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emmy2002us 10-23-2009 03:06 PM

Vision Problems that my Opthamologist cannot Identify
I've been having vision probelms for about a year now. Orignially my doctor thought my problems were due to my Intracranial Hypertension but with the medication managing that issue my vision has not improved.

My problem is that I see clearly at all distances (20/20). But objects within about a 10 foot range of me are enlarged. I feel like I'm living in giant land. I cannot read without holding the book or setting it down far away from me. I bought a cordless keybord so that I could sit back from my computer in order to read the screen (after adjusting the resolution so the text was as small as possible). The thing is that though the objects are enlarged they are still clear, not fuzzy or blurry in any way. To read or look at things my eye has to travel over the entire surface to put the entire picture when reading I can see the words so large that I have to read each word individualy then put the sentence together in my head b/c it is so large.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to what's wrong with my vision please help. Thank you.

feelbad 10-24-2009 07:58 AM

Re: Vision Problems that my Opthamologist cannot Identify
just one other possible suggestion as far as a good type of specialist to see for this? its called a neuro opthamologist that deals with more in depth vision issues casued normally by brain or spinal cord injury, but i would think just given the really insane nature of your particular vision issue that they still would be the person to see about this. they just have a much better clearer understanding of vision issues caused more from the brain not working as it should kind of thing? i just think a neuro op would know a heck of alot more and maybe be able to truely Dx this condition better than any other type of doc, ya know?

have you ever actually had a brain MRI done just to see if anything a bit 'off' may be there that could create a vision issue of this variety? its just that certain changes with our vision can sometimes just be a symptom of a more underlying deeper issue too.

just how did you end up with 'intracranial hypertension" in the first place? how was this diagnosed and what made the docs even check for this at the very beginning?

the one thing other than a few others that really governs a bigger part of vision within the actual brain itself is actually within the cerebellum. this, i would think would be where a good neuro op would just start really looking for a possible connection. what you have going on just sounds SOOO crazy, i cannot even begin to imagine just how to deal with that one on a daily basis. something definitely is not 'right' within your brain for that to even occur. i do hope you can find the type of specialist i mentioned. they are not some rare type of doc, but depending upon just where you live could simply be a bit out of the way of the bigger citys where they would more likely be, ya know? please keep me posted as to what you find out. i really would love to know too just what is creating this for you.good luck with this. **

emmy2002us 10-28-2009 08:14 AM

Re: Vision Problems that my Opthamologist cannot Identify
Yeah, it is very frustrating. And now that I think about it and you mention it I think the Dr. I am seeing is a Neuro-Optho. I just didn't think about it before. My Dr. and I are not sure how I got the hypertension but it started with enlarged nerves behind my eyes (papiladema - not sure of the spelling) then from there I had 4 spinal taps in as many months to relieve the pressure. I'm on medication to help relieve the fluid pressure but it's so/so but I haven't had to have a tap in a while.

My Dr. referred me to a neurologist that I'm seeing for my migranes and my stabbing headaches and she referred me back there just recently and wrote him a letter asking about a possible diagnosis. She said she was also going to check around with her colleagues.

I spend every day with a mild headache, constant pressure, and slight nausea. Going to work to sit in front of my computer is a drain. I get about 10 hours of sleep every night b/c by the time it gets to be evening I'm so exhausted that I go to bed at 9:30-10 every night.

I haven't had a brain scan in a while (right before the hypertension was discovered actually) so I think you're right I should ask for another one.)

feelbad 10-28-2009 09:26 AM

Re: Vision Problems that my Opthamologist cannot Identify
now that strange to just 'have" all of the sudden. i am wondering if you have ever also had a full brain thru the spinal areas type of contrasted MRI done? the thing here is the brain and the spinal cord and that surrounding dura where the CSF actually has a timed ebb and flow back and forth thru the dura around that cord and on up thru the brain are just one huge long connected area, ya know what i mean? you just 'could' possibly have something further down within that spinal cord or the dura itself that is creating the higher flow velocity and pressure.

its just the way everything just 'is' thru that whole area. and it very easily can impact the cranial pressure too if that dura is somehow congested? i actually get a therepy called craniosacral therepy,that is also part of the myofascial release therey too? this actually decongests that dura from top to the bottom of that dura in the sacrum(butt area) where it stops. this could just possibly help you too in a way, but once you really just see from an MRI what may or may not actually 'be" within that whole area from brain to the bottom of the cord/dura.

if i were you, and knowing how that whole area just is, i would most definitely be asking for that FULL brain to sacral type of contrasted MRI be done. that whole area is just so very interconnected it would just make real common sense to simply really get more in depth there if this has never been done espescially. just see what may or may not be playing a big part in what IS causing that increased cranial pressure. this would just be the very best basic type of test to have considering. please keep me posted, **

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