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  • Looking for help in North Texas

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    Looking for help in North Texas

    John Cooper
    I have had transient pain most of my life that started around age 7 when I was crying myself to sleep at night because my legs hurt so bad. I was taken to a pediatrician who diagnosed the pain as growing pains and was told that I would grow out of it and not to worry. From that point on any time I had pain in my arms or legs I attributed it to “growing pains” did my best to ignore it and it would subside. That had been the pattern for 30+ years. You see I was going to doctors with severe pain in my body and every time was told that it was tendonitis or some such and to take it easy and it will pass.
    I have also coped with allergies my whole life that annually resulted in a visit to the DR for bronchitis or sinus infections as well as several bouts of walking pneumonia. The typical outcome was a script for anti biotic, prednesone or something to calm the system down. Everything would clear up after a few days or weeks and life went on.
    I am now realizing that I have had other abnormal happenings that were part of my daily life that are in fact symptoms of something. Constant ringing in the ears, facial twitches and itching, Loud “noises” in my head when I am going to sleep, electric shock like muscle spasms, irregular bowel, sensitivity to fragrances and chemicals, and worst of all is the perpetual cognitive haze that is like looking through a dirty windshield.
    About ten years ago I fell and shattered my heel, from that point on I have lived in constant pain, not just in the broken foot but every where. My hands and feet are always feeling like they are either on fire, asleep or being chewed up by a stump grinder. I cant walk more that 50 yards because my hips and heels hurt so bad , I cant sit or stand for more than 15 min, I dont sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours a night, I get these weird patches on my hands, feet and legs that are numb and painful at the same time and they move around. My hands hurt!!! I am never comfortable and spend most of my days in a haze of pain and pain medications.
    In the spring of 2014 I began to educate myself on Lyme disease and co-infections as no other answer had been offered that fit for all of my symptoms. I found many correlations in my symptoms but blood test for Lyme, Bartonella and Babiesa all came back as negative. But my research indicated that the tests can be unreliable in chronic conditions so I began seeking the help of infectious disease specialists. To date all that I have been referred to have declined to even set an initial appointment. As my unexplained condition had become so overwhelming I began following the advise of on-line herbalists and naturopaths.
    Over the recent holidays I had a conversation with my mother about my health and that brought up an interesting incident from my childhood that may hold the key. Around age 5 (1971) we had gone shopping at the local 5 and dime store. This particular store had a pet department in the back corner with lots (to a five year old) of neat fish and animals. As I approached the fish something jumped on my leg and hurt me. That is what I remember, what my mother remembers is that the store was very dirty, the animals did not look healthy and a monkey running loose in the store attacked and bit her child. We believe that it was a rhesus monkey. I was treated by the local DR with a round of antibiotic and then declared to be healthy. It was after that incident that the “growing pains” started. There were several visits to the emergency room for hives.(no explanation ever found) Many Dr visits for high fevers, swollen glands, eye infections, and skin rashes. It was declared that I was very allergic to just about everything but that I would most likely grow out of most of it.

    I have been self treating with two different off the shelf protocols. Salt C+ and some of the recommended herbs by Dr Steven Bhuner. I believe that I am having some success as I have had a few days that everything was so sharp and clear it was weird. These clear days have happened when I have taken a break from the treatment as I just needed a break from the Herxing. I am willing to provide more info on what exactly I am doing if needed.
    That brings us to current symptoms....

    Pain in the bottoms of my feet all the time. My feet often feel frozen cold.
    Numbness on surface skin of the right heel with pain from pressure ( this has happened before on the hands and left foot each time it lasted about a year ).
    Constant tingling and burning coupled with intermittent sharp spikes over both feet.
    Shins hurt when I “walk” ( more like hobble or stagger ). I often have crawling sensations coupled with sharp pricks and cold water drops splashing on my legs. The skin of my lower legs is very shinny and often looks like reptile skin. About half way down from the knee, hair does not grow.
    Legs ache, are heavy and respond slow.
    Right hip and low back on right side, pain. Right hip often feels like a hot metal rod has been jammed into the joint. Standing up requires thought and effort.
    Constant aching and tingling in both hands with sharp intense pain in the knuckles as if I had Jammed a finger. Hands get very cold even when the ambient temp is warm.
    Sharp unexpected pains in the wrists.
    Pain in the forearms that runs from just above the wrists to the elbow. This pain runs between the long muscles.
    Sharp pain on the outside points of my elbows. Very sensitive inside nerve bundle (funny bone) a light touch creates pain in the whole arm. I have several other “pressure Points” like this on both legs, hands and arms. Sometimes there are small nodules that are “super pain” buttons that when bumped affect the whole body.
    Biceps ache.
    Right shoulder aches and has expected sharp stabbing pain. I have been to the emergency room several times in the past for this pain as I thought I had torn a rotator cuft.
    Pain in the middle of my sternum that often runs down the lower edge right side of rib cage.
    Stiff and painful neck. I have had a “crick” in my neck for as long as I can remember.
    Constant ringing in both ears. I have had this as long as I can remember.
    I often get super tender bumps in and around both ears but mostly on the right side. There are two different types, one type is I think a swollen lymph gland. The other is more like a pimple with super pain.
    I often have issues with my eyes not focusing. Sometimes both eyes then sometimes it is only one eye. This affects the left eye more than the right.
    Right side of my sinus cavity stays congested.
    Twitches, pricks and bug crawling sensations on my face.
    Sleep is irregular and never more than 5 hours. I have to use hypnosis to fall asleep. Often before I doze off I have strange sensations like gravity has shifted or electric shock. Sometimes loud bangs or exploding noise that is not noise.
    Upon waking I always have a rushing/ringing sort of sound that is not a sound.
    I am realizing now that I have also been affected mentally. I go through life in a sort of haze and often feel sort of disconnected. I have what I think of as a pain panic state where I am sort of freaked out and very unsettled.

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