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Spiraling Out of Control

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Question Spiraling Out of Control

My story is kind of long but I wanted to be a thorough as possible in order to get ample feedback and or suggestions

I have a 37 yrold overweight femaleÖ. generally in good health no real issues until recently. I also have a very low tolerance to medications.

2008-2009 I was diagnosed with a bulging disk and sleep apnea (currently I am displaced from my normal residential area in another state and my cpap is not calibrated to this area so I do not use it Ė however, I havenít had any extensive issues that I can tell from not using it.)

About 1.5 yrs ago we moved to the South on emergency family business and intend on going back home soon. We eat basically the same way and foods that we did before but weíve continually noticed our bodies changing we think its because they have increased hormone use here and probably horrid water supply. My cycle has gone from pretty easy to extremely painful during the time weíve been here and we have all kinds of stomach issues like bloating and such.

I would say for at least 8 months now Iíve been feeling like I have a kidney infection (Iíve had them before) and I do drink a lot of soda. So, I would either lay off the soda drink more water or take some cranberry pills but the pain was still dull there but I was able to move on.

I am also not a pill taker Iíd rather in some cases deal with the pain than take something for it, although Iíve had wisdom teeth trying to come in and migraines so I started taking Motrin, Tylenol, and a Midol type pill on a regular basis and it didnít seem to really help with any of the pain. After awhile I stopped because my stomach started to feel yucky from all the meds.

So the kidney like pains continued I was able to get some relief from my teeth and Iíve completely stopped taking over the counter meds at this point. About 7 weeks ago I started getting very ill extremely bad back pains and migraines that would not go away in addition to diarrhea and vomiting. I was to the point that I could not consume anything without throwing up and the pain was unbearable. During that I tried Alka-Seltzer and Excedrin, which didnít seem to work. After about 3 days of that I finally went to the ER, they put me on a IV stated I was severely dehydrated took a urine sample and blood work. I complained about my migraine and they gave me Tylenol, which made the pain in my lower back worse. They explained to me that my urine results were clear and blood work showed a bit low on something that indicated I had a virus. My xrays were also clear. I agreed but still tried to explain there was something else going on but they discounted the back pain due to vomiting and diarrhea and overall virus. I fell asleep and when I woke my head hurt so bad I couldnít barely see so I told them and they gave me what they said was a normal injection for migraines and it made me feel oddly. I wanted to jerk the iv out and run it wasnít pleasant at all finally I calmed down and fell asleep again when I woke my headache still existed but by this time we have been there for almost 7hours and I just wanted to go home so they gave me some antibiotics and something for nausea and sent me home. I took the pills they gave me for about three days and felt even worse than before and the pain got worse.

I then decided to try to take some Excedrin for my headache and noticed that it made the back pain worse than before in addition to my soda consumption we discovered that anytime I consumed caffeine I erupted in unbearable pain. So, I quit drinking soda and stopped taking meds all together because most contain caffeine.

About a week after ER visit and still having all these pains and issues I found a clinic to go to and we went in and they tested my blood and urine all was good with those again. She stated that she didnít know or couldnít figure out why I was having back pains and gave me migraine meds for my headache that would not go away. By this time weíve discovered that some foods especially caffeine and meds as soon as I consumed them I immediately got horrendous back pain and a shooting migraine. That night I took her migraine meds and I could literally feel it being broken down and dispersed in my system as soon as it passed my stomach I am guessing I had extremely horrific pains that shot through my abdomen and back like crazy and my headache immediately got worse.

The next morning we called the clinic and advised of the results and she said if the pain persisted to go to the ER. I discontinued the migraine meds at this point and remained on a limited diet.

At this point the pain is just as bad as it had been the nausea was periodic the pain was continuous and now it seemed what ever I ate or consumed was causing me extreme lower back pain.

I decided once again because I was barely able to walk and unable to take anything and barely able to eat to go back to the ER. The doctor without even examining me wanted to give me narcotics and I refused them stated I wanted a real diagnoses and this was getting ridiculous. (he was a real idiot) He decided to test my urine and blood again however, he tested outgoing and incoming blood and both came back clear and he verified his results with the previous ER visit and the clinics and stated there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. I left again with no resolution and refused to take his narcotics.

By this time I was given advice of friends and family that it may be my gallbladder and I should seek test to rule it out at this point. So, I called the clinic back to ask about where to be referred for such a test and continued to restrict my intake and deal with the pain the best I could.

Going on four weeks no changes any follow upís with any of the doctors and just no new information as my health continues to decline I decide to go back to the ER a different one whom has equipment to test for gall bladder issues etc. Unexpectedly a few days before planned visit the pain got worse and I couldnít get out of bed without wanting to scream and cry. We go to the new ER and advise them of all the above and what weíve done thus far and they do more blood work and urine test and x-rays. They did however do a full blood work analyses they stated my kidneys, liver, gallbladder and lungs were all good according to blood work. Come back and tell me all is clear STILL no explanation of the pain I am having and the issues. The nurse was very nice and was able to at least help answer some questions and she gave us a lead sheet to call upon with a prescription for a ultrasound. I also asked her if sheíd be so kind to ask the doctor for something that would help with the pain but did not contain caffeine and she gave me a sample in the hospital and a prescription. She also put me on a restricted diet of only clear liquids and soft foods. The painkiller she gave me within an hour of leaving the ER turned my lips blue and shot pain through my back and lower belly like crazy. I barely made it home to my bed as I was in so much pain. She also told us if the pain persisted and we could not find anyone to do the ultrasound to return to the ER during the day they could not refuse the ultrasound as I was having huge pains.

Four days later only one liquid diet and still in extremely horrific back pain and migraines we go back to said ER because no one would honor the ultrasound prescription. They again take blood and state that itís all clear and compare it with all my other results. No physical examination. Give me something for nausea that yet again causes me additional pain. They kept me for about 5hours then come to release me tell me there is nothing they can do, by this point I am hysterically crying because I am in extreme pain and NO one wants to help or do anything about it. So, they agreed to do a CT Scan as opposed to a ultrasound. Yet another 2hours go by and the idiot comes in room and says you have a mass on your kidney but that has nothing to do with your pain and weíre letting you go get a PCP and leaves room.

We sit there like deer in headlights thinking WTH did this man just say why is he so damned rude and are you kidding me NOTHING? Is wrong still?? Now, Iím just getting angry because its quite apparent no one gives a dam if I die or live. Iíve been poked and prodded over 50 times at least. I have tracks of holes all over my arms because it takes at least 6 attempts for the idiots to get blood because I have problem veins and they hurt me each and every poke. Iíve had bruises on my arms for weeks and truly who wants to be poked yet again??? Seriously.

When the nurse returns to release us I ask her what are we supposed to do care here is awful I feel like if I were home Iíd be fixed by now. I know I am not crazy I am yet again leaving the dam hospital in just as much pain if not more than when I came in. Taking blood has turned me into a pincushion and that crap is not cute and I donít like being poked or walking around full of holes and bruises. She had no solid advice to give or suggest she said she wasnít from the area! ARGH!! She did however give me a copy of my CT Scan results.

Here where the plot thickens because by this time I am telling them until this I am a healthy young woman no diagnosed illnesses other than apnea and building disk neither of which has to do with this issue. Only hospitalization was for cesarean and birth of my son 11 years ago. My CT Scan results state I have a mass on my right kidney could be fatty tissue but it is unknown and would have to be determined by further investigation with an ultrasound. It also states that I have sclerotic issues. Stated all my organs were proper and functional with exception of the above two. The idiot doctor neither clarified nor explained either and yet that was on my paperwork and neither did I know about prior too.

So, back to first base weíve taken all the paperwork weíve gotten and all the information weíve heard and gotten and tried to make heads or tails of it all and welp not much luck.

With the new sclerotic information that would explain some of my extreme back pains but not the shooting pains in my predominantly left side. It does not explain the kidney infection like burning and pain that I have daily. It does not explain the shooting of pain to my mid-back area and shoulders. It does not explain the daily constant migraines. It does not explain the necessity to change my diet and completely lay off caffeine.

This is where I am no where to go here that will help me we have tried to find a PCP and most are not accepting new patients. I donít have insurance and I know this is why we are getting some of the crap we are but we tried to do it the proper way we tried to get a PCP and pay cash for my help we had no problem doing that. But we keep running into dead ends and they keep telling me even though I am in screaming pain and nothing is wrong.

I feel like my health is spiraling out of control and there is nothing I can do to fix it I feel like I am going to go crazy. Itís very difficult to keep saying I hurt and no one is listening or gives a dam and that I know something is wrong with my body. I pay very close attention to my body due to family history of many medical problems I monitor changes closely. I know when something is wrong I know when I am different than I was before. I can tell that its not just back pain from the sclerotic issues I can tell its my organs hurting. I also refuse narcotics because where we are there is a huge controversial issue with them doctors are quick to prescribe them and people here are addicted to them and well personally I donít care to be addicted nor to I care to take crap that does nothing to fix me only make me worse. I donít like pain and if something associates pain with me I quit doing it unless absolutely necessary.

We are going to try to move back home asap but until then I have to do something to try and find a resolution. If you have any suggestions or have experienced what I have please advise I am very curious as what my possibilities might be. Thanks for reading!

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