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ashdean 03-06-2010 10:51 AM

my wife died
hi to all my wife died on the 27.1.10 from heart attack she was alone in bed and i am devastated i have 4 step kids 23/20/15/ and 13 kids now seem to be fine with whats happened but i cry my heart out she was my pillar my grief is every day and at work. we met 7 years ago and got married a year later with a full wedding church and reception now everybody goes back to everyday life i have no true mates cause my life was my wifes thats all that matted to me i love her so so much still do always will we sent text messages to each other with the ending i love you wamhaaf this means :with all my heart always and forever:
now shes gone all i want is for her to contact me so i can tell her again as i never got the chance. when i came home from work i found her dead and rang 999 i tryed to resus her but it was to late i am starting to hate myself cause i should have been there i have no help and dont think anybody can help the pain is so strong i love her so so much i just want to be with her again but i no i have to look after how kids.
the question is when i die will god let me be with her again will my wife be waiting for me.
ime not scared of dyeing and i hope its not to long if she is waiting i dont want to start again i am 44 and havent even thought about starting again dont want to i live in the memory of my wife we were meant to be together and thats how i want things to stay do you think she will talk to me sometime
and is she still around me .......thankyou for reading bye

Lulubells 03-28-2010 08:14 AM

Re: my wife died
Always remember her this way. She died KNOWING she was loved "wamhaaf"! So many die without that.

My own personal belief is that our loved one will be there to greet us when our time comes. My Grandmother told me that Grand Daddy (the love of her life) was there holding her hand at night for the past 3 nights and on the day 4, she died. She didn't have demantia and was her usual self and she never lied! I believe he was there, holding her hand, helping her to cross over.

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