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WhyIsThisMyLife 10-28-2009 05:03 PM

My Mother Overdosed
I knew she would do it. She was not only addicted to pain meds, but had some obsession about taking more than she should of any kind of meds. I had spoken to her doctors, but nothing was done. She used to live with me, but moved out in 2008. I told her in a year she would be dead. She just had to overtake meds. Once she took an entire bottle (30) of my ambien in two days. Anyway, so a few weeks ago on Monday, my sister called saying she had not heard from her. I hadn't either, but knew her phone was not working. Also, the very Monday before I went to her house, because I had not heard from her. This time, she was gone. I opened the door, called her name and smelled the decomposition. I knew I was not strong enough to see her like that, so left & called 911. She was dead and had been so for at least 48 hours. She was so decomposed, she was unviewable. She was dr. shopping and everything for her meds. I knew that, but didn't do anything to stop it other than telling her, she would be found out. I should have done more.

sickofpain2 11-01-2009 08:15 AM

Re: My Mother Overdosed
I am terribly sorry for your loss and the pain and confusion you must be feeling right now. Please seek out professional counseling for this so you can somehow sort through this dark time. My thoughts are with you this very moment and I am saying a prayer for you right now!

thisworld 11-10-2009 05:48 PM

Re: My Mother Overdosed
im so sorry for your loss. but addiction to drugs legal or illegal is bad. i lost my only son through sucidide at the age of 26. he was clean but he did do illegal drugs. we need to understand addition is a disease. they didnt choose to be addicted at the time. take care

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