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shalomro 01-27-2013 11:54 AM

R rib and liver pain
I have been experiencing R rib pain for the last 7 months. Internittent but never really going away. It first was a discomfort- felt like a "Stitch" in your side almost but now is radiating down and around much like a kidney pain into the mid-back -only on the r side. I first thought I had a broken rib ( no accidents however) then I thought perhaps I noticed it more when drinking black and green teas. So I've not been drinking any for several months. I rarely drink alcohol. I have now had an abd ultrasound, gallbladder HITA scan , slightly elevated liver enzymes, all tests were negative including those for hepatitis. I even ended up with a mamogram and biopsy that was negative. My chest xray was ok- sl enlarged heart. Just last week a CT scan did show a small dime sized area of the liver that was highly contrasted. The clinic did not feel this was of much consequence. Does anyone know if this is how a fatty liver may be diagnosed? I've seen some posts from almost 10 yrs ago describing the same type thing and would appreceiate knowing how and what youv'e done to alleviate the symptoms. I have no health insurance and am getting tired of the run-around. I am considering the Chinese Herbal supplements. I have done all the natural cleanses -etc. Thanks for any input!

ladybud 01-27-2013 01:27 PM

Re: R rib and liver pain
I would recommend seeing a liver specialist and discussing a possible biopsy of the dime sized area in liver. Also, a bone scan may be worthwhile to see if there is any lesion in the rib, especially if you can pinpoint a tender area in the rib that is very localized (can find it with 1-2 fingers and put a marker on it.) Fatty liver usually presents as a diffuse or widespread, overall change in appearance of the liver texture, not a defined spot, which is more concerning. The Drs and testing facilities will sometimes do a cash discount if you pay without insurance, but I would follow up on this. If you are the age to need colonoscopy, that would be a good place to look as well.

Titchou 01-27-2013 02:17 PM

Re: R rib and liver pain
What was your score on your HIDA scan?

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