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  • Swollen Lymph Node/Fatty Tissue/HYPOCHONDRIAC = Absolute nerveball! - Help please???

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    Red face Swollen Lymph Node/Fatty Tissue/HYPOCHONDRIAC = Absolute nerveball! - Help please???

    Hey Guys,

    So I have come on here as I actually just need some where to vent and relieve what a difficult week it has been. Firstly let me tell you a bit about myself; I am a 23 yr old, female and live in the UK, I have and always probably will be a hypochondriac and I am probably going through my first official 'health scare'.

    It all started last Saturday night, I was a bit ill with a cold and was feeling my neck (for swollen glands), coincidentally I managed to feel a small lump on the right side of my neck. At this point, I could only really feel it if I craned my neck and ran my finger down it, it was about the size of a pea and was easily moving under my finger. Anyway, I grabbed my house mate for a second opinion and she didn't seem bothered and said I was over reacting and was looking for it! After doubly checking it that night I left it and went to bed, preparing to 'brush it off' and wait a couple of weeks... Oh, if only so easy. All day I shrugged off the gym and instead carried on feeling it and feeling sorry for my self, however I managed to stay off Google. Work arrived Monday and I carried on with my, wait a couple of weeks idea, but ended up telling my close friends at work and my boss, this was after working myself into an absolute distressed nerveball at work! Anyways, I cracked and begged to leave so I could get to the docs (not the best career move). After running riot all over to get seen by a docs (I was not registered), I ended up admitting defeat and decided to wait another night and go to the walk in centre the following morn.

    However, that night I came home and stupidly googled the 'lump in neck' and was greeted by some absolute horrors (I swear I can now diagnose lymphoma and reel off all the lymph glands). Typical Hypochondria move there??? Before this I had no idea what a lymph node was and now I had a swollen one and lymphoma or HIV or a cancer in my brain - the possibilities are endless right?? I didn't sleep well and was up at six for the bus to the walk in centre. In I went and waited, an hour later (and a convo with my boss explaining why I would be late) and I was in the GP's room. I mentioned the lump and the region and low and behold here came the questions; 'Night sweats' - nope, 'Fatigue?' - nope, 'Weight loss?/Loss of appetite' - I wish (first joke cracked in 48hrs). Then he got me up and started feeling my neck, he felt the suspicious places, and ran over the actual lump with a.... 'I can feel something, but it seems normal' line. He also checked my armpits and groin. The next bit is the best bit - 'I believe that you're fine', I pulled a face and he was like 'I believe 99.99% you're fine, it seems normal and if I could let you feel my neck to compare I would'. I still did not believe him, so he offered me a blood test, so I agreed and he gave me a (no lie) piece scrap paper with 7 things to test in my blood. I asked for the blood test at the walk in and they said, I need to register. So I left it. I felt ok now, but not 100%, so on the bus to work I started googling the things he was checking for in my blood and of course they were all cancer related. Why would he be checking for this if it was ok?

    Anyway, I got through work and found my local Doctor's practice, went to register but missed the closing time. I promised to go in the morn and then started reasoning with myself and was like; I will go in a week instead and see if it improves'. Of course then all I could do was touch the damn thing and not ignore it at all. By weds afternoon I was breaking down at work again and upsetting people, so straight after work I decided to go for a second opinion and hit the walk in centre again. It was busy!! I managed to get on top of the emotions after that, still touching the lump (which has definitely doubled in size) I googled hypochondria instead and found a bit more comfort in similar stories and managed to stay calm...Until today - this afternoon has been my worst! The lump has now doubled in size and my skin near it is warm and there are two spots around the area - probably because I can't stop feeling it? Anyway, I ended up crying in work and my boss had to talk me round (so freaking embarrassing). I managed to swerve work for an hour and went back to the walk in centre (mostly for mental help), I saw a nurse and she took a feel of my lump and said it felt like fatty tissue over the node to her and she said get my bloods done as she can't say what it may be. I managed to register with my new docs after and I am now going to ring on Monday morn to see if I can get an appointment, in which the lump/lymph/fatty tissue will have to be analysed for a third time before bloods.

    I need help. All I can think is lymphoma.. and why would one professional say one thing and then someone else another? Oh and why is it growing, is it growing through touching it? Can anyway share their stories?

    Thanks xx

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    Re: Swollen Lymph Node/Fatty Tissue/HYPOCHONDRIAC = Absolute nerveball! - Help please

    I think the fact that you feel you are over-reacting means that you likely definitely are over reacting. Lymph nodes swell for many many reasons. Have you had any other symptoms? It is normal to feel nodes. Please get the bloodwork done so they can see if you might have an infection, etc. If the bloodwork shows nothing - calm down and truly wait weeks before you even think about it again. When I first had mine I waited 3 months before going to to doctor, then she suggested we wait 1 more month, then she did an ultrasound to measure it and then 6 months later I had another ultrasound and then a year after that another ultrasound to measure it.

    I have a lymph node somewhere we are not supposed to have lymph nodes and it has been swollen for over 3 years, and the doctors and I barely care. I am now feeling quite sick with systemic things like fevers, night sweats, nausea, recurrent infections etc for 8 months - but I don't know what is going on, they think maybe lupus. I would honestly be surprised if this is all stemming from lymphoma of that lymph node for myself - so in your case please don't worry yourself sick like you have been doing. If it is something bad you WILL feel sick eventually and there is nothing you can really do to change that but deal with it when it occurs. The truth will become apparent eventually. Focus on your work and make any appointments you need to follow the node appropriately but it will not help you at all to freak out - you will not get better care. A swollen lymph node is NOT an emergency and the amount of emotional trauma you are putting yourself through over this sounds extreme! Touching nodes a lot can irritate them and make them grow and definitely cause that warmth. If it grows a lot it is possible that you could have a small infection of that 1 node, which they could hopefully treat with antibiotics. It is possible you just have a virus. Do you have any other symptoms like a sore throat?

    I hope everything smooths out and that you continue feeling well - the node will sort itself out, just do what you need to do - you sound like a smart person, you just need to trust yourself and the doctors more! The one doctor sounded like they just ordered the bloodwork to give you more reassurances, they in no way think that you have cancer. Most of the time nothing shows up in bloodwork for lymphoma anyways.

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