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Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

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Old 08-04-2007, 06:16 AM   #1
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greekmama HB User
Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

I feel so desperate to know that my Mom is okay.... I have been looking into visiting a reliable medium. Many of you may not agree with me, but I just miss her so much. Has anyone received any valid signs from a loved one who has passed? Have you visited a medium and if so, was he/she accurate?

Thanks for answering.

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thaliak HB Userthaliak HB Userthaliak HB Userthaliak HB Userthaliak HB Userthaliak HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

Hi greekmama,
She IS OK. Lord wouldn't have taken her is she wasn't! Because HE LOVES US. He is not some guy with a stick out there, thrushing about and saying:
" I got you now! I will show you!" No, He says:" I will take you now because you are ready to be with me."
Rather than visiting mediums, why don't you visit your local church and have a frank talk with the priest there? I dare say this because you used the Greek adjective and I assume you are Christian. If you are not please forgive me.
In any case, a really good book which I found very helpful after my mother died, is : THE SOUL AFTER DEATH by Fr Seraphim ROSE. [removed]
Good luck and God bless you!

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mikosha HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

when I was praying for my dad's soul I asked God to give me a sign that he is well.And I got the sign, no douts.Just pray.

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tippsy HB User
yes i have had more than my share of validation life after death

hello im sorry you feel so desperate and unsure of your grand mothers existance, i can tell you most definately this women will be around you protecting and loving just as she no doubt did in life, go along to the local spiritual meetings and if you go regular enough you will soon seee and hear the proof you so need, also you will be able to decide yourself which mediums you are more sure of im going soon to see JOHN EDWARDS the american psychic from the programme crosssing over i cant wait, as he is the creme de la creme of mediums although i have to say where i live ive got more than my fair share of circuit mediums who have proved beyond doubt there is life after death i also see and hear spirit. often feel people around me and know even if i cant see them i feel each of their individual energies or a smell that i asssociate with some i find it verycomforting i love anything to do with metaphysical abilities. and often persue other avenues such as past life regression or tarot so just sit quiet and draw your nan near asking her to show you something to make youknow beyond doubt fluke or coincedences that the messages she will convey to you are not always the blatent obvious ones you would like. trust in your ability to draw your loved one to you and i guarantee you will know when the signs are there ok take care

Old 08-07-2007, 01:08 PM   #5
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Psimer HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

When I was about 6, my Aunt Chrissy died. I know I saw her on the end of my bed one night looking at me after she died. My mom died Easter Sunday and I came home after it was all over and was takng a nap. I swear I felt her hand caress my face like she used to do when she pushed the hair out of my face.

I know that my aunts who have died are watching out over me. They kept me from committing suicide one day. I know that it was them.

I can't explain how I know that they are there but they are. It's as if I can feel them and their influence on my life. When things were at their worst, something good happens. And it's them. They are watching and helping me out every day. I don't know what I would do without them.

If you need something, call and see if you can get an appointment with John Edwards. I am sure his readings aren't cheap but if it gives you a sense of peace then every penny is worth it.


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Vixieloo HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

When my Mom was living with my family nearing the end of her lung cancer battle I asked her to please give me clear signs that she was ok after her death. I have had several validations that my Mom is very much around me since her death December 6th, 2005.
One of the times it was early January 2006 and I had stopped at the local liquor store ( I live in southern California) to pick up a couple of items, I gave the clerk the money and he owed me about 3 dollars in change but was out of dollar bills so had to give me all quarters. After he handed them to me, I looked at my hand and among all the worn quarters was a sparkling mint condition newly issued Nevada State quarter. It was the first month they had been issued and the first one I had seen or received. My Mom had lived in Nevada for 21 years prior to her death. More importantly at that moment I knew and felt her love. I took that quarter and put it in the window inside my wallet and it has remained there since.
The next time it was February 2006. I had driven to her home in Las Vegas that she had maintained while living with me in so cal to begin the task of cleaning out her house. I came across one of those cheap electronic recording devices for reminders, short notes, etc. I was just about to put it in the donate pile when I had an overwhelming urge to push the play button. I was blown away by the message. Usually when people test recording devices they commonly say "Testing 1 2 3" My Mother's voice said in a carefree voice, "Hi, it's me just checking in to see how you're doing." I again instantly knew and felt her love. The message unfortunately got erased but I still can hear it clear to this day.
I've had other events happen but those were the 2 most memorable. Pay close attention to your dreams too. I don't believe in coincidences and have learned to trust my gut feeling about things more. I hope you have the opportunity to experience moments like mine because they are so helpful on the grief journey. My sister just died August 12, 2007 and again I'm on the journey and am waiting patiently for my sister to let me know that she too is ok. Good luck

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PSusanp123 HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

To you who have lossed your loved one,
I lost my beloved fiance to cancer in 2005. Before he died, I asked him to let me know that he was alright(after passing) and he said, "If there's a way, I will" I have never been an extremely religious person, but I know without a doubt, that life continues after death, but in a different form. Ben has given me numerous signs, especially in the 1st year. You must be alert and looking for them. I read books by John Edwards, and other authors about life after death, and they helped me tremendously. Your mother is near and watching over you, always. I have no idea why I came to this site tonight. I have dealt with my grief and Ben has been gone for 2 1/2 years. In fact, I'm getting remarried in 3 weeks and am enjoying life once again. But something made me type in grief forums. I also just went to look for a writing that helped me very much. It took me 30 min. to find it but I finally did. I hope it will bring you peace, and perhaps this is indeed a sign from your mother, because I truly have no idea why I came to this forum tonight. The verses are:
And if I go while you're still here...
Know that I still live on,
Vibrating to a different measure
behind a thin veil you cannot see through.

You will not see me,
so you must have faith.
I want the time when we can soar together
both aware of each other.

Until then, live your life to the fullest.
And when you need me,
Just whisper my name in your heart,
......I will be there.

To all of you, know that your loved ones are indeed near, just on the other side of the thin veil, watching over you.

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Mel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

YES, YES and Yes. I am not a religious person, interested in metaphysical, and have experienced some psychic abilities, hadn't thought much about mediums, no need to. When my sister died, I thought I would feel her hand touch mine but I blew it off as wishful thinking. One night I flew out of bed as I swear she was in my room and simply said she was fine. Hubby thought I was nuts but I was very convinced it was her. I started having things happen. Tv's being turned on, the doorbell ringing and no one there. Okaaay, didn't know what to think about that until someone from work gave me a book by Patrick Matthews named "Never Say Goodbye" He addressed the tv's and doorbells as being done by spirits. Hmmm, ok that was nice and made me feel better, so when I was asked by a co-worker if I wanted to see a good medium that another co-worker recommended, I thought why not?
Well, this guy was incredible. He said he saw a big D. My sister had a screen name PamD. He said she was tired and was coming through someone else who was helping her. (That was weird because my mom and my sister's best friend had said they hadn't felt anything from her because they thought she was tired) He wanted to know who Tom was and that he didn't mean to kill her they were fighting. (OK now I hadn't even told the medium my sister had passed, or that Tom was about to be her divorced husband and that her death was declared accidental though we all still don't think so) He said she was with an aunt who had cancer. He said Pete was thanking me for taking care of his son. I was wondering who was Pete and then oh duh, my grandfather who died when I was very young and my dad just had open heart surgery and I was taking care of him. The medium didn't know my biological dad had died many years ago, but he then said your dad is showing me a newspaper. I said he started the newspaper at Fort Benning. He said there is more to it. I said he was an entertainment reporter for Hollywood Reporter. He nodded and then said it is ok that you have two dads. (I was raised by my step-dad who is dad to me) By the way, you are going on an airplane to find out your history. (I hadn't told my friends I was going back east to meet my biological cousin who was old enough to remember my dad)
I don't want to bore you here, but it goes on and on. I have gone to see him now 4 times. I took another friend last time. I didn't get anything except that I was going to a birthday party for a kid and to not be uptight and enjoy right on I went two days later.
He was so good with my friend. He never had been given any names as I had sent the check in for both of us. He looked at her and said "Days of Our Lives" (her husband was an actor on the show for a short time) he named friends of theirs and what they died of and he said she was a television writer in comedy. She is. Anyway he said he had to move on, but everytime he would say something to someone else it went back to her. Example, he said to another lady you just adopted a couple of dogs. She had a blank look on her face. My girlfriend raised her hand and said she does chihuahua rescue and picked up two that day. He then said to another lady, your husband's name is Eric and he lived in (some town) in England. Again, my friend raised her hand...You get my drift.
Anyway, to answer your question yes...and it has given me such comfort. I know they are all ok. THere is NO WAY this guy could know what he knew. Like when my grandmother came through, he didn't know she taught astrology, but he said a female is coming through and she says there is a libra blah blah, then she would refer to another sign, I didn't pick up the clues until I asked him who was telling him all this? He said a teacher. Oh duh, my grandmother was a school teacher and because she taught astrology she would refer to people and their signs.

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angel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB Userangel_bear HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

My Dad rang me for my birthday 3 years ago, and we chatted about what the kids were up to, what my son was doing (problem child + lots of issues) blah blah blah .. I then said .. for no reason in particular .. "you just behave and stay good" and he said "yeah .. but your younger than me" and I said "so .. wait for me"

The next morning he died. Unexpected, quick but shocking. Daddy's aren't supposed to leave their little girls behind. (****, it's 3 years and already I have tears in my eye). The day he died, a dear friend gave me a 'crystal' .. it's actually 3 crystals on a chain, and told me to hold it aloft over a photo or something, and ask 'simple yes or no questions'. Sceptic I may be, and feeling quite the fool but DESPERATE to know something, somehow .. I tried the crystal. ... I said "circle for yes, straight for no". I said "Dad, are you there?" ....... yes ........ "Dad, did it hurt?" .......straight up and down ... no ... I asked questions for over 30 minutes, stuff only DAD and I knew, and it was correct. When I told it to stop moving (the crystal) it stopped. I KNOW I was not moving it. I have a very steady hand. I watched my hand as I asked the questions, and I did not move an ounce.

But I still stayed the sceptic. A little bit of me said "oh yeah .. right .. like this is real ......... scoff, scoff, scoff"

My FIL passed away .. and I thought 'lets try" and again, I used the same technique ... stuff only he and I knew ...and again .. it was correct. We used to talk about his passing, and he was terrified of death .. my first question was "So, was it as scary as you thought it might be?" .... straight up and down .. no .. (he did die a horrible death .. lung disease)

Anyway, i digress .. fast forward 1.5 years after my Dad's passing. I now live 1000km away from where I was. I drive 50km per day MINIMUM as I live in the far country and have to travel lots to get to work (and sometimes work means using my car a lot). Anyway, one night, I'm hurtling home at 120km an hour (limit 100km, but it's remote, and I know the road) and as I'm coming up to a train intersection (we grow sugar cane around here, lots of cane trains during season) I FELT DAD IN THE CAR. I could SMELL HIM. I couldn't see him. I couldn't touch him, but it was HIM in the car, his entire essence filled the car. I felt hugged, and safe, and in the next instance, WARNED "SLOW DOWN" .... well, yeah ..ok .. I did, and behaved for the next 2 nights. the 3rd night, as I became safe in my own skin again, hurtling along the road at 110kmph, I saw a huge truck, upside down in a field, with Emergency workers, ambulance ..the whole deal. The truck had been going too fast, and rolled because the road is really bumpy there (because of the cane train rails).

Dad warned me. Simple as that. That could have been ME .. not the truck. Call it coincidence, but I truly believe Dad was warning me.

And.. not very often, Dad visits me in my dream. He's usually quite far away, sitting on a chair, he doesn't say anything (was never very vocal in his life) but his essence is there. I can't touch him in my dreams, I can't even get close, but he's there.

And one other time, and only once, I was in bed, curled up, dozing, when I felt Dad hugging me. When I was little, I would snuggle up in bed with him, listening to his heartbeat, and his big arm would cradle me and pat me on the bum slowly and steadily. When I woke up this day, I felt like that. It was awesome.

I believe they are with us ... I believe they can visit us in certain ways. I still talk to Dad. I have a big photo of him, smiling madly .. a photo I took of him a few years back ... he's here. He's available to listen, and sometimes, just sometimes, he gives me good advice.

Take heart .. they never really leave us i think.


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missmymom4ever HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

Originally Posted by greekmama View Post
I feel so desperate to know that my Mom is okay.... I have been looking into visiting a reliable medium. Many of you may not agree with me, but I just miss her so much. Has anyone received any valid signs from a loved one who has passed? Have you visited a medium and if so, was he/she accurate?

Thanks for answering.
It's ok to want to know more. I just went to a psycis fair and spoke to the person I felt the most comfortable with. I was glad I went, I cried, I listened, I asked questions, and I enjoyed the lessons I received from the lady I spoke to. My mom is with someone, I think it is her foster father, who we called pepe. He is teaching her and she is happy and enjoying learning what she needs to learn. I could be wrong but I feel it is him, we loved pepe very much and he was so kind to our mom when she was growing up. It makes me so happy to hear that she gets to be with loved ones and that they are taking good care of my very special mom.
She is sad for us, and when we are very upset, she comes to us and helps comfort us, in her special way. I am the youngest daughter of 6 kids. 3 girls and 3 boys. She had her hands full. I had a wonderful dream of my mom. I was sitting at her table, in her house a house that felt good, but that I had never been in before. I was so gloriously happy to see her, and I said Oh mom, you're ok! She smiled and her eyes glistened like they always did when she looked at me. She gave me a gift. It was an immense feeling of pure joy, and I felt it in the center of my chest like a ball of light and it caught my breath, I couldn't speak. She stood up held out her hand and she said come on lets go dance. I got up and we walked to the living room, I could hear the squeek on the wood floor and I saw a floor model t.v. The dream faded and that was her message to me. I know my mom is free of pain and she is enjoying more of her life just in a different way. I hope I get to be taught by her when I meet her again. When I cry at night and I can't stop she rocks me. I feel her closeness to me and it makes me feel so special and so loved, I go to sleep after that. It has happened a few times. Her little gifts to me. I know that I have to help myself feel better and move on with her in my thoughts, so that she can be at peace with how her little girl is handling her grief. I have a pillow that I brought to my mom as a valentines day gift, and she loved to put it under her leg that was sore, and she would have it under her arm sometimes too, when I visited her in the hospital. It is my security blanket. I am 37 years old and I love that pillow, it connects me to her in a wonderful way. Hope that helps.

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jean_2005 HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

After my mother had died I asked her if she could give me a sign that she is o.k. and with me, with God's permission. Then I prayed . Later that day I got my answer. I have no doubt anymore.

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fly8306 HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

Since the passing of my brother and old man, my mom has gone to/talked on the phone with mediums all over the world. I went to an Edwards deal with her last year and it was interesting, but no connection. A lot of tears though from others, and when he has something in his head, he doesn't continue until he solves it. (such as a dog running down the isle, and sat in front of someone... He nagged them until they remembered the dog that died over a decade ago). As for the other mediums, some of the stuff they said was unreal, such as a horrible smell my brother complained about when he died (I was young teen, eating all sorts of candy and he didn't like the smell he said). The one medium over the phone over in Europe or wherever even drew a picture (and mailed it) of who he was seeing, a picture the resembles me, and looks exactly like my dad. How would a medium know over the phone that they were connecting with a red haired, blue eyed person with a part in the hair on a specific side?

I'm 20 years old and have lost 2 people immediate to me and a best friend of 10 years. I suppose I have had lots of connection over the last 6 years, but don't realized it until after the fact. The connections that feel stronger to me are the ones I see in my dreams. They come to me in my dreams as if they never passed, but in my dreams I know that they weren't around for years, but can't figure out why.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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TopamaxKillsMe HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

When my father died, something odd happened. My mother was sick, she had just had a bone marrow transplant and I had flown to Florida to care for her. My dad and I had never had a close relationship. I felt resentful for a lot of reasons. When I was caring for my mom (and also working remotely), my dad followed me with something in his hand. He kept telling me he wanted to talk to me about it. Finally I stopped and told him I was busy caring for me and asked him what he wanted. He had a picture of me when I was a child. He asked 'what happened to my little girl?". I told him that she was here and she was overwhelmed and taking care of my mother.

I am aware that I have turned into a somewhat angry person. I guess that was what my father was trying to say.

Ironically, my mother recovered from her bone marrow transplant, I flew back to LA only to get a call the very next day telling me that my dad was in the hospital with a leaking aneurysm. He ended up dying. Going through his things I took that picture. when I got back to LA again, I was sleeping one night only to awaken with that very picture next to me on the bed. I sensed he was around me for days. I told my therapist who had a drumming circle in his office (What can I say, I was in LA and my therapist was a little woo woo). He claims to have made contact with my dad, told me things that my father wanted me to know.

I wonder to this day if my therapist was just trying to help me get over the grief or if he really made contact with my dad.

I'll never forget that experience, though.

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Lynn1982 HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

My son of 24 years died 6 months ago. Before the funeral he came to "visit" while I was on the back deck. I reached out to touch him...of course...he wasn't there but HE WAS. I could feel his presence. A few weeks after he died my youngest had a dream about her brother. She so wanted a sign from him and she didn't and couldn't function properly until she did.....she dreamed they were talking on the phone like they always did every day and she had given him heck for not calling her and he told he that he was in heaven and couldn't call anymore and that he hears me talking to him all the time and that heaven was good...Em had asked him how was heaven...and he told her that he gets to be with everyone and that he's fine. I believe this was Dan's way to make my daughter's life easier and I still have times when he comes to "visit" me. I miss him every day and every minute but he's in a great place and I'm glad he hasn't forgotten us.


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dazedandconfused10 HB User
Re: Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?

I too have thought about a medium. When my grandmother died, as a child I thought I heard her spoke my name. When I told my mom at the breakfast table she said she had heard something too!!!

Since my mom has passed I have looked for signs, dreams, nothing. She has to be in a better place but I wish for a sign. How do you find a decent medium? I'm in New Hampshire.

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