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Mvhrt 08-30-2008 03:34 PM

HELP left side rib pain?
I'm very flustered at this point with the pain in my left side near the middle of my ribcage. I've been having a dull ache in that area for about 3+ months now and have had a few tests done and nothing is as of yet figured out. The Dr had poked and prodded telling me that there is nothing swollen (thinkin spleen, stomach, and pancreas) i had a chest xray done to look at my lungs and my ribs and that test came back perfect. I've had a few blood tests done.. just the general blood count tests and a test for IBS as well as my liver function.... everything turned out fine there. It's not costacon(whatever) it's not that inflammation you can get between the breast bone and the rib cage because i've had that before and it was higher up.
The pain is spuradic with no real triggers it just comes and goes and mostly is dull but at times feels rather sharp. It seems to hurt more when I am sitting up.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreiciated... i'm so frustrated at this point.
To be more exact with the location... it's on my left side mostly the front but kinda side of my rib cage about right in the middle of my rib cage. I've seen other posts from people with similar undiagnosed issues with this.... but I haven't seen to many solutions.

Again thank you ahead of time if you have any helpful suggestions on this.

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