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Lots of random symptoms lately: dizziness, blue lips, shivering, sweating, headache

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Old 10-14-2009, 05:12 AM   #1
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saxlover12 HB User
Lots of random symptoms lately: dizziness, blue lips, shivering, sweating, headache

Hi, for the past three weeks I've been having a few health concerns. About three weeks ago I went to the doctor experiencing some trouble breathing in addition to chest pain mostly on the right side. My doctor did a breathing test and said that my lung/breathing capacity was 25% below the absolute mininum that it should be. He gave me a breathing treatment which didn't really do anything in addition to three days of prednisone because he thought there was inflammation in my lung area.

Well, I started feeling a little better towards day 5, and day 6-7 I got a new symptom, my neck started hurting and the pain went up to my head and down my back. The next day the pain was magnified and the pain started in my neck and shot all the way down my spine, throughout my back, through the right side of my chest and all the way down my right arm. It was the worst pain i've ever felt in my life, which doesn't really say anything because I haven't experienced severe pain but it was pretty bad. I went back to the doctor, this was about a week after the first visit. I saw a different doctor and this doctor told me that I probably just pulled a muscle and gave me Relafin (anti-inflammatory) which helped significantly with the pain.

After about a week I quit taking it but still felt a little pain so I took it for a few more days. This past week I haven't taken it at all and the pain in my neck is much better and on some days completely gone.

After I thought that I was finally starting to feel better, sunday (a few days ago) I had a really bad headache. One of the worst headaches that I've ever had before. And it was kind of lingering all day long. Then monday I still had an off and on headache and tuesday the headache wasn't there anymore. I felt fine.

I was observing a rehearsal yesterday evening and talking with a teacher about her class for about an hour standing. I was leaning against a fench though so I wasn't locking my knees and all of a sudden I started feeling nauseous and I was like oh no I'm going to pass out because its happened to me a few times before. I tried to lean against the fence more so that if it had to do with standing it wouldn't be as bad and then I felt it coming and knew I was going to pass out.. I grabbed my head and told the teacher I thought I was going to pass out. I sat down, or more or less crumpled to the ground. I dont' think I lost consciousness through this, but it lasted a good 30 minutes. She stayed with me for like 5 minutes after it happened and had to leave and I was sitting on the ground for the rest of the time trying to get myself together. Before she left she said that my lips looked like they were turning blue. I didn't think much of it and then kept feeling the tidal waves of dizziness in combination with blurred vision and blackness. Like I said, I've passed out before and I don't think I lost consciousness and if I did, I was in an out of consciousness and/or on the brink of completly losing consciousness.

Then I started feeling extremely cold and I was like wow it's getting cold out here. I was freezing , and then all of a sudden I felt something on my face and pulled out my mirror and there was sweat dripping down my face like it was 100 degrees outside or something, but I was still freezing and I looked at my lips and they were turning blue.. I sat there for an additional 10 minutes and tried to get it together so I could walk back to my car and sit there and drink some water before I had to leave to go home. Then I started feeling like I was going to throw up so I kind of leaned over in case it would happen. I kind of "dry heaved" a few times and then the nauseousness went away and finally after about 30-45 minutes total of sitting on the ground I walked back to my car and sat there for another 30 minutes before I felt well enough to drive my car back to my house.

I honestly don't know if any of these symptoms are related. They haven't occurred with each other really, which is why I'm thinking they aren't related but I really don't know. Oh yea, after I started feeling a little better after my episode my head started hurting again. I don't know if that's related either. but yea. I checked my temperature and it waw 97.8 when I got back, which isn't that much below "normal average" and then this mornin git was 97.6 but about an hour later was up to 98.0 so that might mean nothing either. I'm really grasping at straws.

I'm also not very open to going back to the doctor because they took a blood clot test three weeks ago (D-Dimer?) and never called me back with the results and didn't help me much at all except for the first time I went there. I really need a new doctor, but I don't know if this is worth me taking time off of school and such to go do it, as I am extremely busy with my major. If anyone has experienced this before and/or heard of something that sounds like this or has any advice at all it would be greatly appreciated...

Oh yes, I'm also a 20 year old (almost 21) woman if that helps with anything. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs or anything like that either. And the only medication that I am currently taking is TriSprintec (Birth Control).

Also, today (Wednesday, October 14, 2009) I've been feeling a little nauseous and weak off and on. I don't know if that means anything at all or if that's a symptom of me stressing out about not knowing what's wrong with me.

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karen275 HB User
Re: Lots of random symptoms lately: dizziness, blue lips, shivering, sweating, headac

I just want to say; next time you pass out-have someone Call anAmbulance and get to the ER. The blue lips(cyanosis) alone should be reason to call an Ambulance.Sorry, but the Dr. is not doing his job. Without a diagnosis, he gives you an antiinflammatory?? You could have gotten that at any drug store o.t.c.Please don't keep pushing yourself.Put your health before your major.Please let us know how you are doing. Many prayers for you.Oh! Have a list of ALL symtoms written down to give to ER doctor,and a copy to a friend.

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saxlover12 HB User
Exclamation Update

I went back to the doctor on Monday, October 19th and made an appointment with a doctor so it wouldn't be as hectic as the urgent care. I got a new doctor (the third I've had so far) and she seemed to care and tried to help. I got the D-Dimer results and they came back normal. I told her about my passing out and everything else I went through in great detail and she said she thought that I had this "disorder" where my veins collapse or aren't sturdy enough to get the blood through efficiently so the blood doesn't get to my organs and stuff like it's supposed to which caused me to pass out. so she told me to eat lots of salty foods "a high salt diet" and that should make it go away. Well, I've been doing that and it's not helping. While I was there she did a blood test and tested my thyroid and other things in my blood (like sodium, calcium, glucose and things like that a simple blood test) and my thyroid (TSH? something like that) and they all came back normal. She did an EKG which came back normal, and she also did a test where they test my blood pressure standing up, sitting and laying down. My blood pressure was higher standing up than laying down and she made it sound like that proved what she was saying but when I looked it up online it said that people that pass out have a lower blood pressure when they stand up. So now i'm confused more than ever.

The symptoms I still have are:

Chest pain (when i'm breathing or just sitting there)
Shaky hands
Times of increased heart rate
Random pains in body parts, such as my leg, arm, or hand
A little bit of back pain

I haven't passed out since the incident a few weeks ago, but yesterday I felt really close to passing out for a few hours. I tried laying down and resting and nothing seemed to help. I ate salty foods, a little bit of sugary stuff just in case it was my sugar being too low and nothing helped. I also drank water. For a little while I also experienced something wierd, it was like someone tooka picture with the flash and the little dots you see afterwards, I experienced that for a little while yesterday too and it was very strange.

I just don't know what's going on. I don't have the time to keep taking off of school and missing classes to do this stuff. I've skipped 7 classes so far this semester in 5 different classes and it's only week 10 of 16. I still have 6 more weeks of school left to make it without missing more absences than I'm "allowed". I also have a really busy and time consuming major which makes this difficult and it seems like it's been a pattern that I go to the doctor on mondays.

Anyways, I can post my blood test results later it's just that they all came back normal. Some things looked a little low but I didn' tknow if that meant anything or not. I'll post them later when I get a chance.

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saxlover12 HB User
Exclamation Update

Lab Results:

Test / My Levels / Reference Range

CMP with Estimated GFR:

Sodium / 138 / 135-145

Potassium / 4.5 / 3.5-5.3

Chloride / 103 / 96-112

CO2 / 20 / 19-32

Glucose / 96 / 70-99

BUN / 20 / 6-23

Creatinine / 0.66 / 0.40-1.20

Bilirubin, Total / 0.3 / 0.3-1.2

Alkaline Phosphates / 73 / 39-117

AST/SGOT / 13 / 0-37

ALT/SGPT / 9 / 0-35

Total Protein / 6.9 / 6.0-8.33

Albumin / 4.5 / 3.5-5.2

Calcium / 10.0 / 8.4-10.5


TSH / 1.204 / 0.350-4.500

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