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  • Constant brain fog with fever etc for 6 months!

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    Old 03-26-2008, 07:10 AM   #1
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    Constant brain fog with fever etc for 6 months!

    I've posted here a few times but Im getting really really desperate and have no idea whats wrong. I'll try explain everything as best I can in hope that someone can at least give me some insight or advice on what to do next.

    -Since age 16 (now 19) ive had occasional (2-3 times a year) dizzy/lightheaded spells - sometimes resulting in fainting..others just near fainting. Had various blood tests done but nothing showed up..doctors didnt seem concerned and neither was i because the rest of the time i felt fine.
    -At around the age of 16-17 i had a horrible infection that doctors were sure was Glandular fever (mono)..they tested me numerous times but it didnt show up...they eventually relented and gave me antibiotics and i got better (the symptoms were sore throat, swollen glands, fever, fatigue, weakness etc)
    -It all started last September with a sudden attack of lightheadedness..slight vertigo...strong feelings of 'things not being real' and that i would pass out..As I said this had happened before but usually apart from feeling tired afterwards i would be fine the next day...after this episode i havent been 'fine' since and have felt constantly woozy/drunk/stoned/lightheaded (brain fog). The intensity varies from manageable (although only because im used to it) and feeling like im dying.
    -After this episode i went to the doctor after about 3 days because feelings were not getting any better - doc said it was an inner ear infection gave me stemetil
    -Went back after about another week with awful fever..she said must be bacterial so gave antibiotics.
    -After about 4 days of feeling like i was dying and awful fever the fever went and felt a little better..except for the dizzys which didnt change
    -Since then ive been through 4 more courses of antibiotics which get rid of the fever and ill symptoms but not the dizziness for a few days/weeks.
    -I got referred to an ENT..he said it sounded like BPV but that my other symptoms didnt sound like they were in his field so suggested i go see an infectious disease doctor.
    -Went to see an ID doc...tested me for everything you can think of (listed below) and gave me ECG and CAT scan of head & ears...showed nothing except raised white blood cells & CRP..indicating infection but not where.
    -Now on 6 week course of far fever has gone away for longest it ever has but head/dizzys no better at all..if not worse??!

    Current Symptoms
    -Brain fog as described above
    -Occasional nausea
    -Fever (when not on antibiotics)
    -Cold hands & feet..and clammy
    -Almost always cold (even when no fever)
    -Occasional episodes of near fainting..seeing stars/flashing lights.
    -Headaches..different than least twice a more of a dull ache with nausea..woozyness..and general malaise..sensitive to light (migraine?)
    -Pressure in head and behind eyes
    -Eyes always feel out of focus/jumpy vision..dry/strained eyes
    -Constant derealisation
    -Sleep disturbances (sleep paralysis? wake up in night with intense pressure on chest..unable to move/talk etc..bit of a weird one i know!)
    -Probably about 50 other things im forgetting or dont think are significant..these are the main ones though.

    These are tests that i know of and can remember her telling sure there were more as 10 tubes of blood were taken
    -Lyme Disease
    -Various less common types of pneumonia
    -Throat swabs due to vesicles in throat (dont know what they tested for but were negative)
    -Hormone imbalances
    -General blood test (with glucose, lipids etc etc)
    -CAT Scan of head & ears
    -Blood cultures (dont know what for)
    -Tests for autoimmune disorders e.g. Lupus

    All negative apart from increase in white cells and raised CRP.
    Also had protein in urine but obviously not significant as nothing was done

    Im due to see both my ID doctor and ENT on the same day next week. Because my fever has gone and ill-wise im a little better im afraid my ID doc will not do anything further to help me...but my head symptoms are still no better after 6 months. My Ent didnt seem to have much of a clue so not much hope there...i just dont want to be dismissed next week and told to 'wait it out' can anyone tell me it will go away when they have admitted they dont know what it is..apart from 'some kind of infection'!

    Like i said any advice on what to do next would be much appreciated..and also appreciated if you read through all this!

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    Re: Constant brain fog with fever etc for 6 months!

    a sudden attack of lightheadedness..slight vertigo...strong feelings of 'things not being real' and that i would pass out..As I said this had happened before but usually apart from feeling tired afterwards i would be fine the next day
    This, along with the sleep paralysis sounds like it could be seizures.
    Though the seizures could be caused by the constant fever.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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    Re: Constant brain fog with fever etc for 6 months!

    This had crossed my mind also. I mentioned it to the ID doc last time i went and he asked me if I'd ever bitten my tongue/cheek during sleep or urinated in my im guessing he was thinking the same thing...but because i havent he seemed satisfied that it wasnt seizures as he didnt pursue it any further...and no problem any input is appreciated. thanks

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    Re: Constant brain fog with fever etc for 6 months!

    Im new to this thing but i cant seem to figure out whats wrong with me. I cant concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds. Its never really been this bad but i have barely any energy and almost no motivation. Its not like im just sitting around moping about it though. Its seems to come every week or two weeks. Then it will leave and i feel happy and i can get stuff done. When it leaves im always wondering why it left and if it were something i was doing or not. THe first plan i did was just changing the way i eat. I figured that might have something to do. Im not fat im 6'' and 150 pounds. I almost completely gave up sugar. The only time i would have a decent amount was in my orange juice in the morning. I had this whole plan where i avoid sugar, socialize, take ginkoba, and exercise. At first it seemed to really be working and i was ecstatic. But after about a week it wore off and i went back to the tired, no energy, mentally out of it, no motivation, just completely out of it in every way. Whenever im like this i get really down because i have no clue what it is. Theres nothing physically wrong with me, i do have a sore throat but ive quit smoking for about a week and ive only smoked for a year or so.I come up with these ideas that maybe i have like throat cancer or like some incurable disease, its ridiculous i know. Ive always been insecure and down on myself but thats only when i feel like crap. I googled brain fog, blankness, mentally out of it, like everything i felt and i couldnt find anything on the web. This is the closest thing ive found to what im feeling. I was doing well a week or so ago when i started another new plan. i go to school at 8 but i figured maybe if i get up at 5 in the morning, eat as much fruit through the day as i can, read, and get to bed by 9pm then i would be fine. It worked but now im on easter break and im really down in the dumps again. I cant seem to concentrate, i rarely have a thought going through my brain. It feels like im in a daze. Ive been trying everything to get out of it. I went for a two hour walk yesterday along with working out(which ive been doing for 30mins to an hour 4 times a week), ive begun drinking a crap load of water because i thought i could be dehydrated, ive been eating alot of food but only good food. Nothing seems to be getting me anywhere. I actually took a shower with no hot water, only freezing cold water to wake me out of it. Its like im trying to find motivation and energy but i cant seem to get it anywhere. I jump around periodically and scream and slap myself, and tell my self, hey mike snap out of it. Its really retarded and i feel like a retard right now. I figure anything to get happy and stay that way for more than a week. When im like this i dont remember anything, ill try reading and ill forget what i just read as soon as i move onto another paragraph. Its so frustrating. My last plan was pretty much a combination of all my plans. Exercise, eat right, wake up early, go to bed early, socialize, avoid sugar(ive begun to eat some dark chocolate everyday cause i guess its supposed to release endorphines) but now that none of this is working its really frustrating. I find it so unfair to my friends when im around them not happy and just blank all the time. when im not in this "fog" im quick witted, caring, funny, interesting, and my self-esteem and body image go up. I guess this week im going to buy aderall from my friend cause its getting really bad. I just wanted to tell someone this, idk, everytime i go to tell a friend they have no idea what im talking about. Im not looking for sympathy, i just want to find a way to change and stay happy. Id rather be crippled than be this way with no flow of thought through my brain. I dont know if you have tried anything to cope with it without medication. Its really not fun at all and i cant live like this. I do have a family and im not very close with them.Its funny because my mom forgets everything and ive brought this up to her a couple times and like its really embarrasing for me and then the next day she just forgets.And i bring up it and shes like what? Im adopted so theres nothing genetically wrong that i got from this family. My mom thinks i sniff gasoline in the garage and thats why im so stupid half of the time, but i dont, i seriously dont. I havnt smoked marijunana for over 5 months, and i dont do any drugs. Anywho yea i feel your pain, i just need someone to overcome this with. Im going to make a sona in my bathroom to sweat out the bad toxins... This is what its come to. Lol this is getting so ridiculous. I cant help myself but laugh at how stupid this, and me, is getting. I spell checked like a thousand words, im morphing in to an idiot. Ive begun praying to God that this stops, but it doesnt help. So ill stop this stupid tangent, peace.

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