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jy001 01-26-2008 03:31 PM

Worried & dont know whats wrong
Below is a list of symptoms that I have been suffering with since last September.

-Occaisional earache
-Popping/crackling when yawning and swallowing
-Feels like I have a significant increase in ear wax.
-Itching inside ears
-Feeling of fluid moving/trickling inside ears
-Occasional blocked (partially deaf) ears
-Occasional ringing in ears

-Constant 24/7 lightheadedness/spaced out feeling (intensity varies throughout day - usually worse at night)
-Episodes of intense, sudden lightheadeness
-Episodes of intense, sudden vertigo (almost always spinning but sometimes 'falling' or feeling like my head is being rapidly pushed back & forward)
-Mental confusion
-Difficulty remembering things, concentrating, thinking clearly (significantly worse)
-Perception changes (dreamy, surreal feeling - things do not look the same in general..often feels as though I am dreaming)
-Feeling of intense pressure in head/ears (like my head is full of air or swollen - varies)
-Pain behind eyes & sinus pain (varies)
-Occasionally get sensory hallucinations such as a certain smell or taste that comes at random & isnt there..usually accompanied by lightheadeness & confusion (often when trying to go to sleep but not always)
-Thoughts/mind feel disorganised and 'not right' since beginning of illness - hard to describe.

-Blurred vision (sometimes not too bad, sometimes can hardly see)
-Images/objects distort/appear to move
-Difficultly focusing on things

-Tiredness out of proportion to activity.
-Episodes of intense shivering/shaking (usually after a dizzy spell)
-Feeling almost constantly ill (as if I have a headcold/flu but no cold symptoms such as runny nose etc)
-Repeated flu-like symptoms. Since September I have had 'virsus' on and off every 2 or 3 weeks. In between these viruses I still feel mildy ill. During them I have no cold or flu symptoms (such running nose etc) apart from fever, weakness, fatigue. I have also been on 3 seperate courses of antibiotics since September. Two due to seperate ear infections. One due to unknown suspected infection.
-Muscle/nerve twitches/spasms (feels as though my nerves are fluttering) often.
-Occasional racing heart (when at rest or minimal exertion..often during the night)
-Strange sensation in centre of chest that feels like intense fluttering (random)
-'Drop' feeling in chest. Feels like heart as skipped a beat.
-Feeling cold most the time like I have a constant temperature.
-Difficultly swallowing (often)
-Cattarh in back of throat/chest that I cant swallow or cough up causing me to clear my throat very often.
-Tightness in chest. Often feel as though breathing is restricted and like im not breathing right (as if someone as sat on my chest for example)
-I have had varies symptoms such as jaw & earache randomly. Also had a swollen but not sore throat prior to another 'ill' period. As well as swelling that extended from left side of neck all the way up left side of jaw/cheek/forehead. This made it very painful to move head and was also prior to episode of flu-like illness but went away before peak of illness.
-Feeling very unwell after attempted light exercise (Lightheaded/ill)
-Occasional tightness/pain in lower stomach/bladder area on right side. Usually worse upon waking and can sometimes make it difficult to stand up straight. Painful at end of urination but does not resemble cystitis pain (the pain comes from the stomach/bladder area instead).
-Occasional and sudden muscle weakness. Sometimes limited to one area such as arm or leg. Sometimes whole body goes very weak & 'jittery'.

So far the only test I have had done is a blood test..and a limited one at that. I have an ENT appointment this week as my doctor suspects this started with an inner ear infection (as I had an acute episode of vertigo before the constant 'spaced out' brain fog feeling began).

I agree that I probably have had an inner ear problem and that explains some of my problems but it cant explain why I keep getting either infections or strange flu-like symptoms with fevers every couple of weeks. Its not even like Ive caught an average cold or the stomach bug that just about everybody caught in the UK where I live this winter...I've just had flu symptoms but with no runny nose or cough.

My last visit to the doctors was last thursday as I had come on with a bad fever again and was having trouble breathing..she listended to my chest and thinks I have bronchitis (even though I dont have a cough) so has given me 10 days antibiotics.

Im really really worried about whats wrong with me as I know this isnt normal but have no idea where to start or what it could be. The NHS diagnosis process can be a long one with waiting for referrals etc. So if anyone here has any suggestions or ideas to point me in the right direction or just give me some clue as to what it is then that would be great. My doctor says if no luck with the ENT she is referring me to a doctor who specialises in infectious disease...but again the referral will be months and I keep getting sick.

Also i should say that the painful lower stomach feeling i described has got worse during my latest and current 'illness' and appears to be swollen in the not entirely sure what that could be??

When I think back and try remember how all this started I remember in early September I had what I thought was a chest infection...I have been coughing for weeks on and off..usually first thing in the morning or during the night. It wasnt painful just annoying. Because I was visiting my Grandparents in spain at the time id gone to the local pharmacy and got some antibiotics (as you can over there without prescription). I didnt take them though until a few days after i got back to the UK when i started feeling really sick with fever. It seemed to go away so i STUPIDLY (I know) didnt finish the course. About 2 days after that i got the acute lightheaded/vertigo attack i mentioned before..which lasted about a week until i got another bad fever and went to the docs. She said it was viral labryinthitis..then it got worse she said it may be bacterial..prescribed me strong antibiotics and after a few days of literally feeling like i was dying i picked up and have been up and down every since!

Sorry its a long one..Im just desperate for advice at the moment and wanted to explain my situation as fully as I could.

I know and accept that none of you can diagnose me but any suggestions may be helpful..or similar situations etc.

painaway 01-26-2008 09:18 PM

Re: Worried & dont know whats wrong
JY001...Welcome to the boards! I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through this. I know this sounds crazy and far-fetched, but it really sounds like it could be Lyme Disease! After reading through your symptoms and the ones for Lyme Disease, I was just amazed at the similarities! There is an AWESOME thread on this board that is dedicated solely to Lyme Disease. Go there and read the info that the Moderators put up, and then some of the questions/answers by other posters. It wouldn't hurt to have the test to find out if you have it. I'll be praying for you!! God bless, and keep us posted. It's going to be ok. :angel:

Sannah 01-28-2008 09:02 AM

Re: Worried & dont know whats wrong

lucall 01-28-2008 09:43 AM

Re: Worried & dont know whats wrong
It sounds like to me you have TMJ. The dizziness, head, ears and so on. Check into it on these boards. Now for the chest bronchitus or Allergies or both.

tetianainto 01-29-2008 08:30 AM

Re: Worried & dont know whats wrong

I can't speak to all your symptoms, but many of them seem familiar to me, so I just wanted to send you a comment. Last year, about this same time of year, I got a virus - mostly sore throat, some swollen glands, ear pain (referred pain from the throat), fatigue, flu aches and pains, throat pain, face pain, anyways, this went on for MONTHS - around 8 til August or so. The final diagnosis by my docs was a virus (some kind of mutated cold virus - they called it a 100 day virus, but it went longer) and then my symptoms got a bit worse because I developed pretty intense anxiety over being sick so long - and along came a lot of the symtpoms that you mention - strange sensations, chest pain, muscle pain in my legs, jaw pain, palpitations, random muscle twitches, lightheadedness, stomach pains, chronic diarrhea and on and on. So, just to let you know that i did go on an anti-anxiety med - celexa - 20 mg. in July and was feeling a lot better by Sept. So, it was a combo of virus and anxiety. THere are so many wierd viruses out there - I just got a virus in my eye from a cold (not pink eye - it was behind my eye.) My friend got a virus in her back etc........they all resolve themselves eventually. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that stuff goes, c

PS. do check out the other sites as the other posters suggested. talk to your doc for him to rule out serious diseases (that's what I did). Careful with antibiotics - remember they can cause yeast infections etc. I took some penicillin and it made me feel worse. Viruses are scary because they are so unpredictable and essentially you can't take anything for them except to relieve symptoms........ Good luck, I know it's tough.

Stphanie1 02-11-2008 05:37 PM

Re: Worried & dont know whats wrong
jaw infection, TMJ, Ear infection?? have you had an EKG on your Heart or an Echo of your heart to rule the heart out!?! If not go see a cardiologist!

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