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hereforanswers 11-09-2014 03:34 PM

Full foggy head, vision feels off, feel drunk/hungover
About 5 years ago I remember mentioning to friends that my head felt funny and my vision seemed off, gradually it has gotten worse and now I'm pretty much a recluse that can't leave my house without feeling terrible.

The best way I can describe it is having the worst hangover permanently. If I'm sitting down or in bed I don't notice it as much. I suppose it's kind of a dizzy feeling at times, sometimes I even feel seasickish. I've been to so, so many doctors, had so many tests and no one can tell me what is going on.

Docs have concluded it's not my head, blood pressure, eyes, or ears. I've had countless blood tests and the only thing that is off is my estrogen levels are really, really low. My ENT thought it may be my neck muscles so I've been in vestibular PT but tomorrow is my last appointment after 2 months and I'm not better in the slightest. About 2 years ago I thought it may be diet related so I cut out this and that until I was eating only fruit and vegetables and lost 30 lbs which is probably what caused my estrogen to drop (I've recovered and now have a healthy diet) I'm 31, 120lbs. This has taken over my life, I can't have conversations with people and I'm struggling at work because of the cognitive effects.

lenvegas 11-10-2014 04:35 AM

Re: Full foggy head, vision feels off, feel drunk/hungover
Hi, this is only a guess but candida often times flies under a doctor' radar. It can produce symptoms similar to what you are experiencing. Have you ever been on long term antibiotics? Have you ever had any yeast infections? If your answer is yes then candida is a possibility. Many suffer for years without being diagnosed but there is a test for it...

MiliD 11-11-2014 01:00 PM

Re: Full foggy head, vision feels off, feel drunk/hungover
Hi, I saw something on 20/20 where a guy was experiencing similar issues, especially symptoms of appearing drunk. I vaguely recall, however, I think he was eating too much white flour products. Whatever he was eating was causing alcohol to ferment in his body, thus creating drunken like symptoms. I apologize for not being too precise. Bottom line, your body might be increasing too much alcohol from the foods you eat.

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