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booboo445 03-01-2001 05:09 PM

Pee is cloudy. Could be urine infection??
Ok i'm 16 i have posted before about this but still no good answers. Here is my problem MY PEE IS CLOUDY! I don't think it's Urine infection becaue the only symptom i have is cloudy pee. It doesn't hurt when i pee, when i pee i pee normal amount, and i go pee about 3 or sometimes 4 times a day i think thats average. Please if you know anything just post it thanks. I really don't want to go to the doctor. But if you say i should i will but i have been holding off for about a month now and still no other problems. Thanks

Robert2 03-01-2001 06:02 PM

Re: Pee is cloudy. Could be urine infection??
There are number of reasons your sperm can cloudy.

1. If you consume a lot of dairy products, it may be calcium.

2. Certain medications will change the color of your urine.

3. Sperm can change the color. It will get better when you become sexually active. It is not a problem. It kind of leaks in into your urine.

4. Infection can cause cloudiness. But, it usually involves some discomfort and fever.

5. If you eat at lot of sugar, your urine can turn cloudy. It can indicate that you may be diabetic.

You can get kits at the drug store for occult blood. You can also get test strips for sugar in your urine. If either indicates positive, you must, must, must go to the doctor.

dann47 03-05-2001 04:22 PM

Re: Pee is cloudy. Could be urine infection??
i'm 17 an i have the same problem but like u said i have no pain or discomfort, i have had this for a year with no major trouble so i wouldn't worry too much unless blood or an infection is found

TrickyDick 03-06-2001 02:31 PM

Re: Pee is cloudy. Could be urine infection??
I will repeat what I have said on other boards (IMHO). You need to drink more water each day and night.

You need to cut back on products with caffine in them...which means cokes, coffee, tea and other soft drinks.

The advertised amount of water needed each day is 8 medium sized glasses.

That is enough if you are not getting any exercise or if the temp. is below 80 degrees.
Otherwise you need even more for good health.
Do a little research...water is life.

littlebit 03-06-2001 04:18 PM

Re: Pee is cloudy. Could be urine infection??
Your right water is life

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