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brandtyarbugust 11-19-2010 05:46 PM

Concerned about new Meds
Hi all,

I have been taking propoxyphene for a number of years for a disc herniation in my back. I really liked it as it didn't give me side effects, and the majority of the time kept the pain at bay.

Of course the FDA just pulled it today as it is linked to some heart issues with a small percentage of the population.

In place, the doc prescribed me Tramadol. I have to say after all the research I have done, this site included i'm pretty concerned. The doc didn't explain why they gave me this, but I guess because percocet or vicodin are more addictive/powerful?

I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about drugs, cause I don't. Just a guy that needs some relief, and the alternative options I have tried don't seem to work.

I'd appreciate any feedback one could give. I'm not comfortable asking the doctor for something different, I guess I don't want them to think i'm just looking for a high, but I also need pain relief. A lot of what I have heard it this doesn't do much for pain.

The other concern I have is, I have dealt with anxiety issues for some time now. After lots of therapy, I found a combo of meds that works. Lexapro, and lorazepam.

Anyone with similar experiences or advice, I'd love to hear it.

Much appreciated!

Misssty 11-19-2010 06:19 PM

Re: Concerned about new Meds
Lexapro and lorazepam are a great combination for anxiety...subtle...and short acting but not long lasting. So...they kick in..take away the anxiety...but don't remain in your system to leave you with the hangover feelings.
As far as your back...they are not going to think you are seeking a high because you have a legitimate back issue. I know this because my boyfriend has a similar problem and he had a discopathy today to investigate the disc pain...they are freely offering medicine...because they know he has real pain. Just tell them the tramadol is not working and you need to try something else. They know that you were on the other drug for a while...was it Darvon or something (that is the drug I read about the FDA stopping). He takes percoset...and thinks they work the best.

feelbad 11-20-2010 11:19 AM

Re: Concerned about new Meds
missy? darvon IS propoxephene, just so ya know. the propox IS the actual generic name for darvon.

as far as trying to actually find a good replacement med for the level of low narcotoic that darvon had? i would see about at least trying tylenol #3s? they ARE pretty comparable in strength actually but the ty 3s probably a bit MORE powerful than mere darvon was. just something i would ask to your doc since you WERE actually on at least a level of real/synthetic type of narcotic. ty 3s would probably help you more than tramadol, not to mention that tram has a level of more impact upon the brain overall and can interact more with certain other meds that ty 3s just wont? but this would be at least much more 'comparable" to what you were on. did they also take away "darvocet" too or simply the 'darvon' only? just DO take the time to look up all Rxing info with the tramadol for sure.

i just cannot believe with the overall length of time this med has been out there that the FDA simple decided to pull it now? i am dealing with the same type of problem with what i have used for like 30 years now as an abortive migrane med called midrin? been on it since it practically hit the market in like 1981? and NOW, they have screwed THAT up for me. and my doc, who did do some searches on this for me since i now have to be forced onto some drug i have no idea will even help me like midrin just did, could NOT even find a really specific reason for this sick crap eiother. i am furious and very scared right now too, trust me.

but do tell your doc you were merely trying to find something that was lower on the pain killer scale(do not say narcotic) and found that it appeared the tylenol # 3s seemed pretty much like what darvon was ment to treat? just do look up ty 3s Rxing info before you see him again to speak with him if that tramadol is not doing the job so he will know that you DID take the time to try and come up with at least 'some' better altertnatives with less side effects than tramadol can simply have on a person. so look up all Rxing info on tram too. this is what i would do if in your current posistion. good luck and please do keep us posted, **

Misssty 11-20-2010 02:20 PM

Re: Concerned about new Meds
For the original poster...the med was pulled for your midrin...I would think you would be given a choice...if you have been on it for so long and are comfortable with should be able to stay on it..if that is what you desire.

jonnstar 11-20-2010 08:52 PM

Re: Concerned about new Meds
Why not try the tramadol before you condem it as useless?

In most controled studies, 100mg of tramadol has been found equivalent to 2 tablets of "Tylenol #3"

It might not work for you, but by the same token, it might be fantastic..... if you dont try it, you'll never know

feelbad 11-21-2010 09:21 AM

Re: Concerned about new Meds
you would think, wouldn't ya mis?

i do agree with john about at least giving the tramadol a shot. NO ONE really truely knows just what will or will not realistically even "work" on our pain, esp when chronic, until you give it (with this type of pain med esp)a few weeks to see how things go. if after you really have given this a good solid try and things are not working, THEN speak with your doc about what it did for your pain or did not do?

sorry, when i zipped/read thru your post yesterday, i actually thought you had at least tried this and it was not working? you just will never know if this med could really 'be the one" to help unless you are willing to simply try certain different modalities and meds to simply keep anyones CP down to the dullest roar possible. i have personally found many different ways to try and treat my pain over the years, moreso out of absolute need that actually really DO help me with what narcotics just simply wont touch.

just how many darvon were you actually taking per day when it got pulled? that does matter here too.

have you ever tried anything else besides the darvon before? if so, exactly what other meds/modalities have you given a good shot?

the one thing i would definitely do tho before taking this, only becasue you are also on an SSRI, and the tram also has certain anti D properties too, is speak with your pharmacist about ANY possible interactions with the meds you are on now. this particular med just has certain 'qualities' that narcotics do not that in some cases just CAN kind of interfere or react in certain people who are also taking any SSRIs or SNRIs too. and that part "should" actually be in the rxing literature too? but i also personally have taken both lexapro and tramadol together before in the past with no issues. but we just all are very unique when it comes to our own individual body make up and physiology too.

but once you find out if things are truely okay, then i would at least see what this med can do for you. what you were on was a pretty 'weak" narcotic to begin with, so i am thinking actually trying to continue good coverage with other similar meds(and tram does treat that same level of pain too and also a bit above what you were on) should not be too overly difficult here. but simply giving this a try not only could be the best med ever for your pain, but this really shows your doc that you are very serious about your need for good solid pain control too.

unfortunetly, for many who actually do suffer with a chronic pain issue, just getting any doc to actually even believe you is the harder part with MANY docs. so see what this can do. if it "truely' does not work, or your pharm sees any potential issues, then you talk to your doc and move onto something else. good luck and DO please let us know how you are doing. **

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