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Strange body feelings - does anyone have any answers for me?

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Strange body feelings - does anyone have any answers for me?


For one month now I have been having strange feelings, which include pains, around my upper body. They have not been agonising or sent me to the hospital thus far, but I have been very much concerned about them in this time due to their proximity to a very vital organ (the heart), the length of time they have gone on for and the fact that they seem to move around my body.

This started back on the evening of the 1st October during a Friday night film viewing. I was watching Dawn of the Dead and I constantly kept getting strange feelings under my right arm. They were very distracting and I did consider stopping the film but ultimately chose to watch it to the end. As far as I can remember, I slept fine that night, hoping that those feelings were just a one-off incident and they wouldn't last. Sadly I proved to be wrong.

Over the next week they continued to plague me. And the worrying thing was, I had a trip to Germany to stay with friends in the Black Forest in the hut for 4 days planned from the 9th-16th October, and I was most concerned that the trip would have to be called off if my condition exacerbated. One evening, the 6th October, I had odd pains under both armpits as I attended a youth group which I help out at but these wore off towards the end of the evening and I got a fine night's sleep in then as well. It was the following day, the 7th October, when I revealed to my parents what was happening, and the concern of having my Germany holiday called off became serious. It was unpleasant, but not agonising. After school that day I went for a good half an hour walk round the country near my estate to see what that would do. The walk was fine but the strange feelings continued.

The following evening was probably the worst one. The night before my Germany trip. My left side felt pretty bad and I tried to avoid food completely. I felt a burning sensation around the upper-left of my chest that evening as I was being pressured into sorting out driving lessons and a UCAS university application but I did not collapse and continued to soldier on through the evening until it was time for bed. I was glad to get some rest that night.

Thankfully the Germany holiday did go ahead and my ailment did not prohibit me from enjoying the physical activities that my hosts had lined up for me. We went for a 15 kilometre walk around the Black Forest, up to the top of a mountain called Belchen, on Wednesday, 13 October and I actually felt better carrying loads of luggage up a hill to the hut than I did sitting in the car travelling up there on Sunday, 10 October. It was during the car journeys when my condition would be worst and I'd get burning in my chest and underarm area. Odd. We came back from the Black Forest on Thursday, 14 October and went to a spa that day. The father of my German friend did say that the spa would help my condition, and to be honest, following our trip there it wasn't as bad for the rest of the holiday. Our Black Forest stay was followed up by 2 nights more back at their home in a town near Mannheim and for the rest of that time, I felt just about fine. I think the physical activity we had indulged in during our stay in the Black Forest actually helped my condition rather than hindered it. On the morning of the day I left Germany, Saturday, 16 October, me and my German friend's dad went for a 32 kilometre bike ride around their area. It took three hours and I pulled through it fine. There was only one problem - my fingers were numb, but my underarm and chest condition didn't play up at all.

Following the Germany holiday, I hoped and even believed that all this might be over. The days of the 15th and 16th October were probably the days over the last month when I have been least affected by these problems.

But since then, they have returned in a slightly different form, and I'm now getting strange feelings in the centre of my chest. Not exactly pains as such, but tightness or numbness. I don't have any real problem applying myself physically like walking to school (a walk of just over a mile); I find that when I'm sitting around, these feelings tend to bother me the most. It's odd, and it's the reason why I have chosen not to post this in the "Heart Disorders" forum. If it was definitely a heart disorder then I'd probably become fatigued during or following exertion, but generally during this illness, I've noticed that I've felt better walking or doing some physical activity of some sort. But I'm convinced that this is something to do with the cardiovascular system. I hope not, but I just can't be sure presently.

I have actually been to see a doctor about this, back on Thursday, 21 October. I told him about the nature of these pains, the locations they were happening around and the duration they had been occurring for, which was three weeks at that time. I had my blood pressure checked, pulse in both wrists checked and my heart checked. Apparently everything was fine. I was told that if I was at any risk of a heart attack, it would probably have happened a lot sooner than three weeks after onset of symptoms, but I was not given an exact diagnosis and I'm ultimately none the wiser as to what it can be.

Last night I had a rather disturbing moment, when I felt a pretty tight, crushing sensation in my chest and I'd lost my voice, but I'm thinking that this was a nightmare of some sort as the symptoms suddenly disappeared in a few seconds flat and I felt fine, and I was able to get in a fine night's sleep afterwards. That was at about 3:00am this morning. Unsettling, and definitely mystifying.

Now then, a bit about myself and my present condition. I am 18 years old and definitely not overweight - I think I'm somewhat underweight, actually. I have never smoked in my life and whenever I drink alcohol, it's only ever a half-pint and about once or twice a month. I don't participate in any sport but I don't think of myself as physically unfit, as I do quite a bit of walking in day to day life and shall continue to do so even though I actually passed my driving test last week. I feel it's for the best.

I admit, though, that I have eaten unhealthily this last year in a hope to gain weight, with me having consumed quite a lot of energy drinks and burgers. Since these body problems started, though, I have completely stopped with that, and have been eating a lot more fruit, drinking green tea and fruit juice on a more regular basis and avoiding fatty or sugary foods in my heart's best interests. But it hasn't solved the problem, though, and I'm left with strange feelings in my chest that just won't go. I am nervous, and this experience has taught me to alienate and avoid the foods I once loved. But I'm not even fully sure this is anything to do with food. I just don't know.

Does anyone here have similar problems or would be able to shed some light on what exactly is troubling me at the moment, or what I should do about it? Sorry if I have rambled a bit in this post, but I have been very concerned about it this last month and seeing as how the doctor was not able to tell me exactly what was wrong, I am somewhat desperate for answers. I myself suspect it might be a panic disorder, which does make sense, as I have always been the cautious, hesitant and somewhat paranoid character following years of getting antagonised and harassed in school, which has stopped since I started the Sixth Form. May I be enlightened? I would very much appreciate any answers or suggestions as this has been a real concern for me and nearly cost me a holiday I've been looking forward to for a long time now. Thankfully that never came to be, but that is definitely not where my concerns end.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if I've bored you, but as you may understand, I'm quite worried. If there are any questions you want to ask me about this problem or my lifestyle or anything that you feel could help formulate an answer, just ask me. I shall aim to log back in again this evening.

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Re: Strange body feelings - does anyone have any answers for me?

Under your arms is where your lymph nodes are located i do believe. But i may be wrong. Just throwing that in there.

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Re: Strange body feelings - does anyone have any answers for me?

In response to Jack-77:

The underarm pains and aches are now gone. At least, for now. At first I was thinking it was something like a trapped nerve that was causing all this but then the odd feelings began to radiate around my upper body and not stay in one location so that possibility is more than likely ruled out. I doubt it's anything to do with these lymph nodes. But anyways, thanks for being the only person to respond to my post.

Now then, I'll cut the crap and tell you what's been going on this last week. I keep getting feelings of discomfort just above my stomach, around the abdominal area, I believe. It's not pain as such, but it's like there's something pulling from inside it, and it's extremely distracting and I often need to put a hand there to take my mind off it. I usually play the keyboard but I've stalled on that recently because this strange feeling above my gut is very distracting and takes my mind off the music.

I've also noticed that it tends to get worst when I'm sitting down. It's not really a problem when I'm standing up and moving around - I don't tend to notice it then, but whenever I'm sitting down and trying to do something it's always there and bothering me. It's very weird, and I don't know what the heck it could be. This has been a problem for over a week now.

Thankfully, as of now, these problems have not really affected my sleep and since my body discomfort began over a month ago now, in a slightly different form to what it is now, I haven't had one crappy or agonising night's sleep. I hope that shall continue.

I went to the doctor on Friday last week and told them about my condition. The doctor did say it was likely something to do with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I've been given 42 tablets of Mebeverine (are you familiar with this medicine at all) to help out with the problem, hopefully. After taking the first pill at about 12:30pm that day (I have to take them 20 minutes before meals) I had one raging headache and felt nauseous that afternoon but those effects did wear off and I've been taking the pills over the weekend and haven't had any other possible negative side effects. I noticed that the weekend was quite nice and the pills did help a bit, but I forgot to take one before lunch today and I've had some of the symptoms return. Must take one before tea tonight...

This morning, just as I was about to get up for school, I had somewhat of a mild throbbing pain in the upper left of my chest as I lay in bed. Nothing excruciating but it was worrying. Thankfully that has not persisted throughout the day but the stomach cramps have been back and were not very pleasant at all. They sure took my mind off the work in History. I fear they shall be back, and they get me nervous due to the proximity to the heart.

I also get some sort of numbing pain in my hands from time to time, which tends to come and go. Again, it's not excruciating but I get worried about it because I'm experiencing strange symptoms in so many parts of my body.

Now, with all this information, what do you think is my problem exactly? Do you think the doctors are right with their diagnosis or should I be looking to get some urgent treatment done? What I am most concerned about is the possibility of a heart problem. If it's confirmed to just be a stomach or bowel problem then that would set my mind massively at ease. But the fact stands that this has been going on for 38 days now, has changed its form several times and despite the fact there are occasions when I feel 100% fine, it always returns.

If there are any questions you'd like to ask that could help you formulate a decision, just ask me them. I would appreciate any suggestions or answers you may have because I'm still very concerned about this and, as a high school student here in England, feel that I'm being very much distracted from what I need to do by all these problems and their possible implications.

Thank you.

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