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Fatigued, Feeling out of it, Periodic racing heart rate, what's wrong with me?

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Jason99ozGS HB User
Fatigued, Feeling out of it, Periodic racing heart rate, what's wrong with me?

I'm 21 and a college student that's in decent shape (5'11", 165lbs). I used to be really active when I was younger, but maybe not as much anymore. I've tried to run a few times a week depending on the weather to get some exercise. Overall I've been healthy with no significant conditions occurring in my past.

Back in February I had a hard 3 days worth of binge drinking (friend's 21st plus Mardi Gras). I'm definitely no alcoholic, and drink maybe as much as the average college student on the weekends, but that weekend was definitely a little more than average. On Sunday morning I woke up a little hungover and didn't really feel like eating, but I tried to eat and was drank plenty of fluids. Around 6:00pm I decided to drive back to school (about a two hour drive), but I also felt fatigued, tired, and felt really out of it. Anyways I started driving and after about 20 minutes I felt like I was going to pass out so I decided to get off the highway to find a parking lot where I could rest a few minutes. Once I got off the highway I felt this huge surge come over me like I was going to pass out. I started trembling and barely made it into a parking lot where I parked my car. I got out my phone to call my parents and I had trouble operating my phone. I was trembling, confused, speech was slurred, and heart was racing. They came and picked me up and my fingers began to tingle. I rode back with them and my face started tingling as well. I thought I was going to die and told them to take me to the ER. When I got to the ER I couldn't walk well or control the movement of my fingers. After being there for a while the symptoms started going away, they decided to hook me up to an IV since they thought I was dehydrated (even though I was drinking a lot of fluids throughout the day). The ER doctor also noticed something with my heartbeat so she had an EKG done, which ended up abnormal. She discharged me saying I was hyperventilating and dehydrated and to follow up with cardiologist about the EKG.

About a month later I saw a cardiologist and explained to him what happened at the ER. I also told him that I've noticed sometimes after I eat my heart will beat fast and the beats will seem more intense than usual. Someone laying next to me in bed even notice this before asking me why my heart was racing when I was just laying in bed watching TV? So I explain this to him, and he asked if it was more prevalent after drinking and I wasn't sure. So he did an EKG and saw the abnormality, and also did an echocardiogram. The echocardiogram came out normal. He then told me to avoid alcohol for a month and to come back to see if the symptoms went away.

So I stopped drinking completely and started having feelings of fatigue, passing out, just overall feeling out of it and shortness of breath. I decided to see a regular doctor just to be checked for anything else. Sometime I would feel out of it for a day or more at a time and other times I felt fine. He didn't seem that helpful, but had my blood tested and said everything came back fine.

Then I saw the cardiologist for the second time. I told him I still noticed a racing heartbeat and that sometimes I had the feeling of passing out/fatigue and even shortness of breath. Something like walking to class or up a flight of stairs seemed like a lot of work, but at other times I would walk up the same flight of stairs feeling normal like I had not even walked up them. I told him I thought it could also be anxiety/panic attacks. That maybe I was just worried something was wrong with my heart so the slightest thing that seemed out of norm was triggering anxiety about my health. He asked how I was eating/sleeping and to be honest I probably wasn't eating or sleeping that well. My schedule was weird, like staying up late and cramming before a test or sometimes skipping meals, but I always tried to make them up. So he said to try and eat better, which I agreed with him and started that. He also suggested that I have a cardiac MRI done. The blood test I had done was also sent to him.

So I followed up with him after the MRI and he said it was good news. They wanted the MRI done to get a better picture of my heart. He said there is a condition where the heart muscle gets replace by basically fat so it essentially doesn't work as well and can lead to sudden death. He said I was fine though and asked if I was still experiencing any of my other symptoms. I told him I still was, but still wasn't sure if it was anxiety. He suggest I see him in a month because now I knew nothing was wrong with my heart and to see if the symptoms of my heart racing went away. If not he said he would probably hook me up to a monitor. I also asked him why the EKG was abnormal. He said something with the voltage seemed high, which is normal in kids, but tends to go away into adulthood. And that it also depends on things like your chest cavity size, etc...

After that appointment though I've still noticed my heart rate racing and feeling out of it. Sometimes it feels like my brain is just going to shut off even if I'm not experiencing a racing heart. For example... One day I ate dinner, then took a shower. After getting out of the shower I checked my pulse rate and it was 110. I sat down and after 10 minutes it was in the 80-90 range. Then watched a movie and after those two hours it was 68. Another time I was just messing around with some friends (horseplay kind of stuff) and felt winded really quick. I sat down and the faint feeling and my heart was racing. 20 minutes later we went to a picnic for something school related and I still felt like I was going to pass out there and I ended up coming home to lay down.

Anyways these symptoms tend to come and go. I've been trying to read up on some things and these are some things I think could be wrong:

-Heart Rhythm Disorder: From the racing heart I sometimes notice.
-Hypoglycemia: From the fatigue/out of it feeling. My blood test however came up normal, but I felt 100% perfect when I had the test done. Is it a possibility that this can come and go?
-Anemic: Again blood test was fine
-Thyroid problem: The doctor said he tested this
-Panic/Anxiety: I think I do have this because if I notice something is wrong I worry, which just ends up making it worse.

Anyways I know this is really long. I have the follow up appointment this Friday with the cardiologist. Any ideas?

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jonb1 HB User
Re: Fatigued, Feeling out of it, Periodic racing heart rate, what's wrong with me?

I had a similar problem last month. I was literary sitting at my pc desk doing something and i felt like i was having a heart attack. I went to the er and went 2 times after, had almost all the tests done you have had done and they didnt come up with anything really

Then i felt fine for about a month......and now im in the situation i am now. Im 26 years old, we shouldnt be having problems like this at out age lol

Anyway, sorry i cannot help you any further.

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alphawolff HB User
Re: Fatigued, Feeling out of it, Periodic racing heart rate, what's wrong with me?

I struggled with these exact symptoms. I also felt dizzy for no apparent reason, woke to a seriously pounding heart every morning, had bloodshot eyes, and gained over 25 lbs that absolutely refused to budge regardless of more exercise (exhausting) and dietary changes.

After being treated for Wilson's Syndrome, I no longer have most of the symptoms and the ones I do have are gradually getting better. I say gradually because I am now seriously out of shape, but working on it with a lot less fatigue than before. The depression and anxiety I had have lifted as well.

Wilson's Syndrome is a thyroid issue. My thyroid tests were also normal. Our bodies are far more sensitive to our hormone levels than the tests are, so it's possible to have all kinds of whacky symptoms with lab results in the "normal" range.


If your temp is low, consider seeking a doctor who will treat you. Some people endure this misery for decades before treatment. I am grateful I only lost my figure (temporary I hope) and five years of my life (gone forever).

I have also found tremendous relief through acupuncture.

Good luck!!

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