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KCE123 03-14-2009 08:51 AM

how do i take my industrial piercing out
my industrial has been infected since october it is now march, i wanted to wait and see if it got any better but it hasnt at all...should i take it out and clean it very well....and even if i go back to the place they pierced it will they just going to say the same thing and i will have to do the same thing i would do on my own.......?

Ally316 03-14-2009 01:23 PM

Re: how do i take my industrial piercing out
if it has been infected since October when did you get the piercing? if it is a new peircing i have found some shops to be very helpful some wont but most will if nothing else i would talk to the person who peirced it because they deal with infected piercings more than most doctors. what are you using to clean it? how many times a day do you clean it? I have a friend who has a industrial that took about a year to heal. one of the things i have found works great on any piercing is to rinse it every time you take a shower this will help remove krustys and help remove the gunk that naturally collects in that part of your ear. hope this helps infected piercings are no fun but i have never met a person that has one that has not had an infection at some point in the life of the peircing.

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