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  • Constant Shortness of Breath, Sharp Stomach Pain, Bloating, Sore Throat, Bloody Mucus

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    Constant Shortness of Breath, Sharp Stomach Pain, Bloating, Sore Throat, Bloody Mucus

    So let me start from the beginning of my experience and warn everybody of the dangers of Prilosec, Zantac, and other forms of Proton Pump Inhibitors/Radintine.

    First of all, I was born with a very rare syndrome called Poland syndrome. It comes with a wide WIDE variety of symptoms/deformities that include a deformed right hand, missing pectoralis major, spina bifida (very minor), scoliosis, and abnormal gastrointestinal, renal, and liver function.

    I believed a mild case of this syndrome which includes a smaller right hand, missing pectoralis major, very minor spina bifida and very minor scoliosis. Other than these minor problems, I had NEVER EVER had a health problem in my entire life. I am/was a carefree college student with little to no anxiety, drank roughly one night a week, and smoked pot every day. I also went to the gym 3 times a week and ran atleast a mile a day (half of which was uphill).

    Back in August I was driving from my home in Jacksonville, Florida to my college apartment in Tallahassee, Florida, which I had done dozens of times before, when I felt my legs go completely numb. I could not even get out of my car and walk. I had to have my car towed back to Tallahassee and I went immediately to my primary care physician in Tallahassee. He said my Sciatic nerve was swollen and my Spina Bifida caused my legs to go numb so in order to get the swelling, he prescribed me 500 mg Naproxen and sent me on my way.

    Well after a few days of the Naproxen the swelling was completely gone but I had developed a horrid case of Gastritis. It was absolutely unbearable. The pain radiated up from my stomach all the way to my esophagus and to my throat. I was looking desparately looking for a remedy so I went back to the Doctor and he told me to go take over the counter Prilosec.

    This is when my trouble really started.

    After the first or second dose, my gastritis felt 100% better. I no longer had the burning pain in my stomach and esophagus. I took one 20 mg pill per day. On day four I started to notice some soreness in the big veins of my legs that lead up to my crotch. I didn't think too much of it and just iced them. On the fifth night I had the scariest reaction of my life. I began to feel my heart pounding out of control to a level I had never felt before, all of the veins in my neck were protruding drastically, and I even felt so bad that I wrote a letter to my parents and girlfriend telling them I loved them very much. I literally felt like I was going to explode.

    After a sleepless night, I went to a local urgent care center and they were taken aback by my vitals. My blood pressure was 190/140 and my pulse was 143. They did all sorts of test found I was low on Potassium. They gave me four giant pills of potassium and what seemed like gallons of Ativan (Lorazepam) and my blood pressure came down to 160/110. After that they sent me on my way.

    Thinking this was the end of it, I tried to resume my daily life but little did I know this was just the start of my health experience. For months after (half of August, all of September, and most of October) I had a wide WIDE variety of super strange and super scary side effects. These symptoms included continuous high blood pressure that worsened with exertion (ranged from 140/90-160/110), rapid pulse even with mild exertion (ranged from 95 bpm while resting to 145 bpm with mild exertion like standing up quickly), bouts of sudden dizziness, debilitating joint pain (especially in the knees), tingling sensations in my face, feet and hands, blurry vision, stool with whole food in it, eye floaters, heart palpatations (feeling my heartbeat constantly), confusion (going into a room and completely forgetting why I went in there in the first place) and constant shortness of breath. I was in and out of the hosptial constantly getting numerious blood test (CBC, CMP, Auto-Immune, Vitamin, Thyroid and more I can't remember), CT scans (had full body scans with contrast multiple times), and EKGS. They all came back normal. These side effects only ended about a month ago when I started taking St. John's Wort daily which has been clinically proven to remove Omerprazole (Prilosec) from your system. My body must not have been able to process the Prilosec and I was literally overdosing on the Prilosec until the St. Johns Wort expelded it from my system. This is when my heartburn began.

    After the St. Johns Wort cleared the Prilosec out of my system, blood pressure began to normalize, the dizzy spells and confusing was gone, and the blurry vision cleared up. Not all was good though, cause I began to have the most incredible bouts of heartburn I could ever imagine. I had never had heartburn before in my life until this day, but I will forever remember what it is. After eating anything I would have horrid heartburn that made me want to jump off a bridge. I couldn't eat boiled chicken breast without rithing in pain after. I did some research and found that long treatments with Prilosec can cause Acid Reboud (acid overproduction) for months after ceasing treatment. I went to a Gastro Doctor and had an Endoscopy about a week later. The Endoscopy found that I still had a bad case of Gastritis (inflammation of the Gastric Antrum). The Doctor recommended I take Prilosec of Zantac!

    I decided to try Zantac 75 to see if I could use a different medication to soothe the pain. I took two Zantac 75s for a couple of days and started to notice some different crazy side effects. My eyes were constantly blood shot and itchy, my nose and throat were filled with an ever regenerating supply of thick mucus, and my throat/airway was so swollen that I was having trouble breathing and swallowing food. The only thing that alleviated these symptoms was Benadryl. What I concluded was that the H2 Blocker (Zantac) was blocking the histamine from my stomach and that histamine circulated in my blood and collected in my face and throat. It was like having an alleric reaction after every single meal. Anything, an apple, boiled chicken breast, or pizza, would feel like I had gotten stung by a hundred bees.

    After a few weeks and after losing nearly 20 pounds, I began to be able to eat again and somewhat return back to normal. I couldn't do physical exercise or smoke pot (I used to love both) but for the most part I could live a somewhat normal life compared to before.

    This brings me to where I am today.

    This past weekend (today is Wednesday the week after) my best friend was in town and I was feeling pretty good about myself so I decided to go out and party with him this weekend. I drank very heavily (beer and hard liquor) both Friday and Saturday night for the first time in three months. I also had sex with a girl Saturday night. She was on the pill and I used a condom.

    By Sunday afternoon/evening I began to get a very sore throat that needed constant clearing. By Tuesday morning (yesterday) I began to see streaks of blood in the mucus/sputum I was coughing up and by the afternoon I would occasionally see what seemed like a ball of blood in otherwise clear phlegm. The phlegm isn't yellow or green which would suggest a bacterical/viral infection, and the blood is very minimal with an occasional sphere of blood about the size of a pea. Take note this this is not very much blood at all and doesn't come up every time I clear my throat, but mainly in the morning. I am also noticing some stomach pains that come and go throughout the day. It feels like a sharp pinch in my stomach and isn't constant but does hurt. I have been checking my stool to make sure there is no blood (porferated ulcer) and everything in that department seems fine. I have normal color stool, not even a tinge of blackness. I don't feel sick in the normal sense (no fever, no chills, no sweating, no stuffy nose).

    I went to back to the doctor tonight and they did a normal checkup and some chest xrays. I have 99% O2 saturation, my pulse was 85 and my blood pressure (which I just measured again with my home monitor) is/was 127/83. He heard no crackling in my breathing and saw no fluid in my lungs. He listened to my heartbeat and didn't hear anything worth notifying me of. He wouldn't even prescribe antibiotics. He thinks I just went too hard this weekend and irritated my throat, esophagus and gastritis.

    So what do you think?

    Lemme recap my current symptoms
    - Shortness of Breath (Worse when lying flat)
    - Bloody Phlegm (Not much)
    - Chest Tightness
    - Off and On Stomach Pains
    - Bloating
    - Sore Throat
    - Dry Cough
    - Gas, both kinds but occasional regurgitation upon belching

    Right now I am sticking mainly to natural remedies with some exceptions. I am taking some Slippery Elm, Manuka Honey, and a good amount of tums.

    Thank you for reading and your help.

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    Re: Constant Shortness of Breath, Sharp Stomach Pain, Bloating, Sore Throat, Bloody M

    you may have a post nasal drip that makes u cough and u may be coughing soo hard that your breaking blood vessels and theres the blood tinged sputum and coughing soo hard your making your stomach hurt.I'm a RN and those are my thoughts and I dont know your build but of u have extra weight in your abdomen thats causing the shortness of breath. but if the air where u live is dry that can irritate your resp tract causing a cough and blood tinged sputum so try a humidifier.also don't eat 3 hours before u go to bed and see if that helps with the bloated feeling and stomach pains.let me know if any of this is helpful!but you know what else gas in the abdomen can cause that bloated feeling and stomach pains and it could put pressure on your diaphram causing shortness of breath when u lie down.

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