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  • Itching - please help me

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    Old 09-22-2008, 08:47 PM   #1
    crashoran's Avatar
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    crashoran HB User
    Itching - please help me

    This has been going on for over 3 months now.

    It is literally driving me to the point of insanity. I cannot sleep and often find myself crying while scratching everywhere nonstop until I start bleeding in places.

    My body, especially my arms and legs, are covered with tiny bumps about half the size of a regular mosquito bite. They itch nonstop and some have not gone away for several months. Some bites have a small red dot in the center. I keep getting bites in the cracks of my elbows and I tend to scratch those areas and make it bleed, I also get them on my hands and in-between my fingers.

    If I hold the undersides of my arms up to side lighting I can see at least 20 small bumps on each. It's hard to count the ones on my legs because I'm hairy. But my legs itch most of all - especially my ankles

    I have cleaned and vaccumed my room, washed all clothes and bedsheets and covers, watched carefully to try to find any kinds of bugs, but dont see anything.

    I have two roomates and neither of them have the bites!!

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    shisslak HB Usershisslak HB Usershisslak HB Usershisslak HB Usershisslak HB Usershisslak HB Usershisslak HB User
    Re: Itching - please help me

    Do you work in an office? You might think paper fleas. I had them in my office, you really can not see them. I have an exterminator come who put sticky pads down in my office and within 1 hour these pads were covered with little tiny fleas. Office was sprayed and problem was solved. You may also have fleas at home that you can not see. See a dermatologist and they can prescribe a cream for your itch.

    I hope this helps.

    Old 09-29-2008, 09:05 PM   #3
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    crashoran HB User
    Re: Itching - please help me

    I do not work in an office, but I spent alot of time in my room using my laptop. Three new bites I discovered today on my arm.

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    Old 09-30-2008, 01:33 AM   #4
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    m12 HB User
    Re: Itching - please help me

    are the bites in any way painful? And the occurrence if the new bites, where are they generally showing up (specific areas on arms and legs)?
    If its in the extremities, it can be from fleas.

    Another possibility is hypersensitivity to dust mites. Those are quite common sources.

    The other thing is when do you notice the bites? after sleeping? after certain activities?

    Old 09-30-2008, 06:48 AM   #5
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    ikan2 HB User
    Re: Itching - please help me

    Crashoran, could it possibly be Scabies ? ....

    here are some infos and the symptoms from CDC :

    What are the signs and symptoms of scabies infestation?

    * Pimple-like irritations, burrows or rash of the skin, especially the webbing between
    the fingers; the skin folds on the wrist, elbow, or knee; , the breast, or
    shoulder blades.
    * Intense itching, especially at night and over most of the body.
    * Sores on the body caused by scratching. These sores can sometimes become
    infected with bacteria.

    What is scabies?

    Scabies is an infestation of the skin with the microscopic mite Sarcoptes scabei. Infestation is common, found worldwide, and affects people of all races and social classes. Scabies spreads rapidly under crowded conditions where there is frequent skin-to-skin contact between people, such as in hospitals, institutions, child-care facilities, and nursing homes.

    I think you said there were some bites between your fingers...
    The best is to get some professional help soon, because if it is Scabies, there's medication that has to be prescribed only by your physician. Anyway hopefully the Doc will help you to alleviate your itching first, so you don't suffer.
    Wishing you a 100% no-itch recovery !!

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    Old 09-30-2008, 01:07 PM   #6
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    cowgurlbarbie39 HB User
    Re: Itching - please help me

    it could also be molluscum contagiosum. it is related to the pox virus. you really need to stop scratching and get a topical ointment to stop the itch. scratching may be spreading them. if you do scratch them try putting rubbing alcohol on them. it will help stop some of the itching.

    Molluscum contagiosum lesions are flesh-colored, dome-shaped, and pearly in appearance. They are often 1-5 millimeters in diameter, with a dimpled center. They are generally not painful, but they may itch or become irritated. Picking or scratching the bumps may lead to further infection or scarring.

    if it is molluscum and by itching they WILL spread. i had this for 6 months and they were spreading from shaving. i had to go see a doctor and have them burned off. you may want to go see your doctor. i dont know if this is what you have but if so you need to go talk to someone.

    Old 10-05-2008, 08:33 PM   #7
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    Re: Itching - please help me

    If it is a rash-type thing, a possibility is if you are exposed to dampness in your building, whether it be at work or at home; some place you spend a lot of time inside of.

    I had what you have, except not as widespread as yours. Everything of mine went away except something going on with my eye area which is, seemingly, just beginning to get better with this new stuff I am using, but I did have to quit exposing myself to the building I used to work in by finally going and getting another job.

    I'm sure it was mold in the air but this was never proven as far as anyone is concerned.

    The symptoms I had were awful itchy hand rashes, which crusted up and shed piles of dead skin, and the skin cracked and it would get better and worse and better and worse, then bumps up both arms which itched like crazy, like hives with some raised patches of skin which just itched badly whether or not they contained bumps. (These just went to the elbows.) Then I had a puffing and swelling of the face which would appear and disappear but not be there all the time, and itchy peeling skin in and behind the ears.

    These are all told in the order in which they appeared; the hand rash disappeared afte the other stuff came but little bumpy clusters would appear now and then in small patches on the hands which would itch terribly.

    Then came the swollen ankles and the horrible itching fromthe ankle halfway up the calf, which didn't include the bumps but just the itching. Hot bucket of water with epsom salts, vinegar, salt, helped there but this would just come and go occasionally.

    THEN there was the chest rash, first on the upper chest then down below a bit.

    The inside elbow thing was one of the last symptoms I got, and by then I had all kinds of things to put on there to make it go away.

    I am talking of a two-year period here, and I know it was the building because now that I am out of there I am almost completely rash free.

    And if it is the cause of your problem, you may need to do some things to help kick the mold, which is a complicated thing that deserves its own thread -- I haven't seen anyone else talking about this yet but am very interested if someone has experience, and especially, if they found a solution!

    ; )

    Sorry this is so long, but if this thing came out of nowhere for you I suspect my experience may helpful to you. I do not really believe in "adult onset excema" which starts out of the blue for no reason -- that is pretty much what doctors like to call it.

    Last edited by Alice2; 10-05-2008 at 08:36 PM. Reason: chest rash sentence was accidentally pushed to the end of the post.

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