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swollen lymph nodes, CT results, mold exposure? confused

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thewisher HB User
swollen lymph nodes, CT results, mold exposure? confused

I've had a few swollen lymph nodes for over a year, i'm a 28 year old male. The lymph nodes seem to go in a straight line circling from under my chin, jawline and back of neck (back of head). They aren't painful or anything. I haven't been sick, haven't had a fever, cough or anything.

A friend told me he had the double chin (swollen glands under chin) when he had infection from mouth and removing the teeth took care of the issue. Well I had 6 teeth removed in March 2010. The lymph nodes didn't go away so I finally decided to see a doctor. My doctor checked for lupus, hiv, and leukemia. He took blood, etc....everything came back negative and he said my blood work looked good, he didn't see any strain on my immune system or anything. Next he recommended me to an E.N.T. The e.n.t. noticed the swelling but said he didn't see any infection. He went ahead and provided me with antibiotics for swollen salivary glands even though he said he doubt they would help since there's no infection. Next my doctor referred me in for a CT Scan of the neck. Here's a briefing of my results.


Submandibular and submental adenopathy is present. A left submental lymph node measures 1.6 x1.1 cm. Submandibular lymph nodes are demonstrated and are oval in shape but are subcentimeter in short axis but are over a centimeter in long axis. There are shotty internal jugular chain lymph nodes most notable in level 2-A and 2-B. Posterior triangle adenopathy is present. This is greater on the right with the largest measuring 1.8 x 1.2 cm. The lymph nodes are homogeneous in density and enhancement and there is not a central necrosis.

The parotid submandibular and thyroid glands are normal in size without focal lesion. There is not evidence of a right parotid mass.

The nasopharynx is narrowed due to prominence of the posterior nasopharyngeal soft tissues favoring enlarged adenoids. The nasopharynx is narrowed to 5mm on the lateral scout view. This superiorly contacts the posterior superior aspect of the nasal septum. There also is some prominence of the palatine tonsils which contact the uvula in the midline. There is asymmetry at the level of the larynx. Long dimension of the airway not in the AP dimension but is diagnol. The right piriform sinus is larger than the left and there also appear to be some asymmetry of the aryepiglottic folds which is thicker on the right. Gross mass lesion is not seen but the the findings may indicate evidence of some vocal cord paralysis or evidence of trauma.

The tongue is unremarkable and midline fat stripe is demonstrated.


mild cervical adenopathy is present as described. Lymph nodes are homogeneous in density without central necrosis. There's prominence of adenoids and palatine tonsils favoring some lymphoid hypertrophy.

Some soft tissue density in the visualized superior anterior mediastinum which is typically fat at this age. This may represent some residual thymus but adenopathy cannot be excluded. Chest CT may better evaluate.

I can't translate these results, lol, but my doctor said everything looks fine. No signs of the lymph nodes being cancerous. He told me there's really nothing else he can do, they've ran all these test and checked my blood, everything looks fine. He told me to carry on with my dental work. I was diagnosed with periodontal disease, I have since had a deep root scale cleaning on both sides of my mouth. That was over a month ago and all my lymph nodes are still swollen.

What do I do from here? What kind of doctor should I go see?

Other symptoms I have, constant dandruff regardless of shampoo, lots of brown reddish bumps on my back and arms that appear under the skin because i can't feel them, but they itch at times. Chronic Fatigue is another issue I have.

One other thing is the lymph nodes first appeared 3 months after moving into a studio apartment. This apartment is cost efficient for me. I can't afford to move until tax time. Everytime it rains the carpet gets wet by the door, which leaves a bad smell for 2 or 3 days, I usually put baking powder on the carpet. The carpet is very dirty and was present when I moved in, I don't think my landlord has the funds to fix the leak or change carpet and neither do I. Could my symptoms be coming from mold exposure? What kind of doctor do I go see for possible exposure to mold?


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Re: swollen lymph nodes, CT results, mold exposure? confused

You can't fix the mold or the smell, which must be causing a certain amount of stress on your immune system. The only thing you might be able to do is try to strengthen your immune system. Whether your immune system is strong or weak depends a lot on the foods you eat. Foods can make your system acid or alkaline. Even though your body has a built in buffering system it can be overwelmed by unhealthy acid producing foods.

The biggest culprets: (foods that are metabolized to acid)

1) high protein diets (fatty meats/saturated fats or trans fats)

2) added sugars or sweeteners

3) starchy items like grain, potatoes or corn

4) processed foods in general

5) beverages like soda, coffee, wine, beer etc.. (lemon or lime juice in a glass of water is a much better choice for keeping hydrated)

You would need to concentrate on eating a wide variety of fresh nonstarchy-vegetables and nonsweet fruits like avacado, tomato, lemon and lime. Other fruits are okay if limited to 3 - 4 servings per day. For protein, 4 ounces (for the average male) of lean meat like skinless boneless chicken breast. Three to four egg whites for breakfast would be acceptable for lean protein. Six ounces of fresh wild fish once or twice per week is good. Use olive oil and or lemon juice as a dressing. No vinegar or store bought dressings.

The idea is that certain foods are metabolized to alkaline bicarbonate, even some that might seem acid like tomato.

This is a good healthy diet and not at all expensive, especially when compared to being sick and going to doctors.

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thewisher HB User
Re: swollen lymph nodes, CT results, mold exposure? confused

thanks John, for your response! sorry for the late response, didn't know anybody had replied, now I have email notifications enabled.

The swollen lymph nodes are really hurting my confidence, mood, etc... I tried changing my diet, been taking cats claw, multi-vitamins, cell power, tried applying castor oil, etc............I'm starting to think the problem isn't house mold but mouth issues.

I had a few teeth removed a few months back, but the swollen lymph nodes were present years before. I have under-went a deep root scale cleaning on both sides of my mouth and the dentist told me once i get 2 fillings and partials, i'd be about finished with dental work, other than cleanings. He said there isn't an abscess. But, the reason i'm reverting back to thinking the lymph nodes could be from mouth problems is. When I eat certain foods my left eye gets very irritated, stuffy feeling and red. One time eating some chips the chip cut my gums and the next day I had a red spot in my eyeball. Also the other day while eating a pizza it felt like the bread was going to ear, seriously. My ear began feeling stuffy and the next morning I had a headache, it really felt like some foods I eat go to my face or ears. I don't know what this could be, nobody has an answer, I don't know who to go see. The dentist office I go to is one of the most promoted chains in town. I asked my doctor if I should go see a dental specialist and I was told NO, because I was already seeing an excellent dentist. I don't even know what kind of dentist or specialist I need to see, does anybody know?

I don't think its my teeth because there aren't many in the back of my mouth, but it literally feels like there's a tube or hole in mouth that sends food straight to my eye, ear, and face. Maybe whatever is causing this is causing my swollen lymph nodes? If I eat anything sweet, i'll instantly get tired, I mean I ate a 35 cent honey bun that had me feeling drowsy for a couple of hours, usually when I can get the taste out of my mouth. I don't eat any sweets, its been like this for almost 2 years. I also suffer from chronic fatigue and I can't seem to concentrate on task. Could this all be coming from my mouth or do you think its another condition? What kind of specialist do I need to see? I'm tired, nobody can tell me what's wrong, my family doctor said all test came back fine, finish dental work, well other than the 2 fillings my dental work is done and it actually looks like the glands under my chin have gotten even larger over the past 2 weeks. I haven't had a cold or been taking any medicine other than herbs.

I just need to know what kind of doctor or who I need to see, I don't even go out with friends because i'm embarrassed. I've lived like this for too long. Thanks

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Julia737 HB User
Re: swollen lymph nodes, CT results, mold exposure? confused

Definitely visit an allergist--they can run a bunch of tests to determine what you're allergic to, and how badly you're allergic to it.

The swollen lymph nodes could also be a result of CFS. If not, then I'd say they're probably a result of whatever is infecting the adenoids. Did your ENT suggest having them removed since they are partially blocking your nasal passage?

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