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Cassase 09-17-2009 06:57 AM

Frequent swollen lymph node? Help!
I seems have frequent swollen lymph node recently. It all start around 2 month ago when i have a slight fever and a swollen lymph node at the upper neck area (Submandibular). It goes down after 1-2 week and come back again roughly after 1-2 week. After it goes down again, after a few week the lower neck (posterior cervical) lymph node start to swollen and goes down again. Not sure after how many week, now my (Submental) lymph node is swollen.

The question i wanna ask is why is it that i have such a frequent swollen lymph node? it is because of something? Most of my symptoms are, mid swollen of lymph node. (Not really visible), painful lymph node, slight cold and frequent oral ucler (recover around 1 week), only sore throat once.

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