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Please Help

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FuzijaCZ HB User
Please Help

Hello everyone.

I have decided finally to write up on the internet and see if I can manage to find some solution to my problems.

So, to start off, I am 32, male, living in Czech Republic. I am originally from Bosnia, but have moved to Czech Republic five years ago due to the work.

I believe this mail will be quite long, but I really would like to explain my situation in hopes that some professional would be able to help me, or at least guide me in the right direction.

Would like to begin with my childhood and retrospectively explain my medical problems. At the age of 5, I have had meningitis, and have spent some time in the hospital due to this. Donít ask me what kind and all the details, as I was 5 and donít quite remember it. After that, throughout my childhood, I was fairly healthy, except the fact that I had chronic bronchitis and had at least once per yea a pneumonia due to this.

After and unfortunate events that happened in my country, war and all, the bronchitis disappeared and I was quite healthy, although it did leave some markings on me as for having difficulties breathing at time while doing sports and some physical activity.

At the age of 18, I began to smoke cigarettes, and no, I am not proud of it.

After this period, I was more or less healthy, except occasional cold, I considered myself a healthy person.

My problems began in 2005, where I started having couple of symptoms. First was, strange tickling in my throat, and inability to cough up the phlegm from the throat or sinuses. I went to the doctor, and nothing was found, just later to be diagnosed with chronic cold.

At the same time, in 2005, I began to have cramps in my stomach and problems with digestion as well as heart palpitations and difficulty breathing at times. I went to the doctor, who, by some way, from my blood, found helicobacter pylori. I was given triple dosage (three different) antibiotics and antacid. After a month of using this, I was supposed to be cleared of the helicobacter. As for my palpitations, they did an EKG and stress test and told me there were no problems with my heart or lungs. To come back to my stomach, after the therapy, not much had change, I still had problems with digestion, and some more problems started occurring. For example, I used to be able to eat a lot of spicy food and drink a lot of coffee, and after the treatment, I was unable to have either of those. Both would make me really feel sick and bad.

I moved to Czech Republic in 2006 and in 2007 I went to a friend who worked in the hospital to get myself checked, did a full blood workup. I went there due to some additional health problems, such as being tired all the time, not able to gather some strength at all, plus I started having really bad heartburn. All my blood tests (complete work up including infectious disease and HIV) came back negative. Also, they did an X-RAY of my chest and said that my lungs were ok. Due to the problems with heartburn, and previous stomach problems I had from helicobacter, I was sent for an endoscopy. After an endoscopy, I was diagnosed with GERD and was given Helicid 20mg per day, and no further actions needed from my side.

I finished a bottle of Helicid, and I considered the problem to be solved, as the doctor didnít tell me I need to continue using it. Also, biopsy sample of the endoscopy came back negative. So, I considered myself healthy and I moved on with my life.

In 2009, I have had some family problems, and I went to psychiatrist who prescribed me Aurorix 300mg and after few months, depressions were gone, and I stopped using it after about 8-9 months.

At the end of 2009, I decided to quit smoking, after careful consideration, I wanted to do something for my health. I went to the counseling ambulance where they prescribed me Champix, a medicine to help with quiting the smoking, withdrawals and so on, as I was quite strong and passionate smoker. Whilst mentioning smoking, I am also occasional drinker, but not the person who drinks alcohol every day. Mostly on weekends, white wine, some times beer and couple of shots, mostly Jaggermeister, but only on special occasions, such as work team buildings, etcÖ

So, I finally quit cigarettes right before Christmas time 2009, and I felt quite good. The only problem was that my cravings for food and appetite were heavily increased, so was my intake of all kinds of foods, both healthy and junk food as well. In quite short period of time, 3-4 months, I have gained almost 20kg (around 45 pounds). Started having problems with high blood pressure and also at that time, I had paralysis of the thoracicus longus on my right shoulder. Same thing happened to me in 1991, where I had the same condition, but on the left sholder (missed that part above). And in 1991, medicine in my country I guess was not all that developed, so the doctors didnít know what was wrong with me, until all of a sudden my condition improved.

The same thing happened in January 2010, where I had problems with thoracicus longus, and I was on Tramal for the pain for about a month, until the problems disappeared couple of months later. One thing to mention here was that at the time, I had to take a blood sample, and my ALT/ALS levels were a bit increased as well as bilirubin. Doctor contributed these to Tramal intake and had also ordered hepatitis tests, which came back negative.

Unfortunately, having always been resolving problems with the help of cigarette, I decided to start smoking again in April 2010, due to the fact that I was getting angry for no apparent reasons and also quite nervous all the time, to the point where it had begun to influence my relationship with my girlfriend. Also at that time, I was promoted to manager at work, which contributed to my stress levels as well as my anger.

My real problems began in July 2010, where I went for vacation to the seaside. I had cut my foot on a rock and I was given my the local doctor 3 days worth of antibiotics, Sumamed I believe was the name (herbal base antibiotics).

I have returned home and on the same day after the return, I was sitting in my living room where I felt quite strong chest pressure and tachycardia to the point where I was having difficulties breathing. I stood up, went for a short walk in the garden, and the feeling was slowly gone. I contributed the feeling to very hot weather, + 40 Celcius, plus the 500km drive from seaside + the fact I still had the antibiotics that day.

I returned back home to Czech Republic and these kinds of episodes started happening more often as well as other medical problems such as constipation, diahrea at times, pain and cramps in stomach, occasional fresh blood in stool, difficulty urinating and alcohol intake was also impossible as it would make me quit sick to my stomach.

I had gone to a private clinic as I wanted to find out what is happening soon, and there they had taken a complete blood work up as well as the ultrasound of entire stomach area, including liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and prostate. Everything checked normal so they ordered me for one more ultrasound to check my small intestine, and the only finding was that the content of small intestine was moving slower than usual, and they prescribed me some physical activity, which I did. Also, they scheduled me for colonoscopy to check the problems with the blood and yellow mucous in my stool. I had undergone the colonoscopy and there was a finding, a fistula in between small and large intestine. They suspected a Chronís disease and they sent a sample for biopsy, which came back negative. Also, had visited proctologist who checked my anus and he found a fissure, guessing due to the frequent constipation, which could be the answer for the fresh blood in the stool.

After this, their work was done, and the doctor diagnosed my health problems with ďpsychosomatic disorderĒ and suggested to me I should visit a psychologist. I did exactly that and also visited my psychiatrist for some more magic pills. Psychologist did some test and did tell my I had depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorder but couldnít do anything more, as she believed that my physical problems had also something to do with my trauma from the 4 years of war in my country, and as she didnít have any experience working with postwar people, she kind of gave up. My psychiatrist put me back on Aurorix 300mg and Mirzaten 30mg for sleeping. My sleeping got improved with Mirzaten, but my other problems havenít and I was having more and more frequent episodes of panic attacks. From Aurorix, she switched me to Cipralex 10mg, and when that didnít help, she began increasing Cipralex to 30mg per day, which made my condition even worse, to the point where I had 4-5 panic attacks per day. She then switched me to Zoloft 50mg, and that didnít help me much. So, then she decided to send me to hospital, where she used to work, in order for doctors to try to help me there. I spent 2 months in the hospital, where I was at different kind of medication (diagnosis GAD Ė Generalized Anxiety Disorder) including Zoloft (200mg per day), Quetiapine, Loseprazol for GERD and Promethazine for sleeping. While in hospital, I was also on non fat diet due to my stomach problems, and after two months being there, my condition began to improve ďa bitĒ and they released me from hospital and I was back at work again.

My psychiatrist took me off the Zoloft on my request, as it was having a lot of side effects, one of which was inability to have sexual intercourse, due to the fact I couldnít reach an orgasm, no matter how hard I tried. Now, when off from Zoloft, I can function normally in that area.

I have been out from hospital almost 5 months now, and I have begun to have even more serious problems with my health. First, I was found a gallstone in my gallbladder, which doctors said I need to take out, and whilst having second ultrasound, they found haptopathy of my liver and lipomatosis of my pancreas (fatty liver and pancreas). I do have pain on my right side of the abdomen and also pressure under both ribcages (my spleen is normal size according to ultrasound). I went to my doctor, who did complete blood work up, and all the results came back negative except two things. One was that my sed rate was high due to some inflammation in my body and another that my bilirubin and my LDL cholesterol were high. Also, I have a quite red throat, and I did a scrape test two weeks ago, which came back negative. One thing I forgot to mention above, is when I was in hospital, I had staphylococcus aureus, which was resolved with antibiotics, so the doctor suspected that it might be back, but it is not. So she attributed red throat and hoarseness to GERD.

Last week I had visited the surgeon which is supposed to operate my gallbladder and he had sent me to gastroenterologist first, saying that mucous in my stool for already year in a half is not a normal thing. I am having gastro check up next week and then I will see what to do and where to move on. Besides that, I have started to have a bit of pain in the right side of the neck and found a small pea-sized lump above my collarbone. Now that freaks me out as well, but knowing the lymphatic system, it can happen that body is fighting off some infection, and I am trying not to freak out regarding this as well. Also, I have had stiff neck and lower back pain for the past year and a half, including sciatic nerve problems on my right side shooting pain down my back right thigh.

I am desperate already, one and a half year of feeling miserable and nobody being able to help me or tell me what the heck is wrong with me. I am scared, but I donít want to sound hypochondriac, although, sometimes I do not have other options than to freak out at the situation. Was the GAD misdiagnosis and are all my symptoms underlying a hidden condition? I am clueless and desperate for any kind of help or answer, as living in an uncertainty is the worst thing that can happen to a person. I am tired all the time, my mental health is very much influenced by my physical state, and vice versa.

I would appreciate some insight in the situation, as my doctors never really had time to listen to anything what I wrote above, as they seem to be in the hurry and who would want to listen to all that babble I wrote above?!?

Please, if anyone has time to read all this, I would appreciate some insight, some direction, anything would be appreciated what I can do or ask my doctors to do, as I am really desperate already.

Thank you in advance.

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solofelix (11-08-2011)
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Re: Please Help

Goodness me!!... you have certainly been through a lot. I send you best wishes and hope your health soon improves.
You have been on so many Antibiotics over the years. I'm not a Dr so I can only make a guess at your many symptoms.
Antibiotics are very hard on the stomach and that alone could cause problems elsewhere in the body. Have you been checked for CANDIDA as a number of your symptoms could relate to that and it is a possibility after so many Antibiotics.
I wish you well,

Old 11-08-2011, 06:46 AM   #3
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FuzijaCZ HB User
Re: Please Help

Originally Posted by solofelix View Post
Goodness me!!... you have certainly been through a lot. I send you best wishes and hope your health soon improves.
You have been on so many Antibiotics over the years. I'm not a Dr so I can only make a guess at your many symptoms.
Antibiotics are very hard on the stomach and that alone could cause problems elsewhere in the body. Have you been checked for CANDIDA as a number of your symptoms could relate to that and it is a possibility after so many Antibiotics.
I wish you well,
Hi solofelix.

Thank you for the nice words.

No, I don't believe I have been tested for candida, as I have never even heard about it, so I am now researching symptoms to see whether I fall into any of those symptom categories.

Thanks once again.

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FuzijaCZ HB User
Re: Please Help

Originally Posted by iwillgtwell View Post
Look up Dr. Joe Burrascano's symptom list for Lyme Disease and common co-infection, Bartonella. It's quite possible you have these two diseases. I'm very sorry for what you are going through.
Thank you.

I will I guess have to find a doctor who will be attentive and test for any of the above suggestions, so I am really hoping to resolve this either way, I just hate being in uncertainty.

Thanks once again.

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