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coccyx 09-25-2012 09:45 AM

Coccyx pain and need help reading mri results
Hi everyone, i am 26 yrs old and have severe coccyx pain and would love for someone to help me understand what my mri results mean. so here it goes

At the tip of the coccyx there is suspected enhancing tract extending ventrally, measuring 9 mm. this does not convincingly connect with the bowel. There is also minimal enhancement along the posterior aspect of the distal coccyx with the linear area measuring 7 mm. This may reach the level of the skin. Clinical correlation is essential.

The urinary bladder is smooth in contour. Appropriate MRI signal is demonstrated with regards to the musculature. Appropriate vascular enhancement is present.

Appropriate muscle signal is demonstrated.

Subtle linear enhancement noted at the tip of the coccyx that extends both ventrally and dorsally. The dorsal extention is suspected to reach the level of the skion. The ventral extension does not convincingly extend to the bowl loop. Clinical correlation advised with regards to the site of the sinus tract. The remainder of the examination is unremarkable.

Thank you to everyone willing to help!!

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