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Twisted Metal 10-26-2011 12:45 PM

strange symptoms please help swelling joints extreme bloating
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hi i am seeking help and advice. im 23 year old female new to this site

start off with quick background.

depression/anxiety basically whole life

bedwetting on and off from age 14 till now

some kind of eating disorder never diagnosed because i never talk about it but i have starved myself and abused diuretics in the past

april 2010 a strange bubble formed on my wrist and slowly since then i have developed a bubble on the other wrist and my arm swollen ankles swollen knees and worst of all swollen fingers it was not diagnosed as arthritis because blood test showed no arthritis but i was told it was built up joint fluid and given no reason why and took prednisone small dose which i stopped a month ago currently only experiencing mild swelling of my fingers takin no meds for it i have noticed it is worse when i eat gluten foods like pasta and bread

5"9 125 lbs

so here it is and this is what i need help with. starting in june which was 4 months ago i noticed i was getting strangly severly bloated after eating or drinking anything. weather it be a slice of pizza an apple a cup of yogurt anything! and a feeling of fullness the kind you get after your thankgiving dinner and dessert. but after just eating a cup of yogurt or a cookie or a candy bar. so it got worse and worse slowly. at first naturally i blamed myself that i was eating to much and turned to my old friend diuretics which i have heavily abused in the past. abused meaning the recommended dose dont exceed 4 in a day i would have 8-16 a day sometimes. it was getting very bothersome and i would cry about it alone because my beautiful flat stomach that i work so hard to maintain is gone

i cut out gluten and for awhile it helped a lot not just my bloating but also my arthritis-like symptoms and after much research stopped taking prednisone and wellbutrin too for awhile but it didnt help.

cutting out gluten stopped helping. it slowly got worse now i am bloated everyday extremly bloated. im not exagerating i look pregnant and at this point it wont go away.

i started taking digestive enzymes, stomach acid with peptin, fennel seed pills and tea. all of them were very much helping for only a short time like 3 weeks.

started taking a multivitamin and prenatal vitamin thinking maybe i had some kind of vitamin deficincy messing up digestion.

once or twice there was mucus in my stool. yellow mucus.

had tests done for liver, pancreas all negative. had tests for a intestinal obstruction, gallstones, gallbladder, kidney stones all negative.

started taking candida fighting pills and grapefruit seed extract thinking its candida. hasnt helped. also many good probiotics. hasnt helped.

gas x and activated charcoal help a little.

currently waiting for test to see if i have parasites or bacterial overgrowth. i doubt i have a parasite because i have no diareah

ok so here i am depressed bloated i wont go out with my friends i stay home all day only seeing my brother and my mother because i feel so fat and disgusting. my beatiful flat stomach has become a big bloated beach ball.

also i didnt mention even though i am suffering from this extreme bloating i have lost 7 lbs which is unusual my weight has always been around 125 lbs now about 118.

so what i need help with is to stop this bloating i dont know if it is water retention or gas or both. i do know that when i miss a meal i no longer have that sensation of my tummy grumbling never never. i hardly pass gas at all anymore. when i take the gas x i do pass gas and it releives the bloating some.

however when i take the fennel and i go pee it also releives the bloating.

so what is wrong with me? at this point after trying to many herbs and supplements and tests i wonder if i have permanetly damaged my body from my diuretic abuse which by the way went on from when i was 19 on and off till this bloating started, or perhaps i damaged my body with my eating disorder in the past which was basically me just starving myself sometimes eating nothing for a whole day or eating less then a meal which i have done a lot in the past.

now i am eating a lot more and a lot worse due to my depression. but it hasnt helped my bloating. i havent taken diuretics in awhile.

o yeah im def not pregnant.

is this stress? or is it from my diuretic abuse and starving myself? or do i have some crazy digestive disorder? is it gas retention? water retention? why is it getting worse? i want it to stop!!! please help!!!
i have uploaded 2 photos so you can see i am not exagerating! one is my stomach back in march. one is my stomach from today.

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