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Athenasmama1122 06-10-2013 01:53 PM

Thigh muscles ripping from my bones
For the past few years I have been seeing a neurologist for my migraines and he has been extremely helpful, so when I was sent by my regular physician to see my neurologist for my back/leg issues I figured I would have the same success. My issues came out of no where. All of a sudden the muscles in my thighs tighten up so badly that it legitimately feels like my muscles are being ripped off my bones. The only way I could really describe it to my Dr was like this- Have you ever taken raw chicken off the bones? The sucking ripping sound you hear as the skin and fat are being pulled off is the sound I hear internally. Then it feels like my raw nerves are being exposed to ice cold air. It burns and stings. It is exceptionally painful. My lower back is also very tight to the extent that my husband has to put my socks and sneakers on for me because I cannot bend over to do it myself. I have gone through x-rays, MRIs, bone scans, body scans, nerve conductions study etc. Everything came back clean except the nerve conduction, which showed an issue with my L4 and L5. I then proceeded with bi-lateral nerve blocks which have not helped at all. None of the pain medications help (tramadol, flexeril, and all fibromyalgia meds). My neurologist has diagnosed this as a 'neurological condition' but can't seem to give me an actual diagnosis. I am at a loss of patience here. This is seriously cutting into my life and I am only 28! Any suggestions would be helpful!

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