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lost cause 04-07-2010 07:44 PM

Everything wrong from the top down...
I have A LOT of things wrong...I don't know if they are all related or not. Can you help me out? I'll start from the top down... :)

1. Cystic (painful)Acne & hair growth- mostly along my jaw line

2. Ear pain- The left ear-I believe that it's in my middle ear. I have a full feeling almost constantly along with an aching feeling. Chronic tinnitus is present.

3. My Jaw has shifted back. I had braces over 10 years ago but my teeth no long line up. I now seem to clench my teeth.

4. Swallowing is more difficult. I feel the left side of my tongue is weaker in the back. Sometime it takes me a while to coordinate the muscles in order to swallow. I also seem to choke on thin liquids pretty regularly.

5. Neck pain- I'm almost sure this is related to the ear pain. I have a sore spot on the left side of my neck parallel to my thyroid cartilage. I'm pretty sure there's a small lump but I could just be paranoid. :/

6. Neck- If I position my neck wrong I get dizzy. The cobra pose in yoga nearly makes me black out.

7. Chest- within the last month my chest has broken out in tiny red spots. Some are pimple like but most are just red. It's confined to my neck and upper chest area.

8. Stomach- Easily bloated and upset -I have an extremely hard time digesting meat. Chicken is the easiest but I've given up on eating any of it.

9. Bowl movements-difficult. I feel that the muscles that allow me to go are weak. most times I have to strain to even have a normal consistency or loose bowl movement.

10. My period- Irregular. No 2 periods are the same. Sometimes I'm fine and other times I become anxious, depressed, nauseated, blackout dizzy and have severe cramping. Even when and how long are never the same.

11. Terrible pain in my lower back (mostly the left side-right side takes longer to start hurting) if I sit or stand or lay for too long in one position.

12. Knees- Pretty recent and sudden. It's now harder to walk up stairs or even stand. The knee pain comes and goes but when it's present it's excruciating. (mostly left knee)

13.Ball of left foot-feel a pebble like mass. (not the existing bones, X-rays have been done) Makes it hard to walk or use the clutch in my car.

14. Toe nail on big toe on left foot. Split vertically a couple years ago (for no reason) and now grows that way.

15. Right foot- Inferior lateral portion of my foot is always felt. It's not that it hurts, but I can feel it in my shoes, when I'm barefoot or if anything is touching it. It has a numbed quality to it.

16. Overall- Tired, spacey, moody, delayed reactions-mostly mental, some physical, cannot lose weight-in fact, if I don't eat right for even one day I gain weight that I can't get off. I'm 5'8" 213lbs

To date: I have seen several doctors and their conclusion-see a shrink
I have been told I have PCOS, IBS, ADD and depression. I get told 'wait and see' and 'I'm not sure' a lot.

However, I'm not crazy or a hypochondriac. I'm tired of feeling like this. I'm 28 years old and feel like I'm 82.
Sorry this is so long. I've tried to condense it as much as possible.

Ptovar 04-12-2010 09:34 PM

Re: Everything wrong from the top down...
I went to a few years of feeling many of the symptoms you have. I also was told I was hypochondriac. I had a bacteria called "helicobacter pilory". She lives out of your iron. So you immune system gets very weak. That is why you began to have so many weird and unrelated illness. It is treated with two very strong antibiotics and antibiotics makes you weaker. So you have to get shots of B12 and B complex. Also, your developed digestive problems would not let you assimilate the oral vitamins. So, the first thing you have to do is getting a test so you can confirm if you have the bacteria. Most doctors don't even know it. Tell them to research it on line. The test is by blowing your breath into a tub. A more accurate test will be a biopsy. If you are positive to this bacteria or any other, take the antibiotics and then make sure you take the B12 for the rest of your life!!! Once your levels are too low, you never will get it completely fine. And all the other symptoms are B12 deficiency. Research it online and you will be amazed how many things are due to B12 deficiency. B12 supports the immune system. You will get all kind of ridiculous things if you don't have B12.

Good luck,

Mara97 10-04-2010 11:15 AM

Re: Everything wrong from the top down...
i've no techincal solution to your problems but....
i'm 14 yrs old, like you i have: alot of hair growth, all over my face, spots all over my body, very tired very often, alot of pain in my body and sooo on.
My mental reactions are extremely slow, i find myslef laughing at jokes alot after they have been told, or taking a while to process what someones said! i just say my mind is slow because i think alot, too many thoughts wirling up there!

I'm still trying to deal with all of those problems but i do know how to deal with the kind of i-am-soo-depressed-feeling,
- every now and again have a good cry out, i once spend a whole Saturday in bed simply letting my emotions out, by the end of the day i just felt alot relieved...
- i also do yoga, not the put-my-body-in-impossible-angles type of yoga, but the breath and relax yoga. When i'm in a bad mood or confused or stressed, just sitting their for a few moments letting your whole body relax, letting your breathing slow, it feels very alive. :)
[B]And sometimes when i feel like a zombie, all i need- is to feel alive.:)[/B]
-Be positive. i ghess it sounds cheesy and fake, but its true, find something in you that you truly can be proud of, and work it! i need to draw attention from my spotty face so i let my naturally curly hair fly wild, it looks great and distracts everyone from my "imperfections.":jester:

U probably already know this- hopefully it atleast helps... and if it means anything your not alone, my sister is 16years old and has been in and out of hospital for 6yrs because of her body pains, she has problems digesting too,but i suppose life goes on.


PP.S U sound SANE enough....sometimes i think if someones crazy-happy, its goood, beacuse you see life in shades of gold!

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