER. The thought of that scares me. I had hope reading this post that maybe the GERD has just really irritated my esophagus and I don't have a narrowing, etc. I'd be happy if that were the case. I have been on Nexium for the tight throat (I didn't have much heartburn either) and it may be helping some I think - but I am going to try being better at what I eat. Perhaps that is why I keep having the feeling come back just as I think it's going away since I still have some foods that I probably shouldn't. I go to the Gastro at the end of Oct just for a consultation and I actually can't wait to have him look in there and figure it out. I hate this feeling. Let me know how all of you are doing!

Alexis from NY 09-01-2003 01:10 PM

And I forgot to add thanks for your advice SleepyD - I am waiting on the results of a thyroid test to see if that could be it. It's worth checking as you say!

selfdiagnoser 10-26-2003 09:44 AM

Hey there..I have a similar prob...for the last month i have had a painles feeling of something stuck in the back of my throat ..(like where the tongue ends)..Sometimes it feels like there is nothing there, but most of the time i can feel it..(sometimes more than others)...I don't have acid reflux or anything like that..I don't have insurance or the money to see a doctor...I'm hoping that this will pass...I have looked up many different disorders, but none seem to match up, like..yeast in the throat, hiatal hernia, thyriod, etc...It is just driving me crazy and now I start to wonderr if I may be thinking about it too much and that is why it isn't subsiding completely? when i don't think about it, I don't realize that it's there...anyway, I hope that someone can relate or have any advise for me.

more 10-26-2003 01:36 PM

I also did not think I had gerd - however I had the feeling like there was something in my throat and I would gag and then vomit (because I forced myself not to cough). I was referred to an ENT and he did a scope and found signs of gerd and acid reflux. He gave me a prescription for Proprionet (same family as Prilosec according to pharmacist) and it has helped alot - the only time i get the feeling of something in my throat now is when I am apprehensive or under stress. Makes sense to me because that is when you would get acid reflux is when uptight or upset.

Dakota 10-26-2003 03:32 PM


it's not constant that I have this feeling but like discribed in one of the replies of like having a chunk of apple caught in your throat...

I get that! I always thought I had food caught in my throat.....huh well now I know what to ask about if it becomes presistant!

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