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    Internal Tremor

    Hi there, my name is Dee. I am 36 years old, from Ontario Canada. I am basically at the end of what has been a very long rope, and I come here hoping to find some sort of guidance.

    Here is a brief background first:

    I was diagnosed at age 15 as Chemically Imbalanced and put on Desipramine. I hallucinated on it horribly and after 6 months stopped taking it against my parents and doctors wishes. Since then I have been on a miriad of depression related medicines, including Prozak, Amytriptaline, and most recently (still on) Xanax for panic.

    At age 19 I began to get bad migraine - about 1-3 per week. An Endocrinologist diagnosed me with PCOS which I was put on birth control for. I was taken off birth control a few years later due to severity of migraine, and risk of stroke in my family. I am adopted, so my health history is sketchy at best, but I do know there is stroke on both sides, a history of brain tumor through paternal grandfather, and my biological mother has what she called "Familial Disease" which she said is a benign form of PD.

    At 29 I had my first and only child, and my migraine went away. And for two years I did not get migraine at all. Then I started to get anxiety attacks, right around the same time my migraine returned. I don't get them often, a few a year, but I get the aura sensation with my eyes frequently enough - a headache does not usually accompany.

    On January 8th 2007 (a year and a half ago) I went to bed one night and discovered as I was falling asleep that my body was shaking. I thought we were having an earth quake. I got up immediately and had an anxiety attack. I took my medicine and went back to bed.

    The next night it occurred again, and the night after that as well. I became worried so I went to my family doctor. She scheduled tests, and for months I waited to get results back from blood work, a 24 hour heart halter, and a heart ultrasound. All the while, these tremors would occur about every 3 weeks for about 3 nights in a row, always when laying down. I began to be sure it was hormonal.

    In May of 07 I got my results back - other than a slight palpitation, everything was ok - blood work was perfect. I had been concerned about my sugar as diabetes is also a big one in my biological family, but my sugar was perfect. My doctor sort of wrote it off at that point. And I lived with this tremor for the following 10 months.

    Then in March of this year (08) I experienced the tremor while at work, while sitting and alert. I rushed to hospital feeling very "wrong", feeling spaced out, shaky, and as if I were speeding. They wrote it off as a panic attack and sent me home, dejected and feeling unattended to.

    I went back to my family doctor and pleaded with her. It was at this time my tremor began to manifest every night. For March through May it happened every single night, and most mornings upon waking. A sensation of my body pulsing, from head to toe, most significantly at my breastbone, in my shoulders and neck, though when they are strong I do feel it in my feet and hands. I am in the process of testing with a Cardiologist, have seen my OBGYN who reported all my tests came back in good health, and am still waiting to be scheduled to see the Neurologist.

    I would have patiently kept waiting, but this morning I was awoken to the most violent tremor yet - I felt as though my body was convulsing, though my husband could not palpibly feel my shaking. I took the day off work, as I was exhausted and shaking quite harshly within my body. And as I lay down for a nap at mid morning I experienced something which I started to experience in my teens, right around the time they put me on Desipramine actually, which I call the internal hum. It starts in my ear drums and sounds like distant pipe organs, with all the notes jammed down, and then gets louder and louder. I've always written it off to exhaustion, and ear problems which I've had my whole life (am prone to infection). But today it was only one ear and it was not just hum, there was a violent crunching sound, rhythmic to my tremor. With each shudder of my body there was a metal on metal type of sensation within my right ear. And as I opened my eyes there was a pusling light which was so unlike my migraine aura before my eyes, yet distant. It was slanted, sideways, like a tube of orangey light.

    I feel shaky still, and have noted (as has my husband) that my motor skills seem sluggish right now, the same way they are when I have migraine.

    I am trying to think positively and not worry myself sick, however at this time I can't help falling prey to worry, as it seems a diagnosis is nowhere in my immediate future.

    I forgot to mention that for the past couple of years I get a random pain in the same spot at the top left hand side of my head, which can only be likened to steel slamming into my skull, downwards, in a thrusting type of sensation. I had it today. I have never tied these things all together.

    Having never been the vision of health, I had thought all of these things to be different symptoms of an unhealthy person. But now I am beginning to worry that they all tie together. I have read numerous other forums today, and have seen things like PD mentioned, and quite honestly none of it scares me as much as not knowing.

    Is this familiar to anyone? Can anyone suggest an appropriate line of action?

    Thank you for reading this,

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    Re: Internal Tremor

    Some of these symptoms (especially the internal tremor with the post-ictal-like period of sluggish motor skills and exhaustion) sound like seizures. Many times, my seizures have been "internal" where I feel like my body is pulsing, but other people can't see it when they look at me. I'm glad you are seeing a Neurologist soon. I noticed you didn't mention ever having an EEG. That could be the key to it all, and will probably be ordered by your neurologist. Keep us updated, and meanwhile, you might want to try to post about your symptoms at the Epilepsy board.

    The thing with the ringing in your ears sounds just like what happens when I get sleep paralysis. But you didn't mention waking up and not being able to move during it, so it's probably something else. There are types of seizures that cause visual and auditory phenomena, where you see and/or hear something that's not really there.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    Re: Internal Tremor

    Thank you so much for replying.

    I have not had an EEG I don't know what that is to be honest. My appointment with the neurologist is way off, I called my doctor today to check in (again) to be told (again) that they were still trying to book it. It is not easy to get into a Neurologist here in Ontario. My doctors sectretary keeps telling me to go to ER next time I have an episode, but the problem with that is when I have been to ER they have tried to write me off as panic and send me home without any testing. And when I get upset they insist even stronger I am "just having a panic attack". By the time I am done I AM having one!

    The sounds in my ears when I am falling into sleep... hmm actually I just realized something, a few times in the past few months when it has happened I recall gasping for air, feeling as though I was going to suffocate, that I had forgotten to breathe. It is always when I am just falling into a deep sleep, I guess that is called Delta sleep? It gets so loud, deafening, and I can't wake myself up no matter how hard I try. I will try to move or make sound and feel so helpless, and the only thing that brings me out of it is shaking my head and moaning. Is that sleep paralysis?

    My husband thinks it could be epilepsy, I am so worried it could be something worse, like a tumor or Parkinsons. I am overwhelmed right now. I tremored at work all day today, had a horrible day trying to get my work done (i work in assembly) and dropping pieces and fumbling, where usually I have great dexterity.

    I just feel dejected, as though no one cares, or takes me seriously, and worry that they will only take me seriously after something dramatic or fatal has happened to me.

    God I sound like such a downer.

    I will go find the epilepsy forum, thank you for your advice and support.


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