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Migraines, Seizures... Please Help!

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Question Migraines, Seizures... Please Help!


My name is Carrie. I'm trying to find someone, anyone, that can tell me what's going on with me. I'm so tired of hurting all the time, and I'm so tired of not knowing what to do about this. I don't have insurance yet, but I do have a doctor I see once a month for my adhd medicine. I have mentioned most of my symptoms to her at one point or another, but since she's seeing me free of charge because of my financial situation - I always feel like I'm a bother to her if I try to make a big deal out of something, plus - she thinks I need a neurologist but said wait until I have insurance before she can refer me because it's going to be too expensive.

All of my symptoms are long term - I'm 22 years old, and I can remember having the majority of these symptoms since I was 12 or 13 years old. I'll list them the best I can:
-Dizzyness throughout the day. (Biggest one.)
-Constant Migraines (Probably said my head hurts like 20 times a day growing up.)
-HORRIBLE Motion Sickness to the point of nausea. I throw up after I get out of a vehicle probably 9 out of 10 times. (Use 2 make me have to lay down for hours after a bus ride home when I was a kid - couldn't handle it.)
-Extreme sensitivity to light (Makes my migraine even worse, can't drive during day, can't look in front of me without extreme squinting when not wearing shades.)
-Lactose Intolerant (Since Birth)
-Feinting / Seizures (Known of seizures since I was 13... more on that later.)
-Have episodes where I cant stand up from being dizzy and face gets hot and sweaty at same time cold though. Must lay down because head will feel heavy, most of the time nausea will accure with some vomiting.
-Memory, but more like short term because it's just words that I should know but can't think of - happens constantly throughout day. Forming sentences and just simple stuff. Try to talk but I forget simple words I'm trying to say like "world", but I'll remember the synonym like I'll say, "earth". It's so frustrating.
- I always get light headed if I stand up too quickly. Example would be the multiple times I fall down when getting up to turn off the alarm in the morning.
-Frequent Insomnia, usually due to migraines causing too much pain but sometimes not.
-Itchy blisters that I get on my hands usually in times of stress. Hands appear red and cracked and start to peel around the blister type sores. (Doctor already said possible psoriasis.)
-Constantly Cold. Like, always. I live in Florida. My boyfriend want's me to point out my hands and feet are always extremely cold too.
-Would get wrist pain easily. Not numbness, but like muscle pain. Sometimes would be in one wrist, sometimes in others. Sometimes in both. Parents advised it was growing pains... I self diagnosed Carpel Tunnel at 17.

These Symptoms have been more recent:
-Teeth have been chipping easily, getting holes in them. Recently had to have a moler removed because of infection. (Teeth are not rotten, I do have healthy brushing habits and brush my teeth as often as I shower and have since I was younger.)
-Bones Ache, all over. To be specific: back, legs, and my sides.
-Legs constantly "pop", if I sit down for a few minutes I get stiff all over and my legs will crack when I stand up. Sleeping is always uncomfortable, this goes way back to childhood as my legs always hurt and I move constantly. If I stretch my legs in bed they are cracking.

To give you an idea of my childhood, I'm the first of my moms 13 kids.

When my dad got custody of me and my little brother when I was 12 years old, my stepmom was the first to notice me having a seizure and took me to the doctor. We were walking at the ravines and it was a hot day so we were going to go to get food, she said I was having a seizure at Mcdonalds so called a hospital. I really don't remember very much honestly, I remember people talking to me in and out, but it was kinda blurry and confusing. When we were at the hospital she explained to the doctor what happened, said I was just sitting there staring into space when she notices my arm was shaking and I wasn't responding but my eyes were open and head would jerk and shake sorta. Said her mom used to have them, while she was telling the doctor my little brother said, "guys, she does that all the time - it's normal." So apparently I may have been having them before but had to get out of my moms house for someone to notice. (With living at my moms with all the kids, someone had to be bleeding from every orfice or have a tempature of over 106 degrees for something to be serious.)

After the seizure, my stepmom took me to get an EEG, Cat Scan, and MRI when I was 13. The doctors found a hole in my brain and he said it was because I was malnourished. From what I remember they said my brain litrally started to eat away at itself for nourishment? They gave me some oral medicine and wanted me to come back, but then my mom got custody of me later that year and said I didn't really have seizures the doctor was lying so I never went back and was taken off the medicine.

Since then, I've had a few occasional seizures. Actually had one at the health department while I was there for a different reason, and when I was given Dylantin for it it caused me to have more seizures and really dizzy and burned my arm through the iv.

Although the only case of seizures in my family is my Uncle Mikey - who died in his sleep from a brain aneurism in his 30's. His seizures were drug induced and from a car accident. But one thing my grandma brought up, (who was with me at the hospital when I was given the meds) was that when given dosages of the dylantin - he responded the exact same way as me with the reactions.

Last week I had insomnia that started with a 2 day migraine. I felt extreme pressure on my head, and down the back of my neck. On the 3rd day as I was trying to sleep, my boyfriend came to check on me and said that when I went to set up in bed I went into a "full arms flailing" seizure. Since then I've been having constant migraines almost everyday, most of the time it last 2-3 days at a time.

Only other thing my mom said I should mention is the fact that I didn't start my first period until I was 16, and then didn't have another one for 11 months. My period has never been normal, but that may also be due to the depo I started taking shortly after my second period.

Adderall 20 Mg - Once Daily - For 10 years+
Depo - 1 Shot every 3 months - For 4 years

Family Medical History

Moms Side of Family:
-Multiple Diabetes
-Multiple High&Low Blood Sugar
-Uncle has history of heart attacks, poss work related though.
-Grandma and Great Grandma have had Panchreitas*.

Mom has been diagnosed with:
-Severe Arthritis in back, hips, knees, wrist.
-Manic Depressive
-Recently White Brain Matter Disease

Dads Side of Family:
-Multiple Diabetes

Dad has:
-Diabetes (Although no one in his family is on isulin for it at this time.)

I have been diagnosed with:
Gran Mal Seizures when I was 13.

Anyone who has any advice please let me know. I'm going to be looking into getting insurance soon but I need to find out whats causing these migraines soon before I lose my job!

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