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sjt336 04-08-2014 10:28 AM

Swollen node in neck, twitching around body, thrush
Ongoing problems here.... surprised they haven't gone away yet. Started when I felt like something was caught in my throat 4 months ago (mid-January). I'm 33 and had been a light smoker (cigarettes and pipe) for about 10 ten years, and a moderate drinker. Never heavy. Went to a clinic and was told it was thrush on my tongue. Doctor put me on Nystatin. That didn't do much, so I went to another clinic and was put on Fluconazole. Had an HIV test, bacterial test, hepatitis test, strep test. All negative. Continued to have moderate swelling where my submandibular glands are, right above the Adam's apple. At one point my neck swelled up in about 15 minutes and even affected the back of my head. Was pretty stressed out about it, but after seeing 4 medical professionals who all blew it off, I calmed down.

I'd spit up a small amount of blood in the shower one morning in early January, before I noticed any catch in my throat. Seemed weird, but it was winter and I blamed it on dry air. Quit smoking just in case. A week later, all these problems in my throat and neck started. (Haven't spit up blood again.)

The thrush pretty much went away by mid-February, but the swelling has continued, although it seems to be getting better -- at a glacial pace. (It's mid-April now, going on 4 months of this.) I went to a dentist in February to see if he saw any trouble with my gums or teeth. Told me I had some gingivitis going on, otherwise no tooth decay or any other problems he could see. Told me I looked pretty healthy. So what's causing this?

Finally broke down and went to an ENT in late February. He stuck a camera all the way down my nose and throat, said he saw no signs of any cancer, and thought it was a bacterial infection -- then non-chalantly told me to get a CT scan, "just in case." I'm not rich. Can't afford a $1500 CT scan unless I'm pretty sure there's something really wrong.

I stuck to the antibiotics for 2 weeks, they seemed to help.

Now it's mid-April and I'm still dealing with minor annoying swelling on the right side of my neck. Haven't consumed tobacco or alcohol since January. Also have avoided bread and sugar as much as possible. The thrush or yeast occasionally shows up on my tongue again, though I've kept it mostly under control as far as I can tell, unless it's deep down in the tissue. Throat swelling seems to be the worst in cold air. Tongue feels swollen and painful about once a week, and I have occasional random mouth sores (nothing too major) that show up and go away in a day or two. I thought this would clear up with warmer spring air, but it's still here. Still feel a small rubbery lump in my neck directly under my jaw -- pretty sure it's a lymph node, but I thought it would go down after 4 months.

If it's a bacterial infection, I can't believe it hasn't gone away yet.

Also have some weird twitching going on all over my body. Had white stool literally one time about a month and a half ago. The Michael Jackson poop has gone back to normal. I don't feel all that stressed. No fevers, no night sweats, no nausea, no vomiting. Feel pretty great except for neck swelling and weird random twitches.

I feel like I should be worried. Been in perfect health my whole life until this. Mostly concerned because of how long this has been going on.

Should I get the CT scan? 4 professionals said they didn't see any signs of cancer. But that was almost two months ago, the stuff is still going on, and I'd love to rule it out.

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