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Acquired Left Undescended Testicle Causing Left Head/Forehead Tightness?

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Old 07-18-2008, 08:07 PM   #1
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Jerry1985 HB User
Acquired Left Undescended Testicle Causing Left Head/Forehead Tightness?

(The following concerns constant tightness I've had along the left side of my head and forehead, perhaps also to a certain extent along the left side of my neck, for the last 6+ years which has affected my concentration and my perception of my nose which I constantly perceive as "two shadowy separate images"):

I had a stress echo cardiogram last week which showed that my heart was fine, thus not responsible for my problem. The doctor suggested that perhaps my problem was "bruxism" which is caused by the jaw clinching together too often which may have tightened the associated facial muscles (though I doubt this because I don't often clinch my jaw together, perhaps I do sometimes after intense physical activity but thats about it).

So, my GP prescribed me diazepam which I've been taking for almost a week (she said that if it doesn't clear up my symptoms after a week that it wouldn't work) and aside from making me go to sleep quickly at night it hasn't resolved my symptoms whereby the left side of my head and forehead is still constantly tight which affects my concentration and perception (to an extent).

So, in October (jeeze, the public health system is terrible...) I have an appointment to see a specialist urologist who will assess how and when my left testicle (which withdrew into my abdomen when I was about 13 or 14) will be surgically removed. A reason I mention this is because the lower left side of my back always feels like theres a source of 'tightness' which I feel affects the left side of my back and subsequently could possibly be what is responsible for the constant tightness along the left side of my head and forehead.

So, how likely is it that my left acquired undescended testicle (remembering it wasn't like that when I was born but moved up when I was about 13 or 14) has been pressing on the surrounding body tissue/muscle in the lower left side of my body which has been responsible for the symptoms I've had for the last 6+ years?

I honestly cannot think of any other explanation as I've tried everything else since 2002, (ie: physio, chiro, mri, neurologist, muscle relaxants, eye specialists, ear specialists, nose specialists, acupuncture, back ct scans, neck X-Rays and hayfever medication) and it couldn't just be a coincidence that I constantly have a tightness originating in the lower left side of my back, have had constant tightness along the left side of my head/forehead for over 6 years years and since about 1999 or 2000 my left testicle has been rigidly stuck in the left side of my abdomen (according to an ultrasound it rigidly placed where it is and doesn't move).

I never thought to connect these issues before (both because I thought it was unlikely and embarressing) but could I be on the right track here?

Thanks again.

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Jerry1985 HB User
Re: Acquired Left Undescended Testicle Causing Left Head/Forehead Tightness?

Do any of you think this could be the cause of my 6 year (6 YEARS!) health problem?

I managed to move up my appointment from mid October back to mid August so at least it will be addressed earlier. I would just like to know if I should get my hopes up and whether I am heading in the right direction with this?

Thank you.

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Re: Acquired Left Undescended Testicle Causing Left Head/Forehead Tightness?

i am in no way an expert in anything jerry just so ya know, but thanks for asking for me in that other thread. while in most instances,there would NOT be a real connection between those areas only becasue a problem that is that much lower(and in a different 'system") than another problem area 'usually' wont affect an area that far above it? you know what i mean? but there IS what is called fascia that does interconnect ALL muscle and organ to each other that 'could just possibly have some effect since what effects one part of the fascia can affect another. so in this way,there could be a fascia type of response,but just from the clinical standpoint alone,that connection you mentioned would be kind of rare or almost impossible? do some research on what the fascia actually is and how it surrounds all muslce and organs in one continuous "spider web" like sheet. in THIS way there 'could' be that type of response. but i really cannot see any other way the two areas could be connected except by fascia response. a fascial response would be an overtightening of the fascia that surrounds a particular organ or muscle group from a source further away that is inflamming it and causing it to overtighten around other areas within the body just becasue it is all connected?. that would be if this involved the fascia. if you wanted to try a really wonderful therepy that has helped me with the fascia issue from all my muscle/nerve damage in my upper back and neck,its called myofascial release? finding a good knowledgable experienced therepist who does this really is key to the benefits tho. but if it can help with my really awful mess up here,it may be helpful to yours,if this is stemming from the overtightening of your fascia.

did ANYTHING at all actually show up in any of your test results? do you actually have ALL of your own copies of any and all test results and records from every doc that has laid hands on you for this issue? if not,get them all and go thru everything yourself. one huge thing i have found dealing with all my crap is you are not always told about everything that is in any given rad report by some docs. only what THEY 'feel' is pertinent to your particular issue at hand. so you DO need to see every single copy of any test result done on you and keep them for your own files.

but do look up what the fascia is all about. it could be the answer here since everything else appears to have come up negative? but check all test results just to make sure yourself. hope this was helpful to you. let me know how things are going. **
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Old 07-21-2008, 08:11 PM   #4
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Jerry1985 HB User
Re: Acquired Left Undescended Testicle Causing Left Head/Forehead Tightness?

Thanks Feelbad, I will look up information on fascia online.

Its just that, over the last 6+ years, I've exhausted every other avenue (hayfever medication, eye specialists, nose specialists, ear specialists, mris, neurologists, neck x-ray, muscle relaxants, chiro, physio, accupuncture as well as 3 CT scans of my spine) and I do have a constant feeling of "tightness" in the lower left side of my back parallel to where my acquired undescended left testicle is within the left part of the abdomen.

I honestly can't think of anything else and considering I can feel a 'strain' of tightness that travels along the left side of my back and neck that feels at its tightest (constantly) along the left side of the head and forehead I can't deduce there being any other cause?

So I managed to get my urology appointment moved to mid August (they had originally moved me to mid October) where I will see a specialist who says they will remove the acquired left testicle, then perhaps the coinciding tightness (along the left side of my lower back) and my main symptoms will go away (and I feel the cause of the tightness in the lower left side of the back is perhaps the origin of my "tightness" symptoms).

The way the left testicle came to be withdrawn was when I was about 12 or 13 (so older than usual) and wasn't because of natural biological causes (I believe) which is why I believe that it could be responsible (as it acts as a "foreign body sensation" to the surrounding matured muscles/body tissue that causes a strain/tightness on the body).


P.S. For instance, I was in a news agency yesterday reading a magazine and just having my head tipped down a little to read the magazine seemed to enhance the uncomfortable 'tight' feeling I had running from the lower left side of my back up to, and especially, the left side of my head and forehead. So just reading a magazine in a store made the left side "flame up" with its intensity.

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