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Shaweet 10-23-2010 11:36 PM

Shortness of breath, and chest pain!
Hi, :wave: I'm a 19 year old female and for the past 6 or 7 months i have been suffering with fairly sever shortness off breath problems (constant urge to take a deep breath) and extreme pressure in my chest along with minor chest pain that over the past week has turned into a little more sever chest pain. The pain is usually in the the the middle of my chest on my sternum. It NEVER goes away i don't have "attacks" it's just something that is there 24-7.

I have been to the doctor many times trying to figure out what this could be. the first doctor did a chest X-ray and said i had a viral pneumonia and sent me home with a z pack i came back for a follow up a week later and nothing had changed my doctor then told me she doesn't think it was even pneumonia in the first place that it was just shadows on the x-ray she then sent me to the hospital to get an EKG a PFT test and blood tests these all came back fine. I then went to a different doctor and she put me on medication for anxiety thinking it was just stress from starting college but iv been on them for about 2 months if not more any they have done very little but now I'm extremely exhausted at all times no matter if i sleep all day i still wake up exhausted. my mom was talking to a friend and she brought up something about an enlarged thymus gland in her chest that she previously had removed and she said that they couldn't find it on any test other then a CT scan she also said she had similar symptoms as I....Could this possibly be an enlarged thymus?

This is possibly the most frustrating feeling that iv ever felt and i just want it goneeee! :mad: and its also incredibly frustrating because all the doctors that i have been to so far just tell me "I don't know what it is, I just don't know" and they all leave it at that, instead of sending me to someone who can figure it out!!

after the second time of going to the third doctor with no improvement he is finally sending my to a lung specialist. i have not gone to my appointment yet it is still a few days away this gives me a huge feeling of relief because i feel like were taking a step in the right direction. :dizzy:

freshbreath 10-31-2010 08:45 AM

Re: Shortness of breath, and chest pain!
hiya, 29 years old female here with pretty much the same symptoms. i had 3 months constant checkups in various hospitals. started with strong flu a year ago which developed the constant cough. got plenty of antibiotics (this was at winter) and it got better for the summer, coughing stopped, although i always coughrd up some phlegm in the mornings. there was always a weird chest-tightness present in my lungs. only ct scan was abnormal, all other results were okay, including lung biopsy- they will probably do this for you. i also had a swollen plum size lymph, which they again removed for samples, but found nothing useful- long-term infection, i was told...
if sll fails, i`d suggest you to go to immunology and maybe infectology.
at immunology they can examine your body in more detail- they found some B and T cell deficiency at mine, but i didnt carry out the search all the way long. it was tough and i felt a bit weak, but i had to leave my country to return to my city to secure my job, after they kept it for 3 months for me!
done my research on internet and i found that there could be a problem with my THYMUS dur to contant chest pressure/pain and a feeling of something is pushing my heart(?) from behind and the sides...

i didnt have ekg which i regret, but back then nobody suggested it to me!
I did have 2 cat scans in 3 months though, and after the 3rd months, the second showed tiny improvement 1-2 mms on the biggest 8-10mms lung patterns.

hope you get better and let me know your progress or if its the thymus or anything else!


freshbreath 10-31-2010 08:52 AM

Re: Shortness of breath, and chest pain!
oh, i am also taking now (after a year living with the symptoms) homeopathic remedies- they helped a bit, but as i started jst a few weeks ago, no major changes yet, ill let you know my progress. they need to find the main reason, and that wasnt found yet in a years time!

Shaweet 11-01-2010 12:09 AM

Re: Shortness of breath, and chest pain!
Thank you very much for your feedback, but the weird thing about this is I never had a cold or the flu or anything that could have brought this on I just laid down in bed one night and all of a sudden it felt like I had a brick sitting on my chest and just kept getting worse from there.

What did they do for a biopsy on you?? that is one thing that I'm absolutely terrified about. I'm ok with needles but, putting one into my chest is another story. lol

have you talked to a doctor about the thymus or just read up on it?
I have read up on it as well as briefly spoke with my doctor about it, my doctor is soooo set on the fact that this is anxiety even though nothing is working to help treat it that he wont even consider anything else.(that is why im so excited to go see this lung specialist)

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