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  • Ugh I need to stop my legs from leaking until I can get to the doctor.

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    Ugh I need to stop my legs from leaking until I can get to the doctor.

    I know I'm a mess and even though I don't have insurance I will go to the doctor in a few weeks (and it has to be a few weeks when I get my gas reimbusement to afford it)

    I do believe I have a condition in my legs called edema. My legs are swollen with water retention. I do believe this is a result of my possibly developing diabetes and the fact I have severe sleep apnea and can't sleep laying down. I have to sleep in my chair which means I haven't been able to elevate my legs at night for nearly a year... I think with them always so low, they've developed this edema...

    But now on the right leg it developed water blisters that popped and drain water and won't heal. I've tried bandaging them and putting antibiotic cream for minor cuts and such on them but they leak right through all that.

    I will be going to the doctor in a few weeks but it's going to be a few weeks. I would be very much stressed relieved if i could get these leaking areas to stop leaking and heal before then I dont' want them getting infected.

    Anything i can do to stop the leaking?

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    Re: Ugh I need to stop my legs from leaking until I can get to the doctor.

    Pull up a chair in front of the one you are sleeping in and rest legs. Add pillows to the leg resting chair to elevate legs higher and for comfort.

    Eleminating salt/sodium from your diet will go a long ways in helping reduce leg swelling.

    It would be best to see a doctor now, Ask doctor's office to help you with a payment plan.

    If the cause is kidney problems a few weeks is too long to wait.

    Fast foods, frozen dinners, canned foods and bakery items are all high in sodium. Best to go with fresh vegetables for a while.

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    Re: Ugh I need to stop my legs from leaking until I can get to the doctor.

    You also need to get a Cpap machine that will allow you to sleep laying down. It is used with sleep apnea.

    If yo uare a diabetic, you really need to get seen about your legs. This can be a result of your diabetes not being under control and you don't need it to get any worse. My uncle lost both feet to that horrid disease....

    get into the doctor sooner rather than later...

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    Re: Ugh I need to stop my legs from leaking until I can get to the doctor.

    I too have difficulty sleeping laying down and sleep sitting up all night. I have edema in both my legs with leaking going on. I've researched this subject everywhere and have tried many different approaches to stop the swelling and therefore the leaking. I'm pretty sure my problem has to do with kidney problems I believe brought on by drinking diet sodas all the time and not drinking enough pure water. Without adaquate pure water your kidneys tend to shut down leaving the liver to take up a lot of the kidneys job. Some facsinating natural approaches to internal health of my body have come to my attention through much research. Like for instance, my edema has been so bad that I would leak puddles wherever I went. The stink from the leakage was also a big problem I had to deal with when I went out to restarants,...despite clean clothes and keeping myself clean. At times there was severe pain from my lower legs,...especially if I layed down to help drain my legs then when i got up to go to the bathroom the fluid rushing back down to my legs would hurt so bad I had to take pain pills to cope. Then, slowly, over time I got answers to many of these issues,...not permanent answers,...but a lot of help I'd like to share. For one, I was into herbs and by accident found that turmeric capsules and bromelain together with laying down to drain my legs, my legs shrunk almost down to normal. But I had to keep it up, was difficult to afford buying the turmeric capsules so I'd have to stop using them and my legs swelled again. Learning to drink lots of pure water got my kidneys running again. And your body will retain water when you don't drink enough pure water. Another thing that helped was I was hospitalized for another problem unrelated to my edema, but while I laid in a hospital bed for four days they changed compression bandages on my legs everyday and hooked up to a cathiter i went all the time and again four days later my legs were nearly reduced in size almost to normal. But again, I couldn't do what they did, and within a few months my legs were swollen again. Leaking and the smell was next thing II tried to deal with. Found this stuff at Walmart in the hunting section called Sport Wash for 4.00 a bottle that took any and all odor a person could have completely away. Just put some straight in a spray bottle and misted my legs and pants and instanty, smell. The company also sells on the internet a sport wash body and hair shampoo that does the same thing,...but lathers. Then I got sink and tired of leaving puddles everywhere and found a couple of solutions to that,...first was alfalfa tablets. They restrict the venuous insufficiency of the veins in my legs and for awhile, leaking. But with no leaking, my legs got larger. SSo I looked some more about an herb called coumarin that at 400 mgs a day would stop edema. But that a possibly better,...less toxic to the liver,....alternative was selenium supplements. Even just store bought, Walmart,...selenium, which is dirt cheap,...helped right away. No more pain and reduced leaking,....but I noticed when I took it with Quercetin my legs didn't leak at all,...and I could feel the swelling going down. These things II've tried may not completely work for me, the long run,...or maybe not for you either,...but they did help. Only been on the selenium and Quercetin for a few days,...but much less leaking and swelling and pain. bye,...hope this helps others. Also,...chromium picolinate is great to supplement with for your diabetes, makes your body more insulin sensitive,...therefore your body does not need to produce more insulin to compinsate for rises in sugar glucose levels. Talk to doctor about all this though.

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    toonami (07-13-2011)
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    Re: Ugh I need to stop my legs from leaking until I can get to the doctor.

    If this were me I would immediately go on a raw foods diet. I know it's extreme, but so is your condition. And like others so wisely stated, stop the salt and start drinking a lot of pure water. Edema gets better with drinking water and you've GOT to start cleaning your kidneys!!!! You will have to be very careful about getting infections in your legs. Google it and you will find ways to combat the infections. Good Luck and let us know how you are doing. We care or we wouldn't be here.

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    toonami (07-13-2011)
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    Re: Ugh I need to stop my legs from leaking until I can get to the doctor.

    thanks for posting your research on here i stumbled across the site by mistake,
    I've had what they say is lymthoedema in the lower legs also my left is much worse than right side,
    I've had it for around about 10 years i guess but the last 2 years have been much worse,
    as my children school insist i walk the boys to school and back around 1 mile each way,
    i have to prepare for it,
    the only way I've found that works enough for me to be able to put socks n shoes on is if i sleep on the sofa which is perfect size as the left arm of the sofa elevates my legs, with doing this and being watchful over how much i drink im kinda ok for around 1 maybe 2 hours, b4 i have to rest up again,
    i tried drinking lots of water but the trouble i got with it was it made me swell faster and bigger,
    if i carry on ignoring how much liquid i take in sooner or later i get water seeping out, but like pure clean non scented type,
    ive never had any bad smelling water from my lower legs as of yet anyway,
    i have had in the past some evil stuff that appeared to be coming from my groin area but im unsure if that was related,
    anyway i just wanted to say thanks for the info you and others have posted drs do not seem to be too clued up about it and usually just get palmed of with hmm the lymphatic system is very complicated and much is not understood about it, because i have a drug related past they just put it down to too much chalk and other nasty things drugs are cut with, but the truth is i kinda didn't inject much more of a smoker and an opium tea drinker back in the day,

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    diabetes, edema, leaking, legs, water retention

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