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camcool21 12-13-2008 07:07 PM

My Symptoms
I put this in general health, because I don't think I have anything specifically wrong with me, just general health things. I'm a 17 year old male. I get good grades, have already been accepted into college, spend tons of time with friends etc...

- Bad Allergies, mostly environmental, that get worse according to my health at the time of exposure.
- Post Nasal Drip, probably due to the Allergies...
- Asthma that also is good or bad according to my general health. This one sucks, b/c I sing a lot and it really hinders me.
- Eczema that pops up from time to time.
- Redness on/around nose/chin. I can't tell if it's acne or the eczema. Occasionally pimples come with the redness but not always.
- Digestive problems. I only have a bowel movement every few days, and when it happens the stool is extremely hard.
- Sleep issues. I can sleep for an entire day if I'm not woken up by something. I never feel well rested. I can get 12 hours of sleep a night, and I'll still feel exhausted.
- Black circles around eyes that would frighten a raccoon. Seem to get better w/ more sleep, but not much.

I never drink or smoke. My diet is fairly average, except for the fact that I drink a lot of water throughout the day. I carry a waterbottle around during school/work. I'm 5'7" 120 pounds, quite small for my age, and underweight. I feel like I never have energy. I eat a lot of food, but never gain weight.

I think I may need to change my diet or something...

ibake&pray 12-14-2008 06:42 PM

Re: My Symptoms
Hi, the dark circles under your eyes are due to allergies. Yup. As is the drainage. YOu need to get tested for allergies and get on a good antihitamine. That should help with the drainage and the allergies and the cirlces under the eyes.

As for the poo. YOu need to get more fiber in your diet. You can do this by either eating more fiber-fiber one bars, fiber one cereal, double fiber bread, broccoli. Get Mirilax that you add to water. You can buy it at target or walmart. It is OTC and tasteless. mix in water and take it every day. You should start seeing results in three days or so. You should also be drinking at least 64 oz. of water a day in additon to what you consume at meals etc. going poo every third day or so isn't good for your body. Your stools should be soft and comfortable to pass.

try changing your diet to a better balanced one also...good. luck

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