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caroline1234 11-05-2009 03:09 PM

No idea whats wrong with me
For the past year I have been feeling ill and it keeps getting worse. I've been to the doctors a quite a few times and getting no where (I like in uk and get NHS free health care).
I'll make a list of the tests I've had and my symptoms, hopefully someone has something similar that they can give me advice on.

(started about a year ago)
- Dizzyness
- Fainting
- Bad headaches
- went to the doctors and they checked my blood pressure which was fine and done an ECG which was also fine then sent me home saying I was healthy
(started about 10 months ago)
- Feel very sick and dizzy when I look at some shiney things (like tinsel or those metal grids you get on the ground at supermarkets and stuff), those bright blue christmas lights and black and white pinstripes
- Started randomly being unable to match a written word with a meaning, occasionally when I read something I come across a word I dont understand, I know the meaning of the word but just cant match it up, like the first time it happened I got to the word "house" and couldn't read it, I felt really panicky and knew that I should know the word and even when I looked it up I still wasn't able to match the word with the meaning, doesn't last long though and then I'm able to match the word with the meaning again
- really tired alot
- random joint/bone pain
- went to the doctors and they told me that everyone misreads a word now and then and wouldn't understand that I wasn't just misreading a word, they also told me that all my problems were probably cause by being overweight, I'm not hugely overweight though, I'm 5'6'' and weigh about 150lbs
(started about 6 months ago)
- started feeling sick alot
- stomach hurts when I eat (not an upset stomach)
- my toes on both feet and my pinky and ring finger on my left hand went numb for about a month
- went back to the doctors again and they checked my blood pressure, done some blood tests (to check my liver, kidneys, glucouse levels and a pregnancy test) which came back fine, he was completely uninterested in the numbness
(about 3 months ago)
- stomach hurts alot worse and not just when I eat
- headaches are alot more frequent
- dont seem to be as tired all the time now though
- went to the doctors again. They done an ultrasound to check for gallstones which I dont have, told me that my acid reflux was probably causing my problems (had bad acid reflux since I had my son 7 years ago which I could see it causing the stomach problems but not the headaches/fainting/dizzyness etc) they gave me domperidone which does seem to be helping with the uncomfortable feeling in my stomach but not the sharp pains though

It's been a year since i first started feeling ill, I'm still having all the same problems. I hate randomly fainting, I fainted outside my sons school last week when I picked him up and felt awful since he walked out to a huge crowd round me and me unconcious on the ground. I've been generally healthy before this except for asthma and poly cystic ovaries. It's got to the point that I dont want to go to the doctors anymore because I'm worried they are going to start thinking I'm a hypochondriac.

Now that it's getting closer to christmas everytime I go into a shop I feel sick and dizzy within seconds from all the tinsel and sparkly things everywhere and I can't stand constantly feeling like i'm going to faint everytime I go out.

Also not sure if it's just coincidence since it seems unlikely to be the inhaler(ventolin) but my asthma has been worse the last week and twice I've had to take more than my usual 2 puffs of my inhaler and after I have my headache has gone for about 2 hours

Sorry for the long post but hopefully someone has some suggestions

also forgot to mention I eat pretty healthy (dont like sweet or fatty stuff much, eat loads of fish and veg and fruit) I also excersise regularly and take kung fu classes for 16 hours a month (altho not as often as I used to since the last 4-5 months i've been feeling awful Still go atleast 8 hours a month though and practice at home when i'm feeling well enough)

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