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IrishSaint 05-19-2009 01:35 PM

pinky tinkling
yesterday i went to the doctors office so he could fix my broken hand and he pushed the bone back into place and put a cast on. now last night and today my pinky finger(the part of my hand that i broke is the part that connects the pinky to the hand) is tingling like its falling asleep. is this becsause its imobile or because something is too tight?

IrishSaint 05-19-2009 01:40 PM

Re: pinky tinkling
the type of fracture i have is called the boxers fracture also.

IrishSaint 05-19-2009 01:41 PM

Re: pinky tinkling
and its a fiberglass splint.

jennybyc 05-19-2009 02:41 PM

Re: pinky tinkling
It's probably from swelling inside the hand and finger. Try putting an ice pack on it and keeping it elevated. Should subside after a couple of days. If it persists, check with your doc. I could be the splint is too tight.

good luck.................Jenny

feelbad 05-20-2009 08:11 AM

Re: pinky tinkling
with having that cast on(very restricted space with no real room for swelling or enlarging of an area?), any swelling which is just something that comes along for the ride with any level of trauma to our bodies, could possibly be causing too much constriction or compression upon the ulnar nerve there? what jenny told you to do with the elevation is really huge to keep swelling down to the smallest amount, just make certain it is raised up, ALWAYS as much as possible ABOVE your heart? even when sleeping too. is there any way at all that you can actually visualize the tip of that finger just to see if the color is normal and if it is hot or cold to the touch?

how did that finger feel within about an hour or so of him popping that bone back and placeing that cast? was there ANY tingling or numbness then? sometimes when they pop any bone back into place,espescially when it also involves some level of any joint,it can create a problen with a nerve being compromised.

i would see how today goes doing the elevation and if things get worse or just not any better at all, contact the doc who placed that cast,they may have to actually cut down the side and open it up and just simply tape it but making more room in there to accomodate what just could be temporary swelling. this is not uncommon when they cast an area that has suffered trauma. its just the swelling that happens.

just exactly what is casted, as in how much of your hand is covered right now? i know when i blew the ligaments out off my right middle finger, the ortho who i had(stupid stupid man to boot) actually casted like my entire freaking hand with only my thumb exposed? it went about midway between my wrist and the elbow. i had to start cutting out larger areas just to get 'some' actual movement to even do things. i used my gardening pruning sheers. worked really well on fiberglass, who knew?

if you have any area where you can actually see that pinkie, it would really be so much more helpful as far as seeing just what and how much of that ulnar nerve and the swelling is really affecting that area( i am in no way telling you to cut anything open here,K? that needs to be done by a doc). if that cast EVER just 'feels' way to tight, make a call and a visit to the doc who placed it or if he is not available, just go to the local ER. they WILL know what to do there for you to assure there is no impairment with your circulation. this could be a nerve thing or a circulation thing. but if you cannot actually visualize the finger mostly involved, it would really be impossible to tell unless they do what i mentioned above and cut down that side to look and then just tape it all back together. it works pretty well. this way they can at least be able to check on it and just see it for the first time since that cast was placed.

but i would call your docs office today if this is still the same or worse just so they KNOW what is going on, then its in your docs hands and it least he is aware of this. hopefully just keeping this elevated above your heart will help ease the swelling. if they did not actually give you a sling of some kind,i would highly recommend using one at least for the next few days or anytime you detect possible swelling. the sling can be adjusted to wear so at least that hand area sits above your heart or is much higher at the injuered end,you know what i mean?
this really helped me with my swelling from the stupid finger nightmare.

hopefully this is not a huge issue, just some swelling problems that will subside. but it does need some attention and to be watched/monitored. please keep us posted I.S., marcia

IrishSaint 05-20-2009 12:34 PM

Re: pinky tinkling
its more like a half cast it covers the left side of my left hand from finger tips up too my forearm. yes i can see my pinky and it appears to be normal color. i did take the cast off carefully yesterday so i could loosen it and that helped a bit. sometimes my pinky still tingles though. i have a doctors appointment today in a few minutes actually to have this checked out. the doctor custom molded the cast to keep pressure on the bone to hold it in place but by doing that i belived he pinched off circulation a bit or pinched a nerve. im also hoping that by removing the cast for a few seconds i didnt screw my bone up. i read somewhere that when you get a boxers fracture the cast supposed to allow you to move your fingers to keep them from locking up. the way my cast is i have full use of my thumb, pointer and middle finger, but my ring finger and pinky are inside the cast. so i cannot move them at all. i mean i am in no way a doctor so i may be wrong, but wouldnt a cast on JUST my hand that holds the bone in place and still allows me to move my fingers be better?

feelbad 05-21-2009 07:52 AM

Re: pinky tinkling
it sounds klike it was casted much better than the insane way mine was,geez,my whole freaking hand? taking that cast off and then having to slide it back on probably was not one of the best things to do given the situation and what he told you? but i am glad you are seeing the doc today. perhaps they can do another or make it fit a bit better.

any possible nerve damage just kind of comes along for the ride here whenever there is a bone that gets broken. it gets much more possible for damage when the area just involves any of our joints. its just the way the nerves have to travel thru joints vs where they get located with long bones? and damage can also occur when realigning and casting too, the same can happen with plain old splinting as well, thats why i aslked you ow this felt shortly after that casting was done. any NEW sensations or tingling that occurs after, that you simply did not have before can be a sign that when it was popped back into place,they also possibly compromised a nerve. but that can also occur just from trauma swelling too. hopefully all will be well. please let us know what your doc says. **

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