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hippocrates 12-15-2008 10:20 PM

Medical Mystery
Hi All, I have just joined this forum to see if anyone out there has some ideas to help me feel better.

This is my story.

2 1/2 years ago I fell ill with a virus. This started with general symptoms of weakness, joint stiffness. Within 2 days, I was unable to eat any food and had severe flushing over my whole body, nausea and constant vomiting. This lasted at the extreme levels of vomiting and flushing for 6 months. In that time I lost 18kgs or 40lbs.

I have seen 31 doctors here in Australia ranging from GP, Gastroenterologists, Endocronologists, Neurologists and Infectious Disease Specialists.

My symptons now are flushing, nausea and cyclical vomiting. Even though the vomiting now is only once or twice a month, it lasts for at least 5 days each time. I am constantly nauseous and live life feeling sick every day.

Before this event, I was a healthy man with no health issues to mention.

I have had thousands of tests and have tried all medicines used to help assist nausea as well as complmentary therapies.

Any assistance in this matter is much appreciated.

Seraph 12-17-2008 11:02 PM

Re: Medical Mystery
Have you been out of Australia? up north? had contact with any foreign or imported matter? What you have sounds a lot like a parasitic infection like bilharzia. I knew somebody who got this in Africa, and he had much the same experience as you. It took a while to diagnose him too as he hadn't been out of the cities and hadn't swum anywhere. The flushing you got, was it itchy or burny? That is often one of the first symptoms. Get a referral to the Department of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology at RPH. They may have the right tests for you. Cheers, Sera.

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