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Trel 11-16-2009 01:41 PM

Question about Cluster Headaches
I've had what feels like a mirgaine on and off for a few weeks now.
I'm pretty sure this is a cluster headache then.

I have a few questions then

-Is it normal to have Aura DURING a cluster headache rather than preceding?
-Could a single night of drinking have triggered the entire thing?
-Aside from medications, is there anything I can do to releave it?
-What OTC medicines aside from the standard painkillers and migraine medication if any are effective?

jennybyc 11-16-2009 06:56 PM

Re: Question about Cluster Headaches
I had cluster headaches many years ago but they suddenly disappeared and haven't resurfaced but I am aware they could, any day. Migraine meds don't work with cluster headaches and I never had an aura. They hit and hit hard, so hard you can't even stand up or function the pain is so bad. Suicide comes to mind..often. I know one of the treatments in pure oxygen. I don't know what else is available.

But yours sounds like a recurring daughter gets them. Have you seen a doc yet? Clusters are named for the fact that they hit in clusters and then disappear. You can have a headache for 2 minutes and then it's gone and comes back an hour later for 5 hours and then goes and returns a day later for 5 minutes and then disappears and strikes 10 minutes later for 2 days. Each is just as painful whether it's 2 minutes of 2 days.

And clusters are not caused by the same thing that causes migraines.

If this is a recurring migraine, you need to see your doc and get some meds to stop it but I don't think it's a cluster headache...that's a totally different type of headache and not anything like a migraine. Just because they have "clustered" doesn't make them cluster headaches.

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