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squishysquish 08-20-2010 10:24 PM

Possible salivary gland stone? Symptoms..
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Hi everyone :)

I'm just looking for some diagnostic help before I go see a doctor. I've been putting off visiting one because I have just moved to a small town and have problems with transport and cash, because the doctors here aren't covered by my private health fund :( So I have to wait until I get paid in 3 days' time before I go see one. In the meantime, I would really love to know what's happening.

I have swelling in what I believe to be both my submandibular glands. This started just over a week ago. At first, I thought it was my lymph nodes (not knowing what gland was what!), but I have done some research since then and it's definitely my saliva glands. Thinking it was my lymph nodes, I ignored it, as I have a slightly sore throat and assumed I was just fighting an infection. However, the swelling has not subsided and I have gone through days of anxiety, thinking it could be something very very serious.
My left salivary gland is more swollen than my right one. However, the lymph node (I know what it is now!) on the right side of my neck is slightly more swollen than my left one. The left does not appear to be swollen at all. I have a gluggy throat and sometimes a blocked nose (especially after I sleep). Very small amounts of blood appeared in the phlegm I coughed up in the mornings - one time it was a week ago, when the swelling first became prominent. The second time was this morning, it was a very small amount. The first time, I also had blood in my nose so I assumed it must have trickled down into my throat.

I don't have a fever, aching muscles or any symptoms, which is making the problem very hard to pinpoint and, therefore, makes me incredibly worried. I have never experienced this before.

My right salivary gland does swell up and go down considerably when I drink, especially through a straw. The left one (larger swelling) just stays swollen. Sometimes they subside.

I have been diagnosed with bruxism about a month ago and have worn a mouth guard at night since then. My mouth gets quite dry at night. I was thinking maybe this could have been the cause of a salivary gland stone?
Also, another possible cause I could think of is that I moved from a cold state to a very hot one, people get quite dehydrated down here..

I'm not sure whether stress could have anything to do with this as well - in the last week, I have: packed up my house, moved interstate, started a new job and still looking for permanent accommodation. *sigh*

Any ideas? Your hep/experience would be much appreciated :)

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