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worriedfiancee 09-21-2009 09:32 PM

Persistent infection & High white blood cell count
My fiance has POH, a severe case unfortunately. Currently he has very limited vision, complete loss of center vision in his left eye, some periphery vision in both eyes, and has recently had a hemmorage in his right eye that has significantly compromised the center vision in that eye as well. Just had a vitriotomy (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly). His vision hasn't come back after this procedure, which was two weeks ago.

The reason he had this procedure is because he has had a persistent eye contagious infection for over two and a half months that antibiotics, administered orally, IV, and IM, hasn't cleared up. Also, his white blood cell count has remained over 40,000 for the entire infection period. He has had numerous blood tests and scans run to try and pinpoint the origin of the infection, but no answers yet. We're really concerned and don't know what additional treatment or tests need to be focused on. My fiance is an otherwise exceptionally healthy man. 35, less than 4% body fat, exercises daily, eats healthy, runs, climbs, plays baseball, drinks plenty of water. And he has been faithful to take his medicine and comply with all "doctors orders". But no amount of tests are providing an answer to what the infection is, where it originates from, and no amount of antibiotics are clearing the infection. If anyone has any ideas, I'd sure appreciate them. Thanks.

Oleander53 09-22-2009 07:11 AM

Re: Persistent infection & High white blood cell count
Hello and I hope you read this.

My boyfriend has a very elevated white count and he is being worked up by a Hematologist for Polythycemia Vera and CML........Evidently a high white count can mean other things than Infection.

I am not sure what POH is but if it is Herpes it is viral and should not make his white count high.

I hope he is checked for everything and good luck. Oleander

Oleander53 09-22-2009 07:14 AM

Re: Persistent infection & High white blood cell count
I see in another post that POH is Histo..... Does that cause an elevated count? Good luck and check everything out. Oleander

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