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ShawnMHall 10-27-2009 07:28 PM

Strange unrelenting fatigue
Hi, I am 23 years old and am something of a fitness fanatic... I workout every day (or at least try to) and push myself pretty hard during every workout for anywhere from thirty min to two hours... both weights and cardio. I won't get into workout specifics, but i keep myself in a range of 4-7% body fat and would like to think im in good shape. I get antsy when i take off days but still do maybe once a week. but over the past few years ill notice that every several months or so i will have about 3 days to a week where my body cant do anythingggg at all. I hurt, I sleep for absurd amounts of time (12 hours straight) and i have all this muscle pain for no reason... I walk a mile to the gym every day, but when I am having one of these "episodes" i cant even make it to the gym... usually my legs hurt too much. during this time i get really annoyed bc i dont know what my problem is whether im sick or worn out or what... but its not normal. everyone i know will have ten times more energy than me and i just feel useless.... when im used to operating at a level above most others (im sorry that souds arrogant but... yeah) so as far as symptoms... Muscle pain, weakness, fatigue... for days... and its hard to fall asleep bc im not eexpending any energy during the day, but once im asleep i go into a coma. I really would like to figure out what this is... its not a diet thing and i drink an absurd amount of water... pleaseee help. thanks all.

tUrRrRa 10-28-2009 12:41 PM

Re: Strange unrelenting fatigue
Hi there, I definitely can understand what you mean. I'm a female, so my body fat is definitely not as low as yours, but working out is a big part of my life and I like to push myself pretty hard. I was doing a lot of running and felt fine for about half a year or so, and then out of nowhere started getting very exhausted. I did have to slow it down some and make a few changes and so far it has been helping.

First, I do 5 days a week for workouts now. I still am in just as good shape and I feel that my body gets more rest that it needs. I also stretch more often. I'm often short on time so I'll just run and lift some weights and not do stretching if there isn't time. Now I make sure to squeeze in some stretching too, as well as a warm up and cool down. I used to never warm up while running and eventually I got minor stress fractures in my legs. Then I had to stop running for months!! Now, I'd rather just take it easy so I don't have to stop running for that long. I hated having to use a bike or elliptical during that time because they don't work as well for me.

Do you get a pretty regular amount of sleep on other days than the ones where you sleep a lot? I notice that I hardly get 8 hours of sleep on week days, but I usually crash on the weekends. On Friday nights, after work, I'm often too tired to even do anything fun. I've been trying to get a little more sleep each night and stick to a more regular schedule. An active person definitely needs rest! I've also been trying to add in more "relaxing" time to read or take a relaxing bath. I use some bath salts that smell minty and it helps soothe my muscles and relax myself.

You know, I completely understand what you mean about being active and not wanting to take a break. Just try your best... you don't need to make any huge changes with your workouts! I get really stressed out and anxious if I cut back on my workouts and it makes me very unhappy, so I only made smaller changes. I honestly just feel like trying to get more REST along with those workouts helps me the most, along with the stretching and warm ups! I can't say I am as fit as you are, but I still consider myself more active than the typical person. I did a pedometer step challenge at work and would go under 20,000-40,000 steps a day (this meant up to 4 hours in the gym sometimes!) when others were struggling with getting 10,000.

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