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FunFamily 08-27-2011 04:01 PM

Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
Last night I had a call from the doctor to say that i had to get some antibiotics as I have MRSA. I need to know am I infectious. This aparently is the third time I have tested positive, although I was never told about the previous times. Two of my family were pregenant around the time i had it previously, and both of them miscarried, is this down to being my fault. I want my 81 year old mother to come and stay, but need to know she is going to be safe. Community Nurses come in three times a week and have done for the three years that i have had wounds from operatins that won't heal up. I remove the dressings in the morning, when I soak in a bath with a capful of Hibbi Scrub. I then put gause over both wounds until Nurse comes to do the dressings. I am so sorry this is a long post, I ramble when i am worried, and by heck I am worried. I have 2 year old comes and sees me regular, i have family living at home, and 81 yr mother that likes to come and stay for weeks at a time, I have friends I see regular and they are diabetics, are all these people safe....Is there any rules i should be following...I have been told nothing!!!

amyd 08-28-2011 01:27 AM

Re: Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
When I was diagnosed with MRSA on X-Mas Eve day, three years ago, I was immediately admitted to the hospital and started on a heavy duty antibiotic(s) IV regime for the entire 4 day stay in a totally isolated/sterile room.
However, prior to being admitted, I was around people all the time, and nobody ever came down with ANYTHING. Go figure!

[QUOTE] Is there any rules i should be following...I have been told nothing!!![/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Community Nurses come in three times a week[/QUOTE]
The next time you see them, whould be an excellent opportunity to ask them your question.

FunFamily 08-28-2011 06:03 AM

Re: Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
Thanks Amy,
Yeah i will ask when they come in tomorrow, but they don't tell a lot, hense why they didn't tell me i had it before, 3 years of this *rap is taking it's toll, I can't help worrying.

I have said on a number of occasions before that it would have made sense to admit me and give the anti-biotic introveniously (? spelling) and blast it good and proper.... Community nurses don't know either why there hasn't been more interaction from the hospital... Caroline

JJ 08-28-2011 08:52 AM

Re: Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
For now I would just explain to the family that you would prefer them to keep away until you definately find out if you can or can't infect them. Usually if it is a wound the MRSA is contained to that area and as long as it isn't touched by others they should be ok. I doubt you were the cause of the 2 lost pregnancies.

My husband had MRSA while in the hospital 3 years ago and was confind to a sterile room and I had to wear a gown and mask while visiting. I also had to either toss the clothes he had there or bring a few home and totally wash them at least twice.

Why you were never told this before is above and beyond me. Hopefully the antibiotics will get it out of your system but some antibiotics don't touch MRSA so they have to get the right ones. Hubby was on 3, 2 orals and one through an IV.

Wishing you the best and keep us posted...JJ...:wave:

FunFamily 08-28-2011 01:16 PM

Re: Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
Thanks JJ, yeah it is all beyond me too. Also unfortunate that I get told at the end of surgery at the start of the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Limited staff and even tomorrow when the nurse comes in, she isn't one of my own team, so she won't know me and nor me her... just hope she can answer questions I have. Thanks again JJ... I hope your hubby is ok, and enjoying good health again.

JJ 08-28-2011 01:30 PM

Re: Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
Well she should beable to tell you if your putting anyone else at risk at least. Boy some of these medical people are unreal aren't they? Anything like that should be fully explained. A friend of ours got it in a wound on his arm but they said he was not putting anyone at risk but he did have to have it drained a few times as the infection just wouldn't go completely away.

Yes hubby is fine but when he had it he was already in the hospital for a severe case of the flu so his was contagious. Let us know what the nurse says anyway tomorrow so hopefully you get some answer.

Best wishes and good luck...JJ...:wave:

FunFamily 08-31-2011 02:15 PM

Re: Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
Hi JJ thank you,
Well the Nurse came in on Monday and couldn't tell me an awful lot, she told me what they would do in hospital, but not in the community, she was going away and finding out from her boss and ringing me back, well I am still waiting for that call and its wednesday now... Today the Skin Viability Nurse came in before the regular team and we had a chat about it, she told me that no I wouldn't have been the cause of my two grandaughters both miscarrying, and that there is a lot of Myths now concerning MRSA. She told me that when my wounds are covered they aren't a danger to anyone, and usually while the wounds are u ncovered I don't have anyone in the house... (think she forgot about the other 4 that live in the house with me, (hubby and kids). But I do know that if anyone has a sore throat, or a cold or anyone that the immune system might be low, then not to get close with the wounds uncovered, and she believes that for a healthy person to get any of this they would have had to put their fingers into the wounds and eat their food.... Gross I know...such a wonderful person lol. Anyway, I feel much happier, I can go out and shop when i am feeling ok, (when pain eases) and my family are all good times again... Thank you very much ... just being able to converse my fears here on the message board helped me to keep calmer than i was before i found these boards.. Thank you x x

JJ 08-31-2011 02:44 PM

Re: Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
Well at least you got some answers so glad to hear that. Yes I believe the fella that had it in a wound was told the same thing, not to worry about being around his grandkids as that was his main concern. Hubby had it in his system which is a lot different.

Thanks for the update and stay well...JJ...:wave:

sjb 08-31-2011 03:14 PM

Re: Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
HI I know someone who had Staph Aureus and took 10 days of clindimycin antibiotic. Later it came back and the doctors refused to do an I.V. to get rid of it.
Later they took tea tree losenges, applied ointments to the area containing eucalyptus and tea trea oil. They also went to a naturopath who gave herbs and the problem dissipated over maybe a year, but prior to this had the infection close to 4 years! Ha! I like natural stuff! Sometimes it seems far superior to the other. :D

Jome 09-04-2011 02:49 AM

Re: Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please

Its amazing that in this day and age we can get such bad service from health professionals in the UK...

Firstly we all live with millions/billions of germs living on and in our body, in the soil, on door handles, on work surfaces and so on and many are capable of killing us.
Many people have MRSA in their noses (10%) was the last statistic I heard) and come to no harm at all.

Without such stimulus our bodies immunity would not be able to deal with any germs (viruses bacteria fungal and yeast).
This puts your problem into perspective, however you need a sensible answer as to the safety with your mum etc.

Antibiotics kill good germs and cause many problems...

You will get the answer that you seek from a Naturopath

Consult a Naturopath in your area. My family have uses one for over 5 years and I would trust this discipline with even the most deadly of diseases its not only for minor stuff its for very serious health issues without using dangerous medicines and without any side effects apart from getting well naturally.

Good luck!


FunFamily 09-05-2011 03:57 PM

Re: Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
Hi Jome,
Thanks very much for your message.. I was very panicked when I had first heard and then with the doctor mentioning the MRSA i had around May (i didn't know about it) but I had worked myself up into a very big panic attack, as it was on the time of the previous bout of MRSA that both grandaughters had mis-carriages, I was blaming my self for their biggest heartache in their young lives... I was convinced it was my fault. BUT... when i eventually shared my fears with the nurse, she siad said there has never been anything about it causing miscarriages, she was most positively definate absolutely sure..... and so it is a big sigh of relief I had let out...and so now i can talk to the girls, and look them in the eye knowing that I had not made them unsafe. and of course, prior to that, I had already been told that I wasn't a danger to my mum. Thank God..Thank you all so much....Hopefully the infection has cleared up, although i am still getting hot flushes... and feeling sick, so I do have my doubts... but never have i felt so relieved.
Caroline xx

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